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MWS continues to recycle all toner cartridges and cell phones, just bring them to either office.  Storage is easier if toner boxes are recycled at home.  Thank you!


Willow Pond Farm Apples are Back: Starting this Friday, September 30, apples will be delivered to Merriconeag's Early Childhood Center on Fridays before 11:30am. Orders must be placed with Willow Pond Farm ( by Thursday noon. Please leave payment in envelope in Early Childhood Office PRIOR to delivery.

McIntosh and Cortland Fancy: peck $10, half bushel $17

McIntosh Utility: half bushel $9, bushel $15

Cider- no preservatives, not pasteurized - Gallon $5.25, half gallon $3.25

Jill Agnew, Willow Pond Farm, 395 Middle Road, Sabattus, Maine 04280, 207-375-6662

High School Parents: Hi, My name is Martha Carton and I am the parent of a student at the high school. I making and selling homemade healthy power bar snacks and am looking for any high school families that may be interested in purchasing these healthy, yummy snacks. I am sending home a mailing to all high school families that will include all the ingredients (they do have peanut butter in them) and an order form with pick up information. Look for your order form in the mail! (10/04)

If you are the kind person who lent Megan Murphy a child carrier back when she went to China, it has been returned to the Early Childhood Center. Megan has moved and she dropped the carrier off here with heartfelt gratitude, but she was unable to recall exactly who had lent it to her. Call ext 105 or stop by the ECC to claim it.


Hello Everyone, I hope the beginning of school has been good. My Frisbee team is trying to raise money for the Maine Special Olympics. There is a tournament the 15th and 16th of October, which my team is attending. The tournament is all about raising money for this cause. Every team attending raises money, it’s a great cause and gives many people opportunity’s they might not otherwise have. If you can donate money to this cause it would be greatly appreciated. I will leave an envelope in the office at both the High school and the Lower schools. Checks can be made out to Maine Special Olympics.Thank you, Sierra Jeffers (10/04)

ISO ­Small utility trailer: Few things would make our family feel more complete than a small utility trailer—to borrow for barter or to go in on with one or more families who could use one, too. We haven't the room to store it, but a trailer we could tow to the dump, to camp or to fetch compost would sure come in handy from time to time. If you have one to loan, or you'd like to share in owning one, let us know! Michael Stefanakos / 917.279.4646 / (10/04)

The Barham family is looking to rent a 1- 2 bedroom condo/camp near Sugarloaf a few weekends this winter. If you have any leads for us or have a rental available, please contact David at or 433-0124. Thanks so much. (10/04)

Rabbit Essentials: Did you find an adorable bunny at the Common Ground Fair? If so maybe you’d be interested in our collection of rabbit essentials: A “Wabitat” house suitable for indoor use, an outdoor rabbit hutch, ANOTHER, smaller wire rabbit house and lots of water bottles and a couple of feeders. All this can be yours for $75. Florence Lusk 865-6623 (09-27)

Dear MWS Community: I am looking for a room to rent one night a week during the school year while I am conducting my research at the MWS. No frills necessary…just a place to lay my head during the weeks that I visit the school on back-to-back days. If you or anyone you know may be interested, please call or email Melissa at (603)788-3388 or I am a quiet, responsible, non-smoker who loves both children and pets. I can supply references upon request. Melissa A. Grella, PhD Candidate, Environmental Studies, Antioch University New England (09-27)

Looking to buy a house near the school? A former parent is selling their house which is within walking distance.

Wooden castle for sale: with working drawbridge, king and queen, knight and horse. Graffiti-free (yes!) for only $30. Please call Beth at 871-1087. (09-27)