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Are We There Yet? Introduction To The Buddhist Practice of Seated Meditation: Sitting Meditation is based on a very simple idea. When we sit quietly and pay attention to our basic being the speed and hyperactivity of our mind settles. Just as silty water that is stirred in a glass settles and clears as the speed of the water slows – so our mind’s speed and discursiveness settles when we sit quietly. As our mind settles and becomes clear our lives become much more workable and enjoyable – this is really just basic sanity and happiness. At this point we begin to see the ordinary magic and sacredness of our lives.
“At any moment throughout the three times,
To simply sustain the boundless innate state of nondoing mind,
Is given the name ‘meditation’.
Don’t control the breath, don’t tie down thought,
But rest your mind uncontrived, like a small child.” Shavaripa
Regular Meditation Classes Wednesday Mornings 10 – 12

and Thursday Evenings 5 – 7.
Silent Meditation Sundays from 9 – 12 join us for lunch.
Dzogchen Meditation Center, 4 Armstrong Way West Bath, ME, 207-607-339

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