Fall Fair and Open House - November 5th & 6th, 2010

What is the Fall Fair?

Many parents in our school were first introduced to Merriconeag, and to Waldorf Education, by attending our infamous Fall Folkcraft Fair. For the past twenty-six years, this Fair has brought together our greater community for a daylong celebration of the season, with fine crafts, music, food, puppetry, outdoor games, and unique entertainment for the whole family. This year, the Fair is on Saturday November 6th, with a preview sale on the prior Friday evening. This is a mandatory school day for all students – it is also one everyone looks forward to!                    


Besides being a community-building and outreach event, the Fall Fair also raises money for the operating budget.  Merriconeag, like most independent schools, cannot rely solely on revenue from tuition for our operating expenses. The cost of our education would be out of reach for many families if we did. The school, therefore, relies on a variety of fundraisers to supplement the operating budget, and we rely on your involvement to make this all happen.


In the Development Office we strive to meet the school’s fundraising goals while maintaining realistic expectations of our parent’s time and energy.   By sharing the Fair responsibilities across the whole school, and coordinating the efforts with support from the Development and Public Relations Offices, we hope that our volunteers will find their efforts deeply enriching and rewarding.  We are thrilled to announce that the Fair Coordinating Committee is comprised of Melisa Thompson Walker, Victoria Stefanakos, Deeda Burgess and Lynne Espy.


We encourage everyone to volunteer and get involved with the fair for the following reasons: the joy and excitement the children have for this event, the camaraderie of parents working side by side, the new faces you will see that are full of amazement and admiration for our community, the smiling alumni and their parents, the meeting and greeting of many friends, and the support for all that we value in choosing Waldorf education for our children.


We thank you for the many ways you participate in the life of the school. Please let us know if you are interested in helping in any way with the Fall Folkcraft Fair.


Lynne Espy developmentcoordinator@merriconeag.org  865-3900 Ext. 116

Deeda Burgess publicrelations@merriconeag.org  865-3900 Ext. 105

Class Roles at the Fair

Class                               Activity

Early Childhood           Children’s Indoor Crafts

First Grade                    Parent-Made Crafts

Second Grade              Falling Leaves Café

Third Grade                  Outdoor Games

Fourth Grade                Outdoor Decorations/Pocket People

Fifth Grade                    Lunch

Sixth Grade                   Lunch

Seventh Grade             Preview Night

Eighth Grade                To be advised

High School                  To be advised