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From the Development Office

- Grandparents & Friends Day

This Friday, October 19, 2012

This Friday is the day that we welcome an older generation to our school. We are delighted to have already heard from many grandparents and friends who plan to be with us on this special occasion.

Parents are Invited to Grandparents Day Rehearsal Tomorrow, Wednesday, October 17, 8:20 a.m. in the

 Community Hall!

(It will start promptly at 8:20am with the high school students going first): This rehearsal, just 2 days before Grandparents Day, was designed to allow parents to see the Grandparent Program without crowding everyone into the hall like sardines. Parents will find excellent seating in the Community Hall for this rehearsal on Wednesday, and we encourage you to come support the students. On Friday, space is too tight to accommodate our large parent body in addition to all our guests, so please take advantage of this opportunity if you can!

This Friday, October 19, 2012:
Making our guests comfortable: Our overarching goal is to make our grandparents and friends feel well cared for on this day. If your child’s grandparent needs any special accommodations (including having you at their side) please just call so we can plan accordingly. We want to do whatever is needed to make all our guests comfortable.
The schedule: Coffee and pastries will be served from 10:00 to 10:30, followed by a program that includes presentations by the 2nd through 12th grades. At the end of the program at noon the grandparents are invited to visit the classrooms. Grandparents of high school students will be invited to drive over to Pineland to see the classrooms there.
Early Childhood and First Grade families please take note: We have heard from a number of grandparents whose grandchildren are in early childhood or first grade. We are very happy that they are coming, but so that they aren’t disappointed, please remind them that early childhood and first grade students are not a part of the assembly presentations. The grandparents will be invited to visit the first grade and early childhood classrooms at the end of the assembly.
Parent Volunteers: Thank you to all the parents who volunteered for Friday. You should have received your “assignment”.
Don’t worry: Each year there are many students who don’t have a guest in attendance so please don’t be concerned that your child will feel left out if they don’t have a guest.
Assembly Attire: Reminder: for this day students are asked to wear assembly attire, i.e., “best dress.”

Lynne Espy 865-3900 Ext. 116, developmentcoordinator@merriconeag.org


Upcoming Events

International Exchange Program Information Evening: Wednesday, October 17, 7:00 p.m., Community Hall

Parents & Families of Students in Grades 7 - 12 are invited to come to an Information Evening regarding the International Exchange Program offered at Merriconeag High School, Wednesday October 17th at 7pm, in the Community Hall on the Desert Rd campus. This Program offers a fantastic opportunity for a HS student in grade 10 or 11, to spend up to 3 months attending a Waldorf school in Europe and living with a family. All this for the cost of a plane ticket! This invaluable experience has already enriched more than half of our High School population. Come and ask questions, listen to some testimonies, hear the benefits of this unique program. The meeting should last one hour. Looking forward to share a conversation about this exciting opportunity!
Regine Whittlesey, MWHS French Teacher, International Exchange Program Coordinator.



At the Early Childhood level, Tea and Play sessions will be offered from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 11 and Thursday, October 18, and are an easy way for parents and young children to come for an initial visit. At these sessions, parents enjoy tea with an early childhood teacher while their children play nearby.



High School Information Night

Tuesday, October 23, 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.

Community Hall

Freeport Campus, 57 Desert Road

Our annual High School Information Night for parents and prospective students, is coming right up on Tuesday, October 23, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. Held on the Freeport campus in the Community Hall, this year’s presentation will include a panel of Waldorf graduates who will reflect on how their education prepared them to take up college (and life).




Wednesday is Handcraft Day at Merriconeag!
      Every Wednesday up until the Fall Festival (Nov. 3) our handwork teachers will be offering free handcraft classes in our beautiful new Handcraft Building on the main campus. Everyone is welcome - whether you are a novice or a very experienced hand worker (knitting, sewing, felting, crocheting), a new parent or returning parent, this is a wonderful way to connect with other parents, deepen friendships, learn a new skill and get instructions and patterns for a new project. The items you make in this class will be sold at the Fall Festival, so on top of all these other reasons to come, you will feel good about supporting Merriconeag!
Fall Fair Crafts


Wednesday, Oct 17, 8:30-10:00 am Learn a new wool felting technique and needle felt fairy mushrooms with Lisa Edge. 3:00-4:30 pm Wet felting rainbow balls and pin cushions with Sandy Pearson.



Wednesday, Oct 24, 8:30-10:00 am or 3:00- 4:30 pm.

Come embroider with Fabiana in the morning and Sandy Pearson in the afternoon. We will make plant dyed wool felt into beautiful mats and coasters.


     After the embroidery, there will be one more craft workshop for the fair and then the Heavy Baby doll workshop with Julie Pennington will begin. Sandy Pearson's dress up doll workshop begins this Wednesday! If interested, please see information below.

     No little ones in the morning sessions, please, but children in grades 4 and up are most welcome to attend the afternoon sessions with an adult or on their own. Please sign up with Lisa in the grade school office so we can plan our supplies.
      If you have a suggestion for a project or would like to lead a session please contact Sandy or Julie.
We look forward to working and laughing with you as we prepare for the fair.
Handwork Teachers: Sandy Pearson, spearson@merriconeag.org and Julie Pennington, jpennington@merriconeag.org.

Doll Workshops
We are pleased to announce two doll making workshops for the fall season! Come join us if you would like to make a very special doll for holiday giving or just enjoy the experience of creating these beautiful dolls. Made from sheep's wool and cotton knit fabric these dolls reflect the inner softness and warmth of both their maker and their little owner.


Sandy Pearson will host a Waldorf Dress up Doll Workshop

beginning Wed. October 17*, 7:00 - 8:30 pm

and continuing for 9 Wednesday evenings.

This is a 16" soft doll suitable for older kindergarten and grade school children.

The cost of making this doll is $85.00 with all materials and instruction provided. Limited to 10 participants.Contact Sandy with questions or to register at spearson@merriconeag.org

* This is a date change.


Julie Pennington will host a Heavy (millet) Baby Workshop

beginning on Wed. Nov 7, 8:30 - 10:00am

and continuing for 5 Wednesday mornings.

This doll is the 12", 3 lb baby in a bunting and is suitable for a young kindergarten child. The cost of the workshop is $45.00 with all materials and instruction provided. Limited to 10 participants. Contact Julie with questions or to register at jpennington@merriconeag.org

Note: Some donated materials have made it possible for us to offer a few materials scholarships ($15.00)

to help defray the cost of the workshops. Please let us know if this would be help you attend.


Early Childhood Parent Chat Room

Wednesday mornings, 8:45 to 9:30 a.m.

Early Childhood Center, Bluebell Room

Join host Michael Fenderson, French Teacher for EC through Grade 8, and long-time Merriconeag parent, for a chat - share questions, get to know each other, and sip a warm cup of coffee or tea.


Fall Festival and Open House

Fall Festival & Open House

Saturday, November 3, 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

57 Desert Road, Freeport

Merriconeag has hosted this fabulous, free event every year since its inception in 1984. Our festival has a longstanding tradition of offering distinctive Waldorf supplies, unique crafts and activities, creative and fun outdoor games, delightful puppet shows, and a delicious, hearty lunch. As this day is considered one of our school days, we know all of our students will be here, but we urge you to invite your friends and extended family. In addition to being a fundraiser for the entire school and a very fun day, the Fall Festival is also an important outreach event. To make it successful, we need every parent to help out. Please choose from the list below and tell us how you can lend your talents:

1) Help organize an activity:
Co-coordinators still needed for these areas:
• Children’s Outdoor games (1or 2 more organizers, to work with outdoor games masters Adrian Bossi and Drew Tieman).
• Cafe (2 more organizers, to train under our seasoned café organizers Carina Wishman and Melissa Hoy) – soliciting, pricing, setup
• Outdoor Decorations (1) – purchase pumpkins, hay bales, cornstalks.
• Recycling, Compost, Trash (1) – work with Lucy Ahearne and learn so much!
• High School Lunch (2 high school coordinators needed) – chili and soup for all – an easy feat using detailed notes from last year’s successful Steiner’s Diner.
2) Donate items needed for the Festival:
• Come to a Craft Blitz on Wednesday mornings (8:45) and/or Wed. afternoons (3-4:30), in the new Handcraft Building, and donate your homemade item to the Festival.
• Search your closets at home, and donate the following to any office:
o Gently Used Outerwear: sizes toddler through high school – coats, hats, boots, mittens, rain gear, snow suits, cross country running and skiing apparel.
o Quality Used Books: paperback or hardback, in excellent condition, classics to current, that will appeal to our Waldorf community.
o Trinkets for the Pocket Person
o Hay bales or corn stalks for outdoor decorations (let us know so we don’t have to purchase them)
3) Staff an activity on the day of the Festival.
• Signup for a shift on the day of the Festival – signups will be posted in the office and online later this week. All hands are needed!
3) Bake, Bake, Bake!
• All Early Childhood and Grades 1-8 families: The Café needs your homemade baked goods, both savory and sweet. Pies to take home are also great.
• All High School families: you will be asked to help with the lunch fare.

     Please consider how you would like to bring your talents and whatever time you can spare to this fun, fall event. Lynne Espy, on behalf of the entire Fall Festival Committee

Lynne Espy on behalf of the entire Fall Festival Committee, developmentcoordinator@merriconeag.org

Merriconeag’s Inside-Out ReSale needs your contributions for the upcoming fair on November 3rd. Please bring us your gently used outerwear. Every year this clothing sale has been a wonderful and fun success for parents looking for a great deal on excellent quality, gently used winter jackets, rain gear, boots, hats and mittens, as well as undergarments to keep our families extra warm just in time for the cool weather. This year we are thrilled to announce that we are adding a Woolens Table to our sale. We are looking for contributions of quality wool sweaters, scarves, hats, vests and under-woolies made of 50% or greater of wool.

Donated clothing should fit Toddlers to Age 18:
•Long Underwear (wool, polypro, silk, not cotton)
• Fleece pullovers and jackets
• Woolens (sweaters, vests, under-woolies, hats)
• Rain pants and jackets, rain hats
• Snow pants, jackets, snowsuits
• Rain / Mud Boots
• Snow Boots
• Hats, Scarves, Neckers, Mittens, Gloves
• Racing Apparel – racing gloves, hats, neckers, headbands, ear muffs
• Optional – ice skates.

Drop-off bins are located in the EC building, the grade school office, and the high school.

(Please no ski equipment, helmets or recreational equipment).

Any more questions, please contact Joanna Lavan at joannabay1972@gmail.com or 207-833-5841

The Falling Leaves Cafe is in need of your marvelous culinary creations: This year, in order to keep our offerings varied and from listening to your many suggestions last year, we are trying something new! If your last initial is from A-L we'd request that your donation be sweet, M-Z we'd love something savory. Of course this is up to you and we are most thankful for whatever you can offer to this enterprise! Please send your intentions to Carina at epicurious.crow@gmail.com. Thank you so much not just for this year but all the years our families have come out in support of the Cafe!

Squirrel’s Attic is looking for donations of tiny, beautiful objects, hand-made or foraged, to sell at this year's Fall Festival. In years past parents have made soap, mussell shell candles, natural play dough, fairy wands, magnets, felted objects, tiny paper note books, and foraged eucalyptus pods and walnuts painted gold. We’re also looking for donations of scraps of wool yarn, roving and vintage fabric, buttons, shells, sea glass, and beautiful tiny beads, plus donation of two boxes of half pint jars with lids (if used, please provide new lids and remove any labels from jars). If interested in donating materials or objects (approximately a dozen - two dozen per object), please contact Vanessa at  vanessalfarr@gmail.com .

We are, once again, looking for donations of used books to sell at the Fall Festival. Any books in good condition are welcome. Books of particular interest to the Waldorf community would be greatly appreciated. Book donations can be left at any school office - EC, Grades or High School. If you would like to help with sorting, pricing, or set-up for the book sale, please contact Heather Aguiar (865-0330, heatheraguiar@gmail.com) or Caroline Norden (847-3347, cnorden@maine.rr.com)


New Faces Around the Campus

Ellen McCann Labbe, Life Sciences in the high school
We are pleased to welcome Ellen McCann Labbe to Merriconeag. Ellen holds a B.Sc.in Environmental Sciences from the University of Guelph and she is currently a candidate for a Masters in Biological Sciences from the University of Southern Maine. She has worked as a naturalist and experiential educator at conservation organizations and research institutions throughout New England. Ellen has conducted field research in climatology, coastal wetland ecology, and fisheries biology, most recently completing her thesis on the population genetics of alewife in Maine. She loves being outdoors in all seasons for recreation, reflection, and exploration.

Interview with Ms. Labbe conducted by Sophia Ichizawa '16 and Lily Tupper '14, 10/12/12

Why did you chose to teach at a Waldorf school?
-I wanted to teach where human beings could be whole human beings and students would be excited and able to meet challenges.

What is your favorite part of teaching?
-Knowing that every student sees the world in a different way and I get to hear about their view. also, when students see something old in a new way.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?
-Someone who made nature films like Jacques Cousteau. Or maybe Captain Nemo.

When did you know that you wanted to teach math/science?
-I knew that I wanted to teach biology and ecology after volunteering at the Seacoast science center.

What activities did you do in high school?
-Varsity soccer, Drama, One Act Play Festival, student government, peer mentoring.

Coffee or tea?


News From the High School

High School Harvest Picnic/ Parent Connections News
      Patty Carton and John Newlin hosted a fun-filled day at their home in Brunswick on Sunday, October 7. Despite threatening clouds, The Fall Harvest Picnic was a great success. Nowell’s dad, Brooks, manned the cider press and churned out several gallons of cider, which went nicely with the home made doughnuts delivered warm from the kitchen. Everyone enjoyed making their own caramel apples as they watched the very popular cakewalk event. There were lots of relays and games to play, before settling down to yummy picnic dinners.

     After dinner the whole party took to the woods for a candlelit night walk that ended up in a blazing bonfire in the woods. We entertained each other with songs and stories and were all duly impressed with Lincoln’s recitation of Roald Dahl’s version of Jack and the Beanstalk.

     Thanks to everyone who came and played and laughed and sang and told stories. I am sure we are all looking forward to the next opportunity to “connect.” 

Martha Carton



Merriconeag Invited Backstage during Cirque du Soleil's Portland Visit

     On Tuesday, 10/9, the 6th & 7th Grade joined a handful of circus VIP's for a backstage

tour of Cirque du Soleil's Saltimbanco production at the Civic Center in Portland. We were treated to an exclusive view of training on the Russian Swing, Chinese Pole and Bungee acts as well as to a visit to costuming and the world behind-the-scenes of the world's most famous performing arts company.

     Saltimbanco comes from the Italian "saltare in banco" which means to "jump on a bench" and is a reference to the tradition of the street performers at the heart of this production. Guy Laliberte, the Guide and Founder of Cirque du Soleil, says that "Saltimbanco represents the challenge we have in today's world: respecting each other, living and working together, despite our differences. We have to believe in a better future, and believe we can play a role in it."

     We were delighted to have played a role in Cirque du Soleil's historic visit to Maine and thank them for granting us the keys to the kingdom for an afternoon. Trace Salter


Athletic News - Sports Updates

High School Cross Country

Last Friday, October 12, Merriconeag traveled to St. Joseph's College in Standish for the Western Maine Conference Championships. For results, please click on the results tab on the blog (link below).

Upcoming Race: This Saturday, October 20 is the Regional Meet at Twin Brook in Cumberland. Please come out and cheer for us. It means a lot to the runners! For meet details, please click here.           

Full results, schedules and more information can be found on our Cross Country Blog.


Middle School Cross Country

     On Thursday, October 11, we joined Freeport, NYA, St. Dom's, Raymond, Poland, and Waynflete at a meet hosted by Durham Community School. A somewhat short-handed boys team of only six runners landed their fifth straight win by a single point (43-44) after taking first and second place individually and all six scoring in the top twenty-five overall in a field of seventy-one. Our girls had a great showing as well, barely missing the win by a margin of only four points (44-48) against some very fast competition. They nabbed five of the top twenty spots in their race.

     We have seen great improvement in all our runners over the last several weeks and hope to carry that momentum forward into the CCC Invitational at Twinbrook this Thursday. The invitational is comprised of three races and starts a bit earlier than normal. Please note that the first two races of the day are limited to only seven runners from each school. The boys run at 3:00 and the girls at 3:30. There is a coed fun run for everyone at 4:00.

     Next Monday, October 22, we complete our season with a trip to The Friends School on Mackworth Island where we will run against Greely, Southern Maine Catholic, Memorial, Mahoney, and Westbrook. The boys race at 4:00, the girls at 4:30. Note to anyone planning to attend: Please park in the Governor Baxter School for the Deaf lot or the Friends School lot where there should be ample parking. Please DO NOT park in the State Park lot as you arrive on the island.

     Looking forward to seeing any of you that can make it to these events as we wrap up a great season!

Assistant Coach, John Olson

Click here for race schedule.



School Community Updates


Parent Teacher Conferences: Parent Teacher conferences are scheduled for Thursday October, 25th and Friday, October 26th. School is cancelled on these days. High school parents will receive conference sign-up information. EC parents will find sign-up schedules outside EC classroom doors. G1 through 8 parents, please follow the links below to sign-up for a conference this year.

Pick a time instructions

Pick a time online scheduler

2012-2013 MWS Parent Handbook and Community Directories have been sent home . If you have not received your family copy, please let Lisa Mainella or Susan Sonntag know or come to any school office for one. Due to a formatting error, Chandler Waldron and Dylan Wu were omitted from this year's 8th grade class list. Please know that they are highly valued class members and hand write them in on your personal copy! Lisa Mainella

Get Your Grocery Cards Here at Merriconeag:

How does this program work?
With every gift card order, Merriconeag receives 5% of the order amount. You will receive the full amount of your order on your card; the donation comes from Hannaford.

What do I do to get a Grocery Card?

Step 1: Simply bring your payment to Lisa Mainella and tell us that you would like to order a grocery card. Cards can be purchased in increments of $50 up to $500. (Please note on your check that you are purchasing a Grocery Card and if it is New or a Reload)
Step 2. When check is received (and we have $1,000 of orders) we will send them all in to Hannaford.
Step 3. The first card takes about 5 days to arrive because of the initial processing.
Step 4. You receive your card and can go shopping; you will be notified via email when your card can be picked up.

Once you have a card, the process is quicker. You tell us by sending in the check that you wish to “re-load” your card and the specific additional amount you wish to put on the card. Please note that there is a maximum of $500 per card. When we have a total of $1,000, we will contact Hannaford and the cards are usually re-loaded in 24 hours or less. If you include your email address with your order we will send out an email when the re-loading has been completed. You can also check your balance through the Hannaford web site.

What day will the cards be ordered?
Hannaford cards will be ordered on Thursday mornings; orders should be in the office by 9am to be processed on that day. Any orders received after 9am will be processed the following week. All orders are subject to the $1,000 minimum amount. If the minimum is not reached any given week, then we will process the order the following week.

Can anyone participate?
YES! Parents, faculty, grandparents, alumni, alumni parents, board members and friends within the community can participate. Hannaford operates more than 180 stores in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York and Vermont and cards may be used at any of these locations, and can even be used at Freeport’s own BOW STREET MARKET!

What happens if I lose my card?
Please be careful with your card because it is just like cash. However, if you do lose your card, we can contact Hannaford and cancel the card. Barbara Guffin

Willow Pond Farm Apples are Back: Starting this Friday, September 28, apples will be delivered to Merriconeag's Early Childhood Center on Fridays before 11:30am. Orders must be placed with Willow Pond Farm (willowpf@aol.com) by Thursday at noon. Please leave payment in envelope in Early Childhood Office PRIOR to delivery.
McIntosh and Cortland Fancy: peck $11, half bushel $18
McIntosh Utility: half bushel $10.50, bushel $18
Cider- no preservatives, not pasteurized - Gallon $5.95, half gallon $3.75
Northern Spy apples available in October.
Jill Agnew, Willow Pond Farm, 395 Middle Road, Sabattus, Maine 04280, 207-375-6662



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