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Dzogchen Meditation Center, Ka-Nying Surmang Choling

The Living Wisdom of the Buddha Dharma Lecture Series
Genuine Spiritual Authority, Saturday February 1st and February 8th from 2:30 till 4:30.What exactly do we mean by “Spiritual Authority” in the 21st Century. In America we love to put our leaders on pedestals only to enjoy the tearing down process. This has a lot to do with our myth of rebellion. In the Spiritual tradition our democratic process leads to a situation of the blind leading the blind. But who do we trust and how can we avoid a situation where power leads to corruption. In this class we will examine the Buddhist idea of a spiritual teacher as one who knows what to accept and what to reject on the Spiritual Path and how this empowers individuals rather than dis-empowers spiritual practitioners.
Dzogchen Meditation Center, Ka-Nying Surmang Choling, 4 Armstrong Way, West Bath, ME 04530 (01/14)

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