Tuesday News - October 1, 2013

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Upcoming Events

Jack Petrash: Two outstanding events:


A public talk: Dynamic Schooling to Meet the Future

Friday, October 18, 7:00 p.m.
Community Hall, 57 Desert Road, Freeport
$10 suggested donation

It is impossible for us to know what the world will be like when today’s young children are ready to accept responsibility for our society and our planet. The only thing that we know for certain is that our children will inherit a world filled with complex problems and challenges. To meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world they will need to be strong, resilient, imaginative, determined, disciplined, kind, and clear thinking. Waldorf Schools are designed to develop a multiplicity of abilities in children, to engage their fully human intelligence and to provide students with a reservoir of strength and creativity and a healthy sense of self. How can we do this important work together?

Saturday Workshop: Raising Strong, Resilient Children.

Hold Them Close and Then Let Them Go

Saturday, October 19, 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon
Community Hall, 57 Desert Road, Freeport

$30 per family (Adults only. The family price is to encourage both parents to come)

To register for the workshop: publicrelations@merriconeag.org
Parenting is not an easy assignment in our complex, modern world. We are often good at holding our children close OR at letting them go. The challenge is to hold both of those polarities simultaneously and doing so is an art that we will explore in our time together.

Jack Petrash has been a class teacher at the Washington Waldorf School for over thirty years. He is currently taking his fourth class on the extended journey from grade one to grade eight. Jack is also the founder and director of the Nova Institute, an organization that works to build a bridge between mainstream education and Waldorf Education. He is the author of Understanding Waldorf Education: Teaching from the Inside Out and his recent TEDx talk, Preparing Children for the Journey, has been seen by many parents and teachers in Waldorf communities in North America.

     In addition, Jack Petrash has worked with parent education, and particularly with fathers. His pieces have appeared in the Washington Post and on NPR. He is the author of Covering Home: Lessons on Fathering from the Game of Baseball and Navigating the Terrain of Childhood: A Guide to Meaningful Parenting and Heartfelt Discipline. Jack and his wife, Carol, have raised three children all of whom have gone through the Waldorf School from preschool to grade twelve.


Wednesday is Handcraft Day at Merriconeag:

We are hoping more people can join the Wednesday afternoon Craft Blitzes which are happening every Wednesday afternoon (3:00 – 4:30) up until the Fall Fair (Nov. 9). Our handwork teacher, Julie Pennington, is offering free after school handcraft craft blitzes in our Handcraft Building on the main campus and we want you to come!

      Over 15 crafty mothers - as well as some daughters - came to the Handcraft Room on Wednesday after school to knit table puppets and farm animals for the Fall Fair. We are having a blast and encourage anyone (fathers and boys too!) to join us. Each week we start a new project, so you get the chance to learn a new handcraft skill, and you will likely also meet new friends!

     Very reasonably priced childcare for young children can be arranged through the business office, if you call ahead to ensure there is space. Children in grades 4 and up are welcome to join in the craft blitz if they are able - it was wonderful to have some young people around the table! Julie Pennington


From the Admissions Office

Dear Current Merriconeag Families:
      We wish to thank all of you for continuing to “talk up” Merriconeag as you are out and about in the greater community. Your enthusiasm about your child’s Waldorf experience is often what prompts a family to call me for more information. We are already receiving inquiries about admission for 2014-15, but also are open to the possibility of new students joining during the current school year. Please encourage families to contact me at any time about available openings.
      During the fall, we offer many events designed to introduce families to our unique and vibrant school. The first, our annual High School Information Night for parents and prospective students, is Wednesday, October 23. This is held on the Freeport campus in the Community Hall. Parents are invited to observe high school classes on December 4, however, I am happy to arrange other visiting times as well. We invite prospective high school students to shadow for a day – the fall is an excellent time to do this!
      Interested parents may sign up for a Tour of Grades 1 – 8 on November 19. At the Early Childhood level, Tea and Play sessions will be offered from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday mornings beginning later this month and are an easy way for parents and young children to come for an initial visit. At these sessions, parents enjoy tea with an early childhood teacher while their children play nearby. We have a few openings in our Parent-Infant Class that started in September, and information about registering for the upcoming Winter series of Family Programs (Parent-Child and Parent-Infant) will be announced shortly.
      Our annual Admissions Open House is held during the Fall Fair on Saturday, November 9. This is a great outreach event for families who want an experience of our school community, but are not yet ready to schedule a more formal visit or interview.
      Please contact me, admissionsdirector@merriconeag.org, if you know of any new families who may wish to attend one of these events, or come for a visit at another time. You can also refer families to our website, www.merriconeag.org, where they will find a great deal of information about Waldorf education in general and Merriconeag in particular.
      Again, thanks for all that you do to help prospective families learn more about us.

Best regards, Lyn Baird


From the Development Office

Grandparents and Special Friends Day:

     Grandparents and Special Friends Day is Friday Oct. 25 (10:00 a.m. -12:30 p.m.). We always get wonderful feedback from grandparents about this day; it gives them a rare glimpse into Waldorf education, as demonstrated through the delightful performances by their grandchildren and special young friends. Some out of town grandparents schedule their visits to their families around this day – and we love seeing them at this event each year.   

     All grandparents listed on your families’ school information forms will receive an invitation to the Oct. 25 Grandparents Day. In order for your grandparents to receive invitations, their contact information in RenWeb must be complete. If a grandparent has moved or passed away, or if you prefer we not send them an invitation, we need to know this. Please review your grandparent information in the RenWeb database today. Invitations will be mailed out later this week.

     Also, if there is someone other than a grandparent who you would like to invite (aunt, uncle, surrogate grandparent, or even a neighbor who is a special friend of your child), please send us their complete name and address so we can mail them an invitation.

     If they do not receive an invitation by the end of next week, or if you have any questions about the address used, please contact Lynne Espy.

Volunteers are needed for Grandparents and Special Friends Day; this involves helping with refreshment setup and cleanup, organizing nametags, and greeting guests. You would need to available to help from 8:15 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. (includes watching the performance). Contact Lynne about your availability.

Lynne Espy, developmentcoordinator@merriconeag.org, 865-3900 Ext. 116


Fall Fair and Open House, November 9, 2013

Fall Fair planning is underway. Choose your passion. Get involved:

     We have a wonderfully energetic and creative team of Fall Fair organizers this year, and hope that our enthusiasm will entice every family to help make this day a huge success. If you can get involved in the planning stages of the Fair, or be a valuable helper to one of the activities listed below, please contact the “Fall Fair Chairs” listed below. Any area can always use more help, but those where there are blanks indicate we really need you! All contact information is in the school directory.

Pocket Person: Tami Goodrich and Sarah Currie
Squirrels Attic: Vanessa Farr and Tonya Sattin
Children’s Craft Activities –
Younger children: Victoria Stefanakos and Melisa Walker
Older children Crafts: Julie Pennington, Lynn Thurrell, Priscilla Nicholson, Rosemary Burwell
Outdoor Craft Demonstrations:
Woodworking: Yunus Lowenthal and Bob Thurrell
Blacksmithing: Scott Libby, Will Hight, Rosemary Burwell
Outdoor games: Adrian Bossi and ______________
Signage and Design: Lisa Bossi
Outdoor Decorations: Carina Wishman-Freedner and __________
Indoor Decorations: ___________
Café: Amy Kessler, Sarah Barmby, Amy Eshoo, Lisa Lukis
Gently Used Outerwear: Catherine Weiland, Seren Sinisi, Alicia Heyburn, Drew Tieman
Waldorf School Supplies: Mandy Andreson and ____________
Parent Made Crafts: Justyna Benton and _______________
Artisan Vendors: Mary Martin and Susan Caron
German Sausage: Oliver Kinzer and some German students
French Crepes: Regine Whittlesey and French teachers and students
Rudolf’s Diner (soups and chili): High School parents, students and Faculty
Family Farms of Merriconeag: Christine Sloan

What you can do now:
Search your cabinets and closets at home, and bring the following to any office:
• Gently Used Outerwear: sizes toddler through high school – coats, hats, boots, mittens, rain gear, snow suits, cross country running and skiing apparel (no skis, please).
• Trinkets for the Pocket Person – see last week’s Tuesday News for details.
• Read the Tuesday News each week and see what is needed – when everyone does what they can, we can create a tremendous result.

Lynne Espy, developmentcoordinator@merriconeag.org, 865-3900 Ext. 116, in the farmhouse
Mary Martin, events@merriconeag.org, 865-3900 Ext. 113, in the portable office

The Fall Fair Committee needs your fabric scraps: We are looking for autumn-colored pieces, at least 9"x12" in size, any thickness or texture, solids or prints. There will be a collection box in Lisa's office.

Michaelmas 2013

     Last Friday, the school community enjoyed a delightful new and imaginative way of experiencing Michaelmas. Armed with little more than newspaper, cardboard and tape, high school and elementary students divided into groups to prepare dramatic scenes of the story of Peronnique. The catch was that no group knew what any other group was doing, so only when the entire school came together to share their work did the story unfold in its entirety. It was a pageant like no other, as students brought to life enchanted forests, six-eyed giants, evil wizards, and courageous heroines.

     Bravo to the resourceful teachers and students— especially to the seniors, who narrated the story with aplomb, to Lily Tupper, who improvised her way through the role of Peronnique with grace and charm—and to the creative Festival organizers! Many thanks to Eli Gundersen who served as the official photographer for the event.


Athletic News

High School Cross Country: GNG Meet (9.27.13)
      The Gray-New Gloucester meet presented the team with a challenging course up Libby Hill in near perfect conditions- a dry, sunny day with a light breeze- and the Merriconeag teams rose to the occasion. We had a number of personal and season bests on the toughest course we've run thus far. The team was encouraged, no doubt, by the large number of spectators (who also appreciated the dry conditions after our last meet at Freeport) and Pierce family cookies afterwards. Special thanks to all our middle school spectators who returned the favor after Thursday's meet (and even took splits at mile two!)

     One the girls' side, Sam Pierce went out strong, keeping pace in the first mile with the leaders and finishing with a season's best time in fourth overall. Carlin Tindall and Fiona Ahearne again worked together, settling in to fifth and sixth place, respectively, and never reliquishing those spots. Carlin still has her killer kick and Fiona A managed to set another PR. Lily Tupper and Sylvie Fenderson also ran together, with Lily again surging away in the last half mile of the race. As our fifth runner (and final scorer), Sylvie managed to beat the entire Poland team. Fiona Libby also had a great day, working largely on her own and still managing to set a personal best (and have a great finish) even on the hills. Making her first appearence in the top seven, Emma Dolan had a good effort on the hills. Phoebe Dolan was not too far behind with a minute and a half improvement over her time from last season. The girls finished second to Cape Elizabeth, handily defeating Poland and host Gray-New Gloucester.

     It was a banner day for Pierces, with Tucker Pierce managing to surge past Zack

Neveu in the boys' race and finish with a new PR, even greeting spectators with a smile around the 2.5 mile mark. Fending off a cold, Zack still managed a fourth place finish, toughing out a hard descent off Libby Hill. Dylan Wu had a great day with a top ten finish and breaking 19 minutes for the first time. Lars Gundersen also shattered his former PR (by over 15 seconds!), making a return to the top ten list. John Burgess came very close to his all time best (and improved on his time from last meet), running a very aggressive second mile on the most challenging section of the course. Graham Roeber made his 2013 debut with a near personal best, running very consistent splits in spite of the hill. Lincoln Samuelson really attacked the first mile of the course, running a very gutsy race and finished with a time that vastly improved on last season's. The boys also finished second, to host Gray-New Gloucester, beating Cape and Poland. Coach Morgan Lake Adams

Thank  you to Eli Gundersen for the photos from last race.

This Friday, October 4, Freeport hosts Fryeburg, Greely, Traip, Wells and Merriconeag. This race is on Pownal Road in Freeport where Freeport plays football. We love our fans! Please come out and join the fun!

Click here for the complete race schedule.

Full results can be found on the results page of the blog.


Middle School Cross Country

Cape Elizabeth: On Thursday, the 19th, the team traveled to Cape Elizabeth for our second race of the season. Our team had seen better days…a bad cold had run rampant through the 6th grade during the week (hitting the eighth grade by week end), and the 7th grade was away on their fall camping trip. However, we did manage to assemble our minimum of five boys and five girls to compete as a team in both races against the much larger teams from Cape Elizabeth, Greely, and Raymond, as well as a small group from Waynflete. The girls led the way way in the first race, where Olivia Skillings took first overall, followed by Sophia Skinner, Emma Tieman, Salome Skinner, and Sarah Kinzer. The boys were up next, where Nick Neveu also took first overall, tailed by Eli Gundersen and Kipling Samuelson. Noah Hight and Eric Bloch made their racing debut and both put in a great showing.
Naples: After a busy week with two races, we turned around on Monday and headed out to Naples for our "away" race at Lake Region where we met the teams from Greely, Poland, and Sacopee Valley. The girls' team came in second behind Greely after strong races by Olivia Skillings, Louise Ahearne, Sophia Skinner, Wilson Haims, Charlotte Joseph, Tillie Munro, Ava Teegarden, and Brenna Moore. The boys also took second place as a team behind Greely after great efforts by Nick Neveu, Eli Gundersen, Kipling Samuelson, Ethan Haag, Aiden Kusche, and Eric Bloch.
Home, Freeport: Finally, our home race took place on Thursday, 9/26, when we hosted Freeport, Durham, Yarmouth, and Greely on our newly designed course that utilized the lower field and a portion of the Red Trail. We were fortunate to get a fantastic, sunny fall day for the race.

     The Department of Redundancy Department reports that Olivia Skillings took first overall in the girls' race, followed by Louise Ahearne, Sophia Skinner, Wilson Haims, Salome Skinner, Veronica Tarr in her race debut, Tillie Munro, Charlotte Joseph, Ava Teegarden, Jenny Bakewell, Emma Tieman, Brenna Moore, Caroline Odlin-Brewer, and Chloe Olson in her first outing of the season. The girls' team finished

3rd overall amidst some tough competition. The boys faced some of their toughest competition yet, finishing 4th as a team, with great individual results from Nick Neveu, Eli Gundersen, Kipling Samuelson, Adriel Barham, Aiden Kusche, and Erich Bloch.

     Many thanks to John Saccone for his help in prepping the course that took advantage of and showcased our beautiful natural surroundings on campus, the many parent and teacher volunteers that helped with everything from timing to course management, the high school team for their help and support on race day, and all of the spectators that came out to watch. It was great to see you all there rooting on the team! Asst. Coach John Olson

Our next race is at Gray on 10/10. Girls at 4:00, boys at 4:30. Hope to see you there!


School Community Updates

Willow Pond Farm Apples are Back:

Click here for more information and to order


Help Needed with postering:  We need new helpers this year to spread the word about our events by distributing our posters in Freeport, Yarmouth and Brunswick. We have lists of key places but you may always add your favorite spots to them! Please contact publicrelations@merriconeag.org, ASAP if you can help with this important work.

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