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MWS continues to recycle all toner cartridges and cell phones, just bring them to either office.  Storage is easier if toner boxes are recycled at home.  Thank you!

Almost Spring:  We are almost there and thank goodness. Old Crow Ranch is now taking deposits on Beef and Pork for the 2012 season. We still have Ground Turkey, Turkey Sausage and Whole turkeys available as well as some Pork Chops, Pork Sirloin Roasts, and Pork Loin Roasts. We also have Beef Stock Bones as well.
We have been working very hard at getting our new website up and running and will give a notice to when we have a user friendly on-line ordering system. Until then if you are interested have any questions or wish to reserve your meat for this year please call Steve @ 837-8625 or e-mail
Thank you and think spring, Steve Sinisi, Old Crow Ranch (03/13)

Milkweed Farm in Brunswick, ME is currently selling farm shares, medicinal herb shares, meat and egg shares. We raise our vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers using biodynamic methods. Our animals are all raised on pasture without antibiotics or hormones. Our vegetable shares run from early June to mid October and provide an array of organic veggies, herbs, fruits and flowers. Our medicinal herb share has a variety of different medicinal herbs in tinctures, syrups, teas and oils. There will be a free Introduction to Herbs Class offered to all farm members. We will also offer a free class on canning and fermenting to farm members. We will offer these classes to non members also, at a cost of $30 per class. For more information, or for our CSA Application please see our website,, or email us at You can also call Lucretia or Michael Woodruff at home 725-4554. (03/13)

Gracie's Garden Lacto Fermented Sauerkraut is available again in either green or ruby red cabbage.
Batches of beets and carrots still need a little more time for the Gartof-crocks to do their work, but should be ready soon. Dr. Sally Fallon recommends fermented vegetables as highly nutritious, good for the digestion and an excellent source of Vitamin K. That they taste deliciously-vital is a decided a plus. We sell them in pints bottles for $5 apiece. We will be at the school Monday's and Fridays. To order some jars please contact Mark Saxl or Lisa Edge at or 642-4446. (03/06)