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Contra Dance Repertoire Sessions: Drop-in, $5 per session
Mondays 7:30pm with Melissa Bragdon at 317 Main Community Music Center
Whether you have already enjoyed playing for contra dances or would like to learn more about the style, we invite you to join us with your acoustic instrument at 317 Main! We will be learning tunes from the contra dance repertoire;
collaborating with a caller aiming to play at a dance on Sat, April 28th! session info to be updated shortly at

Click the following link to view the January 2012 AWSNA Inform Newsletter: Inform January 2012

"'Inform' is a publication sent by the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA) to all the affiliated Waldorf schools in its membership to keep parents, teachers, board members, alumni, and all those interested in Waldorf Education informed of the current events affecting Waldorf schools nationally and internationally. By including this page in your regularly published bulletin or newsletter, you help us keep our entire Waldorf constituency up-to-date on pertinent issues affecting the movement." (01-04)


The Problem with "Doing" Meditation: The Recognition of Uncontrived, Natural Awareness through the Practice of "Sitting Quietly Doing Nothing."

"Thoughts come and go
They have to be captured
like holding fish by hand
      The Vajra Regent Osel Tenzin

     For most of us meditation becomes a project for self-improvement. We want to become calmer, wiser or more 'centered'. We begin with this idea of what we think meditation should be and we project that on to our practice. We may even find 'meditation teachers' who will teach us how to accomplish this type of practice. We attempt to solidify what we experience in order to prove our existence as 'so and so.'

     Because fundamentally there is nothing solid in our experience our efforts always are futile and we end up anxious and trapped in our habitual story-line of passion, aggression and delusion again and again. This is called "suffering" from the Buddha's point of view.

     Genuine practice involves allowing all of these projected goals and credentials of 'self-improvement" to fall away. We then recognize "prajna" or egoless awareness. This awareness becomes the basis of our training and path as we continue our practice. This is not an easy path and it depends on finding an authentic lineage and teacher. One who is not attempting to sell 'Spiritual Merchandise" to prop up our conceptual notions of "Spirituality."

     This class will focus on beginning instruction in seated meditation in the Kagyu Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism.

Class Time: Sunday January 8, 2012 from 9 til 12
The Dzogchen Meditation Center
4 Armstrong Way, West Bath, ME 04530
Call: 443-3842 to register

Tashi Armstrong is resident teacher at the Dzogchen Meditation Center. He was a disciple of Trungpa Rinpoche and his Vajra Regent Osel Tenzin in the 1980's. And continues to study with Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche in Bodhnath, Nepal.



Dear Participating ReTreeUS School: As the holiday season draws near, we would like to thank you again for your support. We are now raising funds to install an orchard at your school next spring, and we would like to let you know about the two primary campaigns we have in progress.
      We would greatly appreciate your help in spreading the word about the following opportunities:
1. ReTreeUS Holiday Trees for Holiday Treats - During the holiday season, we are running a discount on our membership rates, which means that supporters can purchase a membership for $20 in either their own or someone else's name. The member's name will appear next to a tree in one of our school orchards. For a smaller gift of $5, families can fund the planting of a tree in the ReTreeUS nursery under the name of a friend. This tree will not have a name physically attached, but it will be planted in a school orchard once it has sufficiently matured in our nursery. In both cases, donors receive certificates recognizing their gift, which can be sent either directly to the recipient or to the donor, for them to distribute. These certificates can be wrapped, stuffed in a stocking, or emailed for a green and meaningful holiday gift.
2. Flatbread Pizza Benefit for ReTreeUS - Flatbread Pizza in Portland will host a benefit for ReTreeUS on January 31st. For each pizza purchased that evening, Flatbread will donate $3.50 to the ReTreeUS program. The dinner will be at the restaurant at 72 Commercial St # 5 Portland, ME 04101-4749, from 5 to 9 p.m., and a representative from ReTreeUS will be available to share information and answer questions.
      Both of the efforts mentioned above will benefit your school by helping to fund the installation of your orchard, as well as our educational workshops. Please help us spread the word by posting or distributing the attached Holiday Tree flyer to families. We will send another flyer for the Flatbread event after the New Year.
      Thanks so much for your help! We wish you a joyous holiday season.
Sincerely, Moriah Salter, ReTreeUS Co-founder,   

Click here to see holiday tree flyer. (12/13)

Juniper Hill School, Sheepscot Valley Conservation Association, and Chewonki are pleased to announce a screening of the highly acclaimed film Mother Nature's Child. The event is co-sponsored by all three organizations and is open to the public.
When: Saturday, January 14, 2012, 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Where: Chewonki Center for Environmental Ed., 485 Chewonki Neck Rd., Wiscasset, Maine
Cost: FREE
The film runs 57 minutes and will be followed by a panel discussion. Child care will be offered.
Please spread the word throughout our local area so that we can engage the broader community. (12/13)