Tuesday News - May 7, 2013

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Upcoming Events

May Celebration and Medieval Faire

This Saturday, May 11, 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

57 Desert Road, Freeport

A family day of festive activities: Maypole dancing, games, delicious food & drink.

     Hear ye all good folk of Merrye Conneague! The Faire approacheth with all haste! Don yer tunic and hosen, yer gown and festive kirtle and be prepared for a wondrous day of may dancing and singing, and stamping the earth. 
      Savories and fresh roasted meats there'll be, with mead or a cup of ale to wash it down. Then look about for a cake or biscuit to satisfy yer sweet tooth.

     There will be a community pole once again this year following the dressing of the big pole. Games will be found in every corner of the "common". Musical relief will follow one and all throughout the day. Look for the merchant, George Pennington just returned from travels to the Indies and for cards to honor thy mother being made by the knights and Lady knights of the seventh class.

     Please feel free to bring your entire family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.) and any guests you'd like! 

     Surely ye won't want to miss a moment of this rare event, so come by forty-five minutes past the hour of nine (9:45) dressed in yer Medieval best. The Faire is from 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m., rain or shine (Note: The event will be cancelled if there is severe weather, i.e. dangerous, not just uncomfortable - a Nor'easter.)

     Come one and all to greet the spring and chase old King Winter away. Halantow!

For those new to the school: The May Celebration and Medieval Faire is considered one of our school days and is for everyone. Students should arrive with their families by 9:45 so we can begin the processional promptly at 10:00. If you have questions about the event, please call Lisa in the Grade School Office, 865-3900.


Tracing a Wheel on Water by Aaron Larget-Caplan

Aaron Larget-Caplan Guitar Concert

Monday, May 13, 11:00 a.m.

Community Hall, 57 Desert Road, Freeport

Merriconeag students will be treated to the classical guitar music of Aaron Larget-Caplan. The concert will be in the Community Hall Monday May 13th at 11:00 AM. There will be room for interested parents to attend. It will be no longer than one hour.
Mr. Larget-Caplan represents the ideal 21st century artist. His performances combine the traditional expressivity with contemporary passion. More than just a guitarist, he is an ambassador of the instrument who continues to champion and commission new music to further its appreciation. -Thomas Schuttenhelm, composer & guitarist



Fourfold: A Literary Evening

Featuring David Sloan

Friday, May 17, 6:30 p.m.

Engine Gallery, 265 Main Street, #103, Biddeford

At this literary event celebrating four new publications, High School Humanities teacher David Sloan will read poetry from his new collection, “The Irresistible In-Between”.

Learn more at  fourfold-a-literary-evening.



From the Admissions Office

    Don’t forget the myriad opportunities in May to invite a prospective family to a school event; the May Celebration & Medieval Faire, Spring Concert, class plays, all showcase wonderful aspects of Waldorf education. Lyn Baird

Coming up:

Wednesday, May 15, 2:00 – 3:00 p.m., Early Childhood Information Session

. . . an introduction to our unique approach to the early years.

To register, contact Lyn Baird, 207-865-3900, ext.103 or admissionsdirector@merriconeag.org


From the Administrator

A Reminder: Video and Camera Policy

It’s May! It’s May! The busy month of May!

Dear Parents,

This month begins and ends with important events and is filled with even more events in between!  From Senior projects to May Faire dances, from Pentathlon races to Spring concerts, our rich cultural life at Merriconeag seems to reach a dizzying pace in May. All of these celebrations culminate in the activities of the last week of school…dinners, picnics, Roses and Sashes, Alumni Breakfast and 12th Grade Graduation.

     Of course, all of these special occasions are also rare photo opportunities. We all have family who can’t make it to a play or a Festival, and we all want to document these events for the future. Unfortunately, with the rise of the smart phones and compact video equipment, the issues that arise for our teachers and families are more complex and more intrusive.

     Merriconeag’s video and camera policy states, “We ask that no unauthorized photographs or videos be taken during play performances or assemblies. Photos and videos during a performance can distract audience members as well as the cast. At the teacher’s discretion, photographs may be taken after the event or at a dress rehearsal.  Our high school students are offered a yearbook elective each year. The culmination of their work is the annual all school yearbook. These students will have approval to take a few discreet photos at various events throughout the year.”

     In addition to the policy stated above, we often make arrangements through our Public Relations office to photograph or video plays and events that can be edited for outreach purposes and are then shared with parents through our Tuesday News or website.  We will make every effort to announce when professional recording of an event takes place.

     We ask all parents to respect the policy stated above, and refrain from using their own recording devices at events. This insures that parents who have not agreed to have their children photographed will have their privacy protected, and the quality and experience of  those on stage and off is not compromised. For outdoor events, such as the May Faire and the Pentathlon, we ask you to be discreet and only take pictures of family members.  If you have any questions regarding this policy, please do not hesitate to contact me. Your support and sensitivity for the school’s policy is greatly appreciated. Christine Sloan


From the Development Office

Annual Appeal Update coming next week:
As a community, we are having a very successful Annual Appeal, having already exceeded our goal of $80,000! Now we have to get the participation rates up. If you have not yet made a gift to the Annual Appeal, please do so by next Monday so that I can give an update as to each grade’s participation rates. Our goal is to exceed last year’s parent participation rate of 89% (which is commendable in itself!), and ideally getting close to 100%, as the 11th grade has already done. A gift of ANY size counts toward all your children’s classes. Give online, by check, or cash. It all works.
With gratitude to those who have already given to the Annual Appeal,
Lynne Espy, Development Coordinator

Look for one merriconeag at the May Faire:
      Don’t miss the ONE MERRICONEAG informational booth at the May Faire. Since last summer, a group of committed parents, faculty and high school students have been hard at work on a 5-year strategic plan. Last fall, we named this strategic planning effort “one merriconeag” to reflect our communal goal of uniting the entire school community onto one campus, as well as supporting the faculty, programs and students to best accomplish our school’s mission.

At the May Faire on Saturday May 11, look for this logo and representatives of the Strategic Planning Teams – we want to share with you some of our findings to date, and we want to hear your opinions about the school’s future.



From the Circus Coordinator     

For the 9th year Circus Smirkus and The Big Top Tour return to Merriconeag for four performances on Monday, August 5th and Tuesday, August 6th. This year’s show “Oz Incorporated” promises to be more exciting then ever!
Grab your ruby slippers and click you heals together as Circus Smirkus goes somewhere over the Rainbow and embarks on this Emerald City Adventure!

Thank you to all of you who signed up to volunteer at the Parent Evenings to work our Circus performances, on either Monday, August 5th or Tuesday, August 6th. If you haven’t signed up to volunteer and would like to, please be on the look-

out for the Circus  roustabouts at the May Faire this 

Saturday, call Aly Fullagar, evenings at 274-0057, or sign-up here.


We Need You: Another way for you to be a part of the circus is to sign-up to be a Homestay Family! Be brave and step forward! Give Jennifer Fitzpatrick, our Homestay Coordinator, a call at: 865-1801 or email her, mainemamaj@gmail.com.

Flatbread Fundraising Event: Please mark your calendars for this summers benefit night at Flatbread in Portland on June 18th. It is much earlier this year with hopes that many families will be in town and take advantage of this evening’s festivities to raise money and re-connect with friends. 10% of all flatbreads purchased on June 18th will be donated to our Magic Matinee sponsorship program. There will be hula hoop and juggling contests and also a raffle with a chance to win a wonderful basket donated by TD Bank!

     More to follow about his evening as well as our wonderful Magic Matinee sponsorship program. Please spread the word!



News From the High School

Merriconeag Students Earn "Silver," "Bronze" at Poetry Festival
      Teagan Wu and Carlin Tindall were among the top three prizewinners announced on Sunday at the Sixth Annual Merriconeag Poetry Festival. Teagan took second place for her poem "Belonging," and Carlin was the third place winner for her piece "Ophelia." Both poems can be read below. For the second consecutive year, first place went to a Falmouth student—this year's winner was Emma Sapat.
      In all, five Merriconeag student-poets were among the twenty finalists selected by Festival judge Megan Grumbling, noted Maine poet, teacher and theater critic. Merriconeag's other finalists included Jack Pierce for his poem "Day-Dream," Zoe Chace-Donahue (selected for the second consecutive year) for "How To Lie," and Lily Tupper, who was unable to attend because she is on exchange in France. Senior Holly Perkins read Lily's poem "River-Pull." All finalists received gift certificates donated, in part, by Longfellow Books in Portland.
      To add to the ambience of the Festival, for the fourth straight year the trio of Jack Pierce, Skyler Samuelson and Ben Tindall played music both to open and (joined by Carlin on double bass) to close the program. Many thanks for their generosity and musical prowess; thanks also to Susan Sonntag, Kristin Agudelo, Deeda Burgess, Lynn Baird and Regine Whittlesey for helping in unsung ways to make the Festival a gracious occasion.

Belonging by Teagan Wu

The goats await our arrival, nibbling the mountain grass
The jingle of their bells lure us, across the rocks
To their secret place
Their horns dance across the outline of the sky
Sharp, yet warm against the horizon
The younger ones prance and leap from the rocks
They sing of youthfulness
They greet us, open as unfolding flowers
Like we belong
They follow close behind us through the grasses
The heat of their bodies radiating
Their small cries and the ring of their bells
A song of the present, familiar and untouched
Embraced by the breeze
I want to capture the song of the bells
And the soft warmth of the goats
And wrap them in a package
To stand so silent as to fall
Into belonging
Teagan Wu

Ophelia by Carlin Tindall

My father loved me.
This isn't some sappy father-daughter story,
Sentimentality clinging like pond weeds.
I am sure that he loved me.

My duck-just-hatched memories
Were of him;
Playing with me, teaching me how to act in public,
A river of strength and comfort after I fell.
In the tangle of familial ties,
My knot was closest to my father's.

I grew and he was always there.
I slipped in the mud and he knew
How to brush off my hurt.
To me he was unquestionably

Would I have survived as a child without him?
Or would I have been a puppet without a master,
Limp and lifeless?

Too soon the moment came.
A snake blade,
Hidden, swift,
Cut his hands from my strings
And left only senseless songs to crawl into.
Their soft melodies born in smoldering hurt,
Their verse a window
To that swampy view.

Did I lose myself in the current of grief?
If my father were still alive,
He could've seen through the waters,
Swirling through my life,
Finding the rocks
And showing me where to step.

School Community Updates

Geraniums for Sale: Merriconeag Waldorf School’s 7th grade is selling 4½" pots of either red, pink or white geraniums for $5 each. Plants from Estabrooks in Yarmouth will beautify local yards and window boxes and proceeds will go towards next year’s 8th grade trip (to an undisclosed New England destination).

     Orders are due by Wednesday, May 15th. Plants will be available for pick-up on Wednesday, May 22 . Thank you very much for supporting our class! Click here for order form.


Quiches for Sale: Let us make your dinner,and support the 8th grade in the process!
Homemade, fully cooked quiches for purchase! At $15 each and easily frozen, treat your family to 3 or 4 or 5! They can be pulled out of the freezer on those hot, lazy summer nights, when no one wants to work in the kitchen over a hot stove.

     The last day to place your order is May 15, with delivery in 2 places on May 20. Please note on your order form, if you want to pick up your quiches at the ECC at noon, or in the grade school parking lot at 3pm.

     And don't forget dessert! Assorted cookies and bars will be available for purchase at delivery points/times, while supplies last. Five dollars per bag of half-dozen.

     Please fill out the attached order form. Attach cash or a check made out to MWS (in memo, note: "8th grade quiche"), and drop it off in the "QUICHE" receptacle in either office: ECC or grade school. (Orders may also be placed at the May Fair on May 11. Look for us near the sausages!) For Order Form click here.


Labyrinth Update: Bricks and stones, corks and cedar bark! Should you gaze down into the field at the bottom of the parking lot and cast that eye to the right, you will see that we do not speculate, we build! With the help and guidance of so many so far, we have a 30' diameter circle, dug, gravel filled, covered with landscape cloth and filled in with stone dust. When all is quite smoothed over and level, we shall begin to lay our brick. Don't miss this opportunity to have your brick nestle in with the brick that comes from the four directions. Once the brick is laid, we shall begin the task of creating a varied, sensory oriented pathway to the center. Again, this is your chance to make your mark in the labyrinth. Keep watching this post and the field for developments. Lynn Thurrell and the Eighth Grade

Ongoing in the School Community:

Early Childhood Parent Chat Room

Wednesday mornings, 8:45 to 9:30 a.m.

Early Childhood Center, Bluebell Room

Join host Michael Fenderson, French Teacher for EC through Grade 8, and Mary Korsiak, Early Childhood Teacher, for a chat - share questions, get to know each other, and sip a warm cup of coffee or tea.


2013 Merriconeag Summer Camps

Camps are filling up! Reserve your place today!

2013 Merriconeag Summer Camps: Our camps run from 9:00 a.m. - noon.

If there is enough interest, we will consider offering an afternoon program like we did last year.

New this year: Sandy Pearson will be offering a third camp on our campus through RSU5 Recreation & Community Education. See info below.



For more information and to register for the Circus Arts and Buttercup camps,

please click on the name of the camp below.

Circus Arts Camp
June 24 - 28
9:00 a.m. - noon with aftercare possible.
Cost: $225.
This camp is for ages 8 - 12 (entering grades 3, 4, 5, 6). Campers will learn juggling, clowning, mime, pyramids, tightrope walking, character study and performance techniques. The camp will be led by John Saccone.

Buttercup Summer Garden Camp
July 1 - 5 and July 8 - 12
9:00 a.m. - noon with aftercare possible.
Cost: $175.
This camp is for ages 3 1/2 - 6
Campers are lovingly held in a gentle, nature-filled environment that immerses them in magical play and discovery. There is lots of time for crafts, water play, the sandbox, walking woodland paths, and playing games. The camp will be led by Kelly Barham with help from Crary Chandler.

Felting Fun: A Fiber Craft Camp

Led by Sandy Pearson through RSU5 Recreation & Community Education

June 24 - 28

9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Handcraft Building

This camp is appropriate for students age 10 - 12 (min. 8 students, max. 12 students.

Each morning will be spent turning eco friendly and local fleeces into items such as balls, mats, pouches, and bowls. The afternoons will be outside time to play games, hear stories, sing songs, and enjoy the fields, woods and gardens. The camp will be led by Sandy Pearson with an assistant.

Please register through RSU5 Recreation & Community Education, 207.865.6171 or www.RSU5-RCE.org


Read (Listen to or Watch) This

Cursive Benefits Go Beyond Writing
The College Board found that students who wrote in cursive for the essay portion of the SAT scored slightly higher than those who printed.
By Suzanne Baruch Asherson, The Opinion Pages, The New York Times, April 30, 2013.

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