Tuesday News - January 15, 2013

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Upcoming Events


January Admission Events: Spread the word!


Tea & Play: Thursdays, 9:00 – 10:00 a.m., January 17, 24, 31, February 7, 14, 28, March 7, 14
An informal drop-in program where parents bring their young children to the Early Childhood Center and enjoy conversation and a cup of tea with a teacher while the children play nearby.



Observe High School Classes: Wednesday, January 23, 10:45 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Join us to see our Waldorf high school in action. We will witness classes covering topics such as the Short Story, Limits and Derivatives, Economics, French, Oil Painting, Clay and Copper. High school faculty members will be on hand to discuss what makes Waldorf education unique and successful, and to answer questions. Please reserve your place by contacting Lyn Baird, 207-865-3900, ext.103 or admissionsdirector@merriconeag.org




Early Childhood Information Session: Wednesday, January 23, 2:00 – 3:00 p.m.

Learn about our approach to nursery-kindergarten that emphasizes imaginative play, language and artistic development, social skills, singing, storytelling, movement and outdoor play. For adults. . . please register by calling 207-865-3900, ext. 103, or email, admissionsdirector@merriconeag.org.


Saturday Craft Morning: Saturday, January 26, 9:30 - 11:00 a.m.

Come make snow fairies with fleece and listen to a story about Jack Frost. For children under 7 and their parents. $5/child. Drop ins are welcome or call 207.865.3900, Ext. 103 to register.

Early Grades (1 – 4) Information Night: January 28, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.

Join our teachers for a lively introduction to the joy and wonders of the Waldorf early grades. Learn how we use stories, songs, games and artistic activities to engage both the intellect and the feelings, and how this approach lays the foundation for imaginative thinking. Our approach to writing, reading, math, science and art are all topics to be addressed. For more information or to register, please contact admissionsdirector@merriconeag.org or 207-865-3900, ext.103

Tours of Grades 1 – 8: January 30, 8:15 – 10:30 a.m.

A great opportunity for propective parents to observe our students and teachers as they move through their morning lesson. Please call 207-865-3900, ext.103 or email, admissionsdirector@merriconeag.org to register.

The Matchmaker by Thornton Wilder: January 31 and February 1, 7:00 p.m.

Performed by the 9th and 10th graders


Weekly Events

Wednesday is Handcraft Day at Merriconeag!     

3:00 - 4:30 p.m. For 4th grade and up, $5.00 per session includes a light snack.

Jan 16, 23, 30 - Belt weaving on an Inkle loom: Practice your

weaving skills on the beautiful Inkle looms made for us by Mr. Thurrell

and Yunus. All instruction and materials included for a colorful belt or strap.



PJ and Lounge Pants, Patternmaking and Construction Workshop:

Wed mornings 8:45 -10:15 a.m. Six weeks beginning January 23rd.

Come draft your own custom-fit pattern, and make your own pajama pants, or lounge pants. $15 material fee. To register, please email jpennington@merriconeag.org.



Early Childhood Parent Chat Room

Wednesday mornings, 8:45 to 9:30 a.m.

Early Childhood Center, Bluebell Room

Join host Michael Fenderson, French Teacher for EC through Grade 8, and Mary Korsiak, Early Childhood Teacher, for a chat - share questions, get to know each other, and sip a warm cup of coffee or tea.



From the Development Office


2012-13 Annual Appeal Update: 

Why is it important for each family and faculty member to give to the Annual Appeal?
1. The board is currently finalizing the budget for next year – a strong Annual Appeal demonstrates confidence about the fundraising potential in our community.
2. Your donation supports every aspect of the school’s operating budget – art, music, movement and classroom supplies, faculty salaries, keeping the campus maintained, and tuition support to the over 40% of our families who could not be here without it.
3. Every gift, no matter how small, contributes to the percent participation in all of your children’s classes. The first class to reach 100% gets one of Lynne Espy’s decadent desserts.
4. As the school applies for grants, it is important to show that we have exhausted all other possible sources of revenue. We want to demonstrate that we have 100% of our parents and faculty already giving what they can to support the school.

You can make your donation in one of 3 easy ways:
• Check, made out to MWS, submit in remittance envelope and drop in safe (main office)
• Online giving, Click on the Donate button above.
• Credit Card: fill out the remittance envelope with the appropriate information
• Gift of securities: Call Barbara Guffin or Lynne Espy for information about stock gifts

     Our Annual Appeal goal is $80,000. Many, many families have already contributed. Please join them in supporting everything that makes this school special to your children and your family.

     Our goal is to have 100% participation by current parents. The class to reach 100% participation first will receive Lynne Espy’s decadent desserts. Here are the current participation rates:
• All Early Childhood Classes : less than 20 % participation
• Grade 1: 42%
• Grade 2: 64%
• Grade 3: 36%
• Grade 4: 48%
• Grade 5: 45%
• Grade 6: 40%
• Grade 7: 56%
• Grade 8: 67%
• Grade 9: 33%
• Grade 10: 70%
• Grade 11: 63%
• Grade 12: 36%

Please help your class, and all the students, by submitting a donation to the Annual Appeal today.

In gratitude, Lynne Espy, developmentcoordinator@merriconeag.org, 865-3900 Ext. 116

Auction Planning is Beginning – we need your help!
      This Friday, Jan. 18, at 8:45am in the Farmhouse we will hold a planning meeting (with yummy refreshments of course) for this year’s Auction. This year the Auction will be held on the evening of Saturday, March 23rd. The Auction supports tuition funding at Merriconeag – a cause that is vital to the well being and economic diversity of our school. The Auction is always a memorable party, known for its fun themes, great food, and joyful celebration of this community. Mark your calendars now, and look for future Tuesday News notices about ways you can help with the Auction’s success.

     If you are interested in helping with the Auction, or you just want to learn more about it, please come to this planning meeting or contact Lynne Espy. Whatever your time constraints or talents, we will find a task for you!

Lynne Espy, developmentcoordinator@merriconeag.org, 865-3900 Ext. 116


News From the High School

Early Decision/Early Action College Acceptances: Merriconeag continues to do extremely well in college admissions. Seniors in this year's senior class who applied early decision or early action to college received acceptance letters from Middlebury College, Smith College, Hamilton College, Barnard College, Lewis and Clark College, Guilford College, College of Wooster, McDaniel College, Green Mountain College, Hollins University, and Fordham University. We continue to see that colleges look favorably on Waldorf students. As colleges seek to create a diverse freshman class, Waldorf educated students add another element to their schools. Congratulations to these seniors and good luck to the remaining seniors applying "regular decision". We will keep you periodically informed as acceptance letters come in for our seniors.

Jeff O'Brien, High School Faculty Chair


Faculty Ekes Out Win with (Unlikely) Shot Heard Round the (Waldorf) World: Only a last-minute shot by basketball wizard David Barham snatched victory out of the jaws of defeat for the faculty last Saturday night. A driving layup by freshman Hugh Voorhees had put the students up 27-26 with a half minute to play, when "Bombs Away" Barham received a pass near the foul line, turned and without any hesitation (or sense of where the ball might end up), tossed up a prayer (some spectators swear that his eyes were shut) that hit nothing but net, clearly guided by Waldorf fairy sprites.
      Until that unlikely scenario, the game seesawed back and forth. After the students had established a comfortable 17-9 halftime lead, the faculty slowly chipped away, spearheaded by Yunus Lowenthal's all-around play, Robert Pennington's "enforcer" role, and tenacious defense by Will Hight, Ellen Labbe, Sarah Hyde and John Saccone. Two free throws by Nancy Roderick put the faculty ahead 26-23, until the students rallied behind Hugh Voorhees and captain Joe Newlin, his squad's leading scorer with 11 points. Yunus Lowenthal provided most of the offensive punch for the faculty, scoring more than half of their entire output with 16 points.
      Many thanks to all the faculty who risked life and limb to play the friskier Merriconeag team. Special thanks to Michael Fenderson, whose brilliant substitution scheme helped the faculty to victory, to John Newlin and Steve Musica for refereeing, to Susan Sonntag and alumnus Tyler O'Brien for operating the scoreboard and keeping the scorebook, respectively, and to Devon Murphy-Anderson and Regine Whittlesey for organizing the refreshments. The game raised over $300 to support high school activities. The high schoolers' final words after the game? "Wait until next year!" Coach Sloan



School Community Updates


Thank you for the Cookies: The faculty, the 6th Grade and the Alumni Committee would like to thank senior Zoe Oswald for her initiative and leadership in the marathon cookie baking that occurred in the Early Childhood Center prior to the

Community Celebration on December 20. Many thanks to Jill Fox and Lynne Espy for their support and to all of the 6th grade and high school bakers who helped! Thanks, too, to the Early Childhood Center for lending their rooms and their ovens.



Old tee shirts are wanted by the Handwork Department: Please drop them off at either office with a note designating that they are for Handwork.




Yearbook Orders: Order deadline is Monday, February 11, 2013:
The Yearbook staff at the High School is hard at work creating the 2012-2013 MWS Yearbook.
All students in Grades 8-12 will automatically be billed for a yearbook ($40). If your student in G8-12 does NOT wish to purchase a yearbook, please fill out the attached form. If you do not decline, you WILL automatically receive and be billed for a yearbook.
Students in EC-G7 will not be automatically billed. If you would like a yearbook for your student in EC-G7, please fill out the attached form.

Yearbook order form. Paper copies of order forms are available all school offices.


Grocery Cards and Scrip Cards available: If you are interested in purchasing Grocery or Gift Cards, act now. We are putting in orders for new grocery cards (if we meet the minimum order) and gift cards every Thursday morning. Grocery cards are a great way to buy your food supplies AND support the school.
Description: Description: 80%Logo-Announcement2.jpgScrip Gift Cards Available
Merriconeag is also a member of ScripZone, an online retailer of Gift Cards. With your purchase of gift cards, and there are hundreds to choose from, Merriconeag receives a percentage of the total amount of your purchase. We do accept credit cards!

Enrollment: Enrollment in ScripZone is easy to do right from your own computer.
1. Go to ScripZone.com
2. Click on the NEW USER option
3. Create your own Secure Online Account; after registering
4. Enter our Unique Group ID: 207865MWS
Entering the Unique ID will link your purchases to Merriconeag, every purchase you make will result in benefit to the school.
Payment: Payment for your order can be made online by credit card, ACH (bank withdrawal) or by dropping a check off at the office. By paying through ACH you have the option of having your order delivered directly to your house. If you choose ACH, you will need to click on MyScripPayment Center to set up your account.
Do I have to Enroll to participate? No, you do not have to enroll at ScripZone to participate. If you are interested in purchasing gift cards you can simply go to Scripzone.com and scroll through the Retailer List located on the right side of the screen. Simply make a list of what you want and quantities and email to the business office. Your order will be processed once we receive a check. Alternatively, we can email a list of retailers to you.


Athletic News - Sports Updates

High School Nordic: Our boys and girls Nordic teams did well at the race last Wednesday at Twin Brook. The girls team finished first and the boys finished second (out of six teams). For complete list results click here.

The next high school meet is tomorrow, Wednesday, Jan. 16, Merriconeag High School is scheduled to host Freeport, Fryeburg, Scarborough, Cape, and Falmouth at Pineland, 3:30 for the Boys, 4:15 for the girls. Because of the varying conditions, please be sure to check the blog to confirm the race before heading out.

For the complete race schedule check our blog.


Middle School Nordic: On Thursday, January 10, the middle school nordic team travelled to Gull Crest Field in Cape Elizabeth for the first race of the season. Cape Elizabeth hosted the teams from Merriconeag, Gray-New Gloucester, NYA, and York on this sunny yet very breezy afternoon. The boys raced first in this skate-style race, bringing in a 1-2 finish from Tucker Pierce and Bennett Hight, along with two more spots in the top ten and eight total in the top-twenty.

     The girls, too, had a great race with Sophia Laukli and Olivia Skillings grabbing forth and fifth places, respectively, contributing to the four top-ten finishes and nine top-twenty finishes for the girls. The official team results are not yet available.

     Assuming the snow holds through the week (and hopefully adding a couple of inches tomorrow), the team will face Greely, Waynflete, Cape Elizabeth, Freeport, and NYA at Pineland. Boys race at 3:30, girls at 4:00 - come on out and cheer on the team! John Olson

For a PDF of the race schedule, click here.


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