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MWS continues to recycle all toner cartridges and cell phones, just bring them to either office.  Storage is easier if toner boxes are recycled at home.  Thank you!

College Admissions Essay Workshop Fall 2013: The primary focus of the workshop is for students to write their “big” essay for the common application. There will be five sessions on the Desert Road campus: 9/25, 10/2, 10/9, 10/16, and 10/23 at 7 pm. The total cost of the workshop will be $125 per student, and a minimum of four students is required to run the workshop. Using the Common Application questions, we will evaluate sample essays for their technical aspects and analyze what colleges learn about students from their essays. We will utilize several brainstorming strategies to generate ideas and begin to crystallize students’ ideas. Once their ideas have taken shape, students will write outlines, which will be followed by rough drafts. They will peer-edit each other’s essays, and I will work with each student on “polishing” strategies. If there is time in the fifth session, we will work on supplemental essays. For more information and to register, please contact Nancy Goldberg at or 865-1961. (09/10)

I need to find some kind of childcare solution for the 20+ days this school year when I need to work and MWS is closed (I work in the Freeport public school system). My son and I live with my parents and they share a lot of childcare duties, but there's a gap from 12 - 3 PM each day that we need to cover. While I'm open to and interested in any childcare options that other parents know of and trust, my preference would be to have someone come to my home for those hours so my son can rest if he needs to. I'd be happy to babysit on weekends in exchange, and have a couple good references for that service, as I've provided it professionally in the recent past. Natalie Doel,, 207-865-4895 (09/10)

Hello Merriconeag Community - We are in the process of relocating to the Freeport area (from the Damariscotta Region) so that our daughter can attend Merriconeag (entering grade 3). We are looking for temporary (or long term) housing and are open to considering: HOUSESITTING, SHORT TERM RENTAL, WINTER RENTAL, OR THE PERFECT LONG TERM RENTAL. We are a family of three, with one small well behaved indoor/outdoor kitty and heaps of love to give to a beautiful home where we can land and get our bearings. Please let us know if you have any ideas. Thank you kindly! Ananda Kaymen 207.380.6840 (09/10)

Wanted: Full size cello. We are looking for a full size cello. If you have one you'd be willing to sell or loan, please let us know! Thanks. Michael Stefanakos / 917.279.4646 / (09/10)


Hello Merriconeag! I am hunting for used furniture for my new apartment in Topsham. If any member of the community has a bed, couch, table, desk, chest of drawers, chairs, book shelves or side tables and is willing to part with it, please contact me at 717-779-9640 or I look forward to meeting you all! Nathan Doan, HS Math and Science (09/10)

Youth Wet Suits for sale: Excel 3/2 Size 8 in excellent condition barely used. Only 3 years old. $70. OTS 4/3 Size 12 in in good condition. This suit is about 6 years old. $35. Please call or text 844-0561 for more information. (09/10)

Does your Rhubarb need thinning? Dominic Pascarelli (class of 2000) and Kelsey Herrington of Two Farmers Farm are looking for rhubarb. Does yours need to be thinned? They will dig, thin -- and replant your rhubarb with organic fertilizer! Please contact Lucretia Pascarelli at - (09/10)

Sarah's Silks lavender bed canopy for sale. It has been gently used for many years, but now needs a new place to call home. Asking $25. Happy to email pictures! Rachel Farrington, 232-6691 or (09/10)