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Items can be listed for up to 3 weeks.

Host a Fresh Air child for a week this summer: I am a local volunteer for Fresh Air, recruiting host families in Yarmouth, North Yarmouth, Cumberland and Gray. We have additional volunteers to our north and south, representing all towns I'm sure your families are from. One of Merriconeag's families is already hosting a child from NYC this summer. New host families agree to host a child for one week. They may choose from the following weeks: July 9-16, August 11-18, or August 14-21. They may also indicate gender and age preference from the following categories: 7-8, 9-10, 11-12. The application includes a family interview and home walk-through, plus reference and background checks. For more information, visit  If a group of Merriconeag families would like to get together for an informational evening, we would be happy to bring volunteers and current host families for a group Q&A/meet and greet.  We think Merriconeag families have a lot in common with what we want to offer our city kids in terms of focus on play & immersion in nature. Additionally, the focus and dedication your families show to education will no doubt enhance the experience for any child. Bethany Smart,, 207-712-1640 (02/11)

Attached is the AWSNA Inform newsletter for February for those who are interested in Waldorf education in North America. INFORM is now up on the News page of the AWSNA website.
Here is the direct link to the February INFORM:


Dzogchen Meditation Center February Retreat, “The Heart of the Matter,”
February 21 to March 2, 2014: The simple practice of sitting in undistracted awareness is the practice of a kusulu and is “the heart of the matter” in terms of cutting directly through our habitual confusion, recognizing the awakened state of mind, and stabilizing that recognition. During this 10 day retreat we will practice 8 to 10 hours a day in a practice format developed by the Kagyu Meditation Master Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. We will rely on the pith instructions of the Kagyu and Nyingma masters and have face to face interviews with members of the Surmang Kagyu Order to help clarify our practice. The retreat will end on the auspicious day of Losar – Tibetan New Year’s Day and we will celebrate with a lunch, toasts and fireworks!
This is a sealed, residential retreat happening in our Center in West Bath, Maine.
The cost of the retreat is $400.00 and includes room and board.
Please call the registrar’s office for more information at (207) 607-3392 or email

Click here for flyer. (02/04)


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