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Thursday, October 25th at Shift: Interior Storm Window Workshop, Free, but please register by contacting Shift--729-4050 or Guy Marsden will lead a workshop demonstrating how to make your own interior double pane, insulating thermal window. These simple, inexpensive windows cost around $1.25 per square foot to make and can save a significant amount of heating energy for your home each heating season. The older and leakier your windows are, the more you are likely to save. Guy will explain the physics of how and why these windows work and demonstrate the complete process of making one window with the help of participants. Anyone with the most basic carpentry experience can make these and cut their heating bills substantially every year. (10/16)

The Heart of the Matter 10 day Shamatha-Vipashayana Retreat: 11-02-2012, 7:00 pm to 11-12-2012, 12:00 pm,
This will be a residential retreat held at our center in West Bath. Cost is $300.00 which includes room and board for the duration of the retreat. To register or for more details visit our website (10/16)

Cutting through Spiritual Materialism Again: A weekend meditation program with Bill Karelis, December 6th-8th, 2012, at our retreat center in West Bath. Visit our website for more information or to register. (10/16)

What color is your mind? Resolving the nature of Mind as Unborn Awareness through Mindfulness
What is the nature of your awareness? Where does it reside? Is it located in your head behind your eyes? Does it have a color or shape? Is it in what we see, taste, touch, smell and think or is it that which sees, smells, touches, thinks?
In fact, when we look directly at mind we see that there is no “thing” there to find. Yet ‘this awareness’ has never been separate from us. It does not have the attributes we associate with’things’ yet it is the basis of all that we experience. To try to resolve the nature of this awareness conceptually doesn’t get at its reality. For this the Buddha taught mindfulness meditation—looking directly with awareness at what arises in mind.

The truth of the matter is that every time something happens, we become aware of it. Where do you become aware of it? We say, “In our mind,” and that means in space. In other words, space becomes aware of its own movement. This idea, by the way, is basically pointing to ordinary experience by undercutting the quality of experience that is based on ego. Ego is constantly thinking and talking, constantly making up something about what is happening. However, from the point of view of meditation, the only thing that is happening is whatever instantly arises in space, and in that instant, whatever arises has no history. Therefore, it has no memory, and therefore, it has no future. And therefore, even in the present, it has no existence. It is simply pure being, which is like striking a match on a stone – the flame that occurs is the same as what occurs in space when experience arises: Strike! Ssst! Light! Bright! Smell, taste, touch – everything comes out of that. It’s instantaneous and immediate. Osel Tendzin.
Join us Wednesday from 10:00 to 12:00 For Buddhist Meditation and Discussion at our Center in West Bath. (10/09)

Please find attached the AWSNA newsletter "Inform," a publication sent by the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA) to all the affiliated Waldorf schools in its membership to keep parents, teachers, board members, alumni, and all those interested in Waldorf Education informed of the current events affecting Waldorf schools nationally and internationally. Inform October 2012. It can also be found at (10/09)

Freeport Community Library Activities:
Halloween Parade: On Tuesday, October 30th at 10:00am the Freeport Community Library will have a parade lead by Winnie the Pooh and Tigger. Dress up in a costume if you like and join our fun parade. (10/09)