Tuesday News - February 12, 2013

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Upcoming Events

High School Coffee House

This Thursday, February 14, 7:00 p.m.

Community Hall (aka: The Love Nest)

Grade School Campus, 57 Desert Rd, Freeport


Can a High School Coffee House Put a Little Romance in Your Life?
      Come find out on Valentine's Day Night! On Thursday, February 14 at 7 p.m. in the Community

Hall (renamed "The Love Nest" for the event), Co-emcees Nowell Stoddard and Sophie Simmons will preside over a talent-filled high school evening brimming with sweetness—sweet poetry and gripping tales,

sweet songs and dances, and sweets of all kinds. The music, stories, dance and shenanigans are free - refreshments cost a little, but they're worth it! Come early to get a good seat, and enjoy a sweet, sweet evening! David Sloan for the High School


Reel Deal Film Fest

Co-sponsored with Hardy Girls Healthy Women & Boys to Men

The Bro Code

February 27, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Portland Public Library

Admission is FREE and open to the public but you must register here to ensure a ticket.

February 27, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. - THE BRO CODE: This film takes aim at the forces in male culture that condition boys and men to dehumanize and disrespect women and girls. Director, Thomas Keith breaks down a range of contemporary media forms, zeroing in on movies and music videos that glamorize womanizing; pornography that trades in the brutalization of women; comedians who make fun of sexual assault; and a groundswell of men's magazines and cable TV shows that revel in an old-school myths of American manhood.The content of this movie is graphic and for mature audiences 17 and older.

March 6, 2013, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. - MISS REPRESENTATION

March 12, 2013, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. - NOT JUST A GAME: POWER POLITICS & AMERICAN SPORTS


SAVE THE DATE! This event was not on our school calendar!

Can Money Heal the Planet?

Re-imagining the Role of Money in Community
A Public Talk by John Bloom of RSF Social Finance

Wednesday, April 3, 7:00 p.m.
Community Hall, 57 Desert Road, Freeport

Please add this date to your calendar. This is a not-to-be-missed opportunity! More information will follow

in the weeks to come.


Admissions Events - Invite Your Friends to Visit our School!

Early Childhood Information Session: Wednesday, February 13,

2:00 – 3:00 p.m.

Learn about our approach to nursery-kindergarten that emphasizes

imaginative play, language and artistic development, social skills,

singing, storytelling, movement and outdoor play. For adults. . . please

register by calling 207-865-3900, ext. 103, or email, admissionsdirector@merriconeag.org.





Tea & Play: Thursdays, 9:00 – 10:00 a.m.,

February 7, 14, 28, March 7, 14
An informal drop-in program where prospective parents bring their young children to the Early Childhood Center and enjoy conversation and a cup of tea with a teacher while the children play nearby.



Saturday Craft Mornings:

Saturdays, Mar. 2 & 9

9:30 - 11:00 a.m.

Early Childhood Center, 60 Desert Rd., Freeport

For prospective parents and their children under 7.


Sat., March 2, The Birds are Returning: Come welcome spring, make fleece birds and listen to a springtime story.

Sat., March 9, Welcoming Lady Spring: Come make flower necklaces and listen to a sotry welcoming Lady Spring.

Drop-ins are welcome or call 207.865.3900, Ext. 103 or admissionsdirector@merriconeag.org.to register.


Handcraft Wednesdays

3:00 - 4:30 p.m. For 4th grade and up, $5.00 per session includes a light snack.

Feb. 13 - Belt weaving on an Inkle loom: Practice your

weaving skills on the beautiful Inkle looms made for us by Mr. Thurrell

and Yunus. All instruction and materials included for a colorful belt or strap.

Sign in with Sandy Pearson at spearson@merriconeag.org.


Early Childhood Parent Chat Room

Wednesday mornings, 8:45 to 9:30 a.m.

Early Childhood Center, Bluebell Room

Join host Michael Fenderson, French Teacher for EC through Grade 8, and Mary Korsiak, Early Childhood Teacher, for a chat - share questions, get to know each other, and sip a warm cup of coffee or tea.


From the Administrator

MAC - Not Just a Computer: We have all been reading in the Tuesday News and local papers about the amazing success of our skiing teams, both in the grades and high school. Nordic skiing has a long history at Merriconeag. It is not by chance that our girls’ high school team has won the Maine State Nordic Championship the past two years, and just came in first in the first half (skate portion) of the Western Maine Conference Championships (second half upcoming this week) in Fryeburg. Our boys came in second in this same race on February 6. Many of the schools we race against have more students on their high school teams then we have students in our high school!

     So lets be clear…we are not a ski school, training students for races. This passion for the sport and love of the outdoors starts very early in our school’s movement curriculum. Beginning in second grade, our children are skimming across the fields on skis, learning proper techniques and safety under the careful eye of John Saccone. John has been the movement instructor at Merriconeag for over 17 years. In that time, he has waxed thousands of skis, and sent hundreds of children down the path of healthy, outdoor activity, on and off the snow.

     What many people don’t know, is how much goes on “behind the scenes” with Merriconeag’s movement and athletic program. In the grade school, we have volunteer coaches for both the running and Nordic teams. John and Erin Olson, parents of Chloe in 7th grade, have been assisting Oliver Kinzer with Cross Country running for the past two years. Amy Ireland and Bjorn Laukli, parents of Sophia, Grade 7, and alums Even and Katrina, have spent 5 years coaching our dynamic grade school Nordic team with support from a dedicated group of assistant coaches and parents in the grades. Our high school running, Nordic, frisbee and basketball teams are coached by Morgan Lake Adams, John Tarling, Rich Young and David Sloan with Yunus Lowenthal respectively, also with outstanding parent support.

     How do all of these programs, teams, schedules, busing and coordination with local school districts etc. work? This is where MAC comes in! MAC stands for Movement and Athletic Committee. Members include Susan Sonntag, Athletic Director, Lisa Mainella (who provides administrative support for the sports programs in the grades) John Saccone, Oliver Kinzer, Robert Pennington and David Sloan. The mandate of MAC is to review and support the movement curriculum throughout the grade school, oversee the development, coordination and budget of the afterschool athletic/sports programs in grades six through twelve, and support the development of the Circus Arts curriculum in the school.

     Since its inception three years ago, MAC has outlined the job responsibilities of the Athletic Director, developed criteria for medical release and other permission forms as well as guidelines for afterschool sports, reviewed the grade school movement curriculum, and supported the forming of the HS Soccer Club as well as the eighth grade circus performance which this year has expanded into a collaboration between the seventh and eighth grade classes. Please don’t miss this year’s Circus, Thursday, February 28 at 11am and Friday, March 1 at 7pm in the Community Hall. With John Saccone’s vision and skill, the support of his talented wife, Jackie and our Amity intern, Selma Fricke, this circus performance promises to be filled with laughter and plenty of surprises!

     As you can see, a great deal of work behind the scenes has contributed to the “race results” you read about in the Tuesday News. It is important to know that the goal is not the race, rather it is serving all of our students’ healthy development - body, mind and spirit! As you now know, this only works because the mission of our movement program is carried by so many wonderful teachers, parent volunteers, coaches and administrative personnel.
Congratulations to all who contribute so generously to the support of our movement/athletic program.

Christine Sloan, Administrator


Auction Action

Variety Show and Silent Auction

Saturday, March 23, 6:00 - 9:30 p.m.

Community Hall

What will happen on Sat. March 23rd? This year’s theme is VARIETY SHOW - celebrating the variety within our community and our desire to make this education accessible to a large variety of families. There will be delicious hors-d’oeuvres, homemade desserts, student and parent-made items, the infamous silent auction, and a humor-filled variety show involving parents and faculty! Don’t forget, the auction isn’t just about fund-raising through shopping—nearly half of every admission ticket purchase price goes directly to the Tuition Support Fund. It’s sure to be a great evening – you won’t want to miss it!
      Nearly half of the families at Merriconeag rely on some level of tuition support. Whether or not you receive tuition support, it is clear that everyone benefits immensely from a more socio-economically diverse community, both in the classroom and within our parent community. Merriconeag’s annual Tuition Support Auction is the fundraiser in which we show our commitment to economic diversity and tuition support. Please demonstrate your support for all of the families that rely on tuition support, and your appreciation for the whole community that benefits by this diversity, by getting involved in this important fundraiser. Listed below are the numerous ways in which you can make a difference!
1.) Volunteer on the Committee: We still need planning help, and we can work with your schedule if you can’t meet during the day! Our next meeting is this Wednesday February 13, at drop-off, in farmhouse. As always, treats are served.
• a Staffing Coordinator - we have online signup, but this job involves some follow-up phone calls and some “job training” guidance to volunteers on Auction night.
• Someone with layout experience to help design the Auction Catalog
• Business Solicitations for the Silent Auction
• Decorating the Community Hall on Auction day
• Theatrical guidance - for our variety show (faculty or parents!)
Please let Lynne know if you can help with any of these volunteer jobs!
2.) Come to the Auction and bring a friend! The fundraiser will be successful, and the party will be lots of fun, if everyone comes! Mark your calendar and get a babysitter so you can enjoy the evening! That includes ALL families, from early childhood through high school - we want to see you there! If you bring a friend from outside the community, they come for free!
3.) Donate a service or item to the silent auction
A large and active Auction Committee is working on soliciting donations for the Silent Auction. All of us have something of value to offer – a service or an item that can be donated to help raise money for tuition support. <Click here for donation form> Auction donation forms are due by March 8th! Hard copies can be submitted to any MWS office; send email submissions or questions to the Auction Committee volunteers who are spearheading the solicitation effort:
      o ECC Coordinator: Julia Dodge (jdodge5@maine.rr.com)
      o Grades Coordinator: Susan Stark (sstark@bates.edu)
      o High School Coordinator: Katy Neveu (kneveu@mac.com)
      o Board Coordinator: Barbara Kappelmann (boston97@roadrunner.com)
      o Faculty Coordinator: Lynne Espy (developmentcoordinator@merriconeag.org).
What can I donate? Here are some examples, but this shouldn’t limit your ideas. Ask yourself: what could I offer? What might others want?
• Movement classes, workshops or retreats: yoga, pilates, zumba, meditation, T’ai Chi, dance, eurythmy, gymnastics...
• Gift certificates to alternative healing modalities: Massage, Rolfing, Polarity therapy, cranial manipulation, dietary or health consultations...
• Music classes, catered meals, dance lessons, ski clinics, computer consultation…
• Handmade toys, clothing, artwork, jewelry, footwear, household items…
• Artwork: photography, paintings, felted wall hangings, pottery…
• Support: house-cleaning, fresh eggs each week, home-cooked meals...
• Tickets to the theater or performance, or to a Patriots, Bruins, or Red Claws game…
• High tech goods: laptop, iPod, iPad2, Kindle, or cool software apps….
• Vacation destinations: a week or weekend at a ski or summer house….
• A dinner party, birthday party, cooking class or workshop for a group (contact Lynne Espy if you can offer this item – we are featuring these Gatherings differently.
4.) Be an Auction Sponsor: On the first page of the donation form, you will see all the benefits of being an auction sponsor. Sponsor the Auction as an individual, in memory or in honor of someone, or as a way to promote your business! Each dollar raised goes directly to tuition support, and your sponsorship comes with great visibility and benefits. Contact Lynne Espy (developmentcoordinator@merriconeag.org) soon if you are interested in being a sponsor.
5.) Buy a cash raffle ticket: Soon to be available in each office, and to be mailed in your invitation which is coming the end of next week, cash raffle tickets are $25 each or 5 for $100. It’s a 25/75 split – you keep 25% of all proceeds from the cash raffle. Last year the total cash raffle amount was $8,350 and the lucky winner took home $2,500! You do not need to be present to win, there is no limit to the number sold, and anyone (family, neighbors, friends) can purchase cash raffle tickets. Last year, the cash raffle winner was a faculty member whose ticket was anonymously purchased by a parent! Another way to support the faculty and families here!
Many Thanks! Lynne Espy and the Fabulous Auction Committee      

865-3900 Ext. 116, developmentcoordinator@merriconeag.org



From the Business Office

It’s Re-Enrollment Time: Re-enrollment forms were sent out to all current families last week. If you did not receive your packet, please call the Business Office. Families are asked to return all forms by February 15, 2013.

     For families requesting an adjusted tuition amount, ALL forms are due February 15, 2013. This includes not only the Merriconeag re-enrollment forms but the TADS application and all supplemental documents. Please use prior year information if your most current information is not available. Our goal is to have all tuition adjustment decisions done by April 1, 2013.


allfood.jpgGift Cards:

Hannaford and Bow Street Market Gift Cards: Great news! Merriconeag has raised $1258 from the sale of the Hannaford gift cards, which can also be used at Bow Street Market. We are putting in orders for new cards and reloading existing cards every Thursday morning (if we meet the minimum order of $1000). Grocery cards are a great way to buy your food supplies AND support the school. Drop off your payment in the main office and note new grocery card or reload on the memo line of your check.
Description: Description: 80%Logo-Announcement2.jpg

Scrip Gift Cards Available
Merriconeag is also a member of ScripZone, an online retailer of Gift Cards. With your purchase of gift cards, and there are hundreds to choose from, Merriconeag receives a percentage of the total amount of your purchase. We do accept credit cards!
Enrollment: Enrollment in ScripZone is easy to do right from your own computer.
1. Go to ScripZone.com
2. Click on the NEW USER option
3. Create your own Secure Online Account; after registering
4. Enter our Unique Group ID: 207865MWS
Entering the Unique ID will link your purchases to Merriconeag, every purchase you make will result in benefit to the school.
Payment: Payment for your order can be made online by credit card, ACH (bank withdrawal) or by dropping a check off at the office. By paying through ACH you have the option of having your order delivered directly to your house. If you choose ACH, you will need to click on MyScripPayment Center to set up your account.
Do I have to Enroll to participate? No, you do not have to enroll at ScripZone to participate. If you are interested in purchasing gift cards you can simply go to Scripzone.com and scroll through the Retailer List located on the right side of the screen. Simply make a list of what you want and quantities and email to the business office. Your order will be processed once we receive a check. Alternatively, we can email a list of retailers to you.

News From the Middle School

A Special Spring Event! MWS Middle School Electives, March/ April 2013:
On four Friday afternoons in early spring, students in grades 7 and 8 can participate in a choice of special electives. The electives will run March 15, 22, April 5, 26 and will be taught by teachers who are enthusiastic to share their passion.

1. Act Now! – Mr. Saccone
2. Astrology: Your Birth Chart – Ms. Hill
3. Pottery- Yunus Kamal Lowenthal
4. The Sound of Movement – Selma Fricke
5. Cooking and Baking – Herr Kinser




Athletic News - Sports Updates

High School Nordic:

Merriconeag had excellent results in last Wednesday's WMC Championship Nordic Skate Race at Starks Hill in Fryeburg. Our girls were first and our boys were second. Congratulations to our teams! Click here to see results.

The WMC Championships Nordic Classic race is today in Fryeburg. Good luck to our teams!

For the complete race schedule check our blog.

Middle School Nordic:

     Mother nature's cold temperatures and some man-made snow finally allowed a race by the middle school nordic team last Thursday at Pineland, where the teams faced-off against a large field of competitors from Falmouth, Yarmouth, Freeport, GNG, Greely, Cape Elizabeth, NYA, and Waynflete. It had been so long without a race that the staff photographer forgot the camera…but maybe next time!

     It was a quick two trips around the small Access Loop under sunny skies and moderate temperatures. The girls brought home six top-twenty finishes behind solid performances by Sophia Laukli, Olivia Skillings, Sarah Norden, Ava Haag, Siona Henze (making her season race debut!), and Emma Goldberg-Courtney. The boys' race followed, and they landed four top-ten and eight top-twenty positions with first and third places going to Tucker Pierce and Bennett Hight, followed by Nick Neveu, Ethan Humphries, Thomas Kolle, Eli Gundersen, Dylan Wu, and Davis Ritger. No official team results have been posted, but the individual results are available at http://www.coolrunning.com/results/13/me/Feb7_Middle_set1.shtml.

     The next race is this Thursday, 2/14, at Pineland once again, so bring your Valentine out to New Gloucester to see the last race of the regular season! Races start at 3:30. Also, please keep your eyes open for more information regarding the States in Fryeburg this Saturday…

For a PDF of the race schedule, click here.


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