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The Christian Community of Maine is holding their annual Michealmas Conference Friday and Saturday November 18th and 19th. All programs will be held at New Elm Farm in Freeport.
Friday there will be a children’s festival conducted by the Reverend Michael Brewer from 5-6 p.m. There will then be a gospel study from 7-8p.m. followed by a Close of day Service at 8:30 p.m.
Saturday from 9-9:30 there is a Service for Children for children ages seven through fourteen. Parents and adults are encouraged to attend, lending their support to the children participating in this service.
At 9:30 The Act of Consecration of Man will be held. All who are nine years or older are welcome to this service. For childcare during the service, please call Shelly Elmer at 207-450-3962 to make arrangements
At 10:30 there is a refreshment break. If you are able, please contribute a potluck dish for us to enjoy.
At 11:15 a.m. the conference will continue with a presentation by the Reverend Brewer on “The New Heaven and the New Earth” followed by a group discussion.
Please call Pat Chanterelle at 846-0587. Steve Hopkins at 846-3785 or Sarah Hyde at 865-0770 with questions. (10/25)


The Fall 2011 & Spring 2012 DaPonte String Quartet Concert Series Begins this month!
"Death in Venice" Haydn, Britten, Beethoven:
Thursday December 1 7:30 PM St. John's Church Thomaston
Friday December 2 7:30 PM St. Mary's Church, Falmouth
Saturday December 3 7:30 PM Lincoln Theater, Damariscotta
Sunday December 4 3:00 PM Presbyterian Church, Topsham
Christmas Concerts (free):
Saturday December 10 7:00 PM Presbyterian Church, Topsham
Sunday December 11 3:00 PM Congregational Church, Newcastle
"Fatal Attraction" Berg & Schubert:
Thursday March 22 7:30 PM St. John's Church Thomaston
Friday March 23 7:30 PM St. Mary's Church, Falmouth
Saturday March 24 7:30 PM Lincoln Theater, Damariscotta
Sunday March 25 3:00 PM Presbyterian Church, Topsham
"Passions of Youth" Beethoven, Dun, Mendelssohn:
Thursday May 17 7:30 PM St. John's Church Thomaston
Friday May 18 7:30 PM St. Mary's Church, Falmouth
Saturday May 19 7:30 PM Lincoln Theater, Damariscotta
Sunday May 20 3:00 PM Presbyterian Church, Topsha
Tickets are available at the door, or from the following book stores: Maine Coast Books, Damariscotta; Gulf of Maine Books, Brunswick; Books, ETC. and The Book Review, Falmouth; and Longfellow Books, Monument Square, Portland.
Unless otherwise noted in the concert details, admissions are:
General 22
Senior 18
Under 21 Free
General Series 80 Subscription (4 tickets)
Senior Series 65 Subscription (4 tickets)
Christmas Concerts Free December 10 and 11, 2011
For information about the Quartet, including directions to venues and full schedule, please go to or call (207) 529-4555 (10/18)



'Inform' is a publication sent by the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA) to all the affiliated Waldorf schools in its membership to keep parents, teachers, board members, alumni, and all those interested in Waldorf Education informed of the current events affecting Waldorf schools nationally and internationally. Inform October 2011(10/11)

Hello, Friends of Wolf Pine Farm, 259 Mouse Lane, Alfred, ME, 04002
We need your help! We're just about one month away from our first winter share delivery...and there are still lots of shares to sell. (It happens every year at this time but that doesn't mean it doesn't make us sweat!)
For more information contact: (10/11)


A weekly creativity retreat for your busy life! Join us at Camp Sew & Sew: Come hear the humming of a sewing machine needle moving like lightning through a freshly pressed seam! Eavesdrop on delighted conversation emanating from new attendees discovering how much they share in common with the other eager, creative campers! Imagine YOU, discovering new talents you only suspected, now no longer dormant in your over-active thoughts. You can stitch any ‘ole thing needing mending, now! No more waste, no more wardrobe malfunctions! You can become a proficient sewer!
From beginner to more experienced sewers, you will learn new techniques or simply learn how to use your new machine! Rolling enrollment means there is no need to catch up, just come with a project in mind OR we can help you choose something beautiful and useful! Do you want to learn to install zippers or how to make buttonholes? Understand why we need to trim corners before turning a point or how to use all those mysterious “notions” at the fabric stores you visit. This is the place to take time for your own spirit while developing or honing your handwork skills!
When: Tuesday mornings from 9:30 to noon
Where: Cotton Weeds Quilt Shop 541 US Rt. 1, Freeport Plaza (upstairs, above the store/ park in the back!)
Price: $88 for 8 weeks (they do not have to be consecutive weeks!)
Instructor and creativity counselor: Susan Pennoyer Artist/Designer (and proud mother of MWSHS 12th grader Evie Pennoyer!) Please call Susan’s Cell: 807-1815 to RSVP or email me at


Fall Family Weekend Oct.28-30 at Camp Glen Brook

Fun filled Mindfulness Retreat and Fall Celebration!

Fun filled mindfulness practice and celebration of the harvest season for families and children. This special event is being offered by MorningSun at beautiful Camp Glen Brook in Marlborough NH. Programs developed by Waldorf graduates (1990) and meditation teachers in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh. The program combines meaningful activities for parents and children together, a fun filled creative program for children and teens, and teachings, discussions, sitting meditation, yoga and relaxations for parents/adults.

These weekends have been described by parents as “deeply nourishing” and “so important”. They are an opportunity for parents and children to settle into the practice of mindfulness- dwelling fully in the present moment together, look deeply at their relationships with each other, strengthen their capacities for loving and understanding, and have lots of fun!

Full weekend participation recommended, attending just one of the two days is also possible.

For more info. and to register call (603)313-2025 or go to (10/11)


BodyTalk Access is coming to Falmouth, Oct 29th, 10a-5p, see description below:
Sign up today to save your spot, space is limited.
Leslie Joy Simmons, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner,L.C.P.C.,
BodyTalk Access-Health Empowerment in 10 Minutes
      The goal of BodyTalk Accessl is to provide the layperson, family and community with a simple set of energy-based techniques to make health maintenance and the management of daily health challenges accessible.
The BodyTalk System is a well-established system of healthcare utilizing state-of-the-art energy medicine in a safe and comprehensive manner. Its power is based on increasing the levels of internal communication within the body -- stimulating the body's own ability to regain and maintain a healthy balance.

     The BodyTalk System normally utilizes an elaborate protocol that requires intensive training. But the International BodyTalk Association has recognized the critical need for a simplified version of the system to provide access to many of the key benefits of BodyTalk to as many people as possible. Access Brochure(10/4)