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MWS continues to recycle all toner cartridges and cell phones, just bring them to either office.  Storage is easier if toner boxes are recycled at home.  Thank you!

Do you have an old-to-you/new-to-us digital cameral laying around? If so, MWS could use one. The camera used by the office for the past 10 years, is no longer functioning well. Thank you! Lisa Mainella, Grade School office (04/10)


Australorp Rooster free to a good home (or pot), affectionately named "Lorpy".
He dutifully protects his flock, has a resounding vibrato and has sired some lovely chicks, but is not reliable around small children. 725-8865 (04/10)


Babysitters/Mother's Helpers available during week of April Vacation! The Fullagar girls, Virginia (9th Grade) and Kelley (7th Grade), are available to babysit or act as Mother's Helpers next week...both girls are red cross certified and would LOVE to work next week rather than sleep all day (OK, really they would rather sleep but their mother would rather they work!) If interested, please call 274-0057 to make arrangements. Thank you! (04/10)

Do you need some alterations done or have an unfinished project that has been laying around for too long?
Would you like new cushions, pillows or transform an old sweater into something new?
Please contact me at or 847-3453. Regina Kusche (04/03)

Quality metal dog crate for sale. $35.00, 30 x 19 x 21H. Used for 2 months. Excellent condition. Call Valerie 233-0012 (04/03)

Flower Fairies for your Easter Baskets! Aly Fullagar has created some truly magical flower fairies to make the Easter Bunny's life easier...sooo much cuter and healthier than a chocolate rabbit!! Visit her flower fairy shop on etsy to see her selection....
...and if one strikes your fancy...there are even several boy fairies!....then contact her directly to order so you might avoid shipping costs........207-274-0057 or Also, since we are in the land of Waldorf and magical fairies abound here, please forward this site to any of your friends who just can't resist all things magical to fairyland themselves, and accept my deepest gratitude in doing so! (04/03)