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Upcoming Events

La Mancha Live!
      The Class of 2012 warmly invites the entire school community to attend performances of the musical Man of La Mancha tonight, Thursday and Friday. The timeless story of Cervantes' visionary knight Don Quixote, his faithful servant Sancho and Quixote's idealized vision of womanhood—Aldonza—will come to life in the Community Hall at 7 p.m. Tonight you can attend the open dress rehearsal free of charge. Students fifth grade and up will see the play tomorrow morning at 10:30. The Thursday and Friday evening performances will also begin at 7 p.m. Admission will be $5 at the door.
      The original Broadway show, by Dale Wasserman with music by Mitch Leigh and lyrics by Joe Darion, opened in 1965. The film, starring Peter O'Toole and Sophia Loren, first aired in 1972. David Sloan


Senior Class Play: Man of La Mancha:

Tonight: Open Dress Rehearsal, Tuesday, May 29, 7:00 p.m.

Thursday, May 31, 7:00 p.m.

Friday, June 1, 7:00 p.m.

$5.00 at the door



End of Year Assembly

Friday, June 8, 9:30 AM, Community Hall

All Welcome. (11:00 AM dismissal )



Grade 12 Graduation

Saturday, June 9, 2:00 PM, Community Hall

The school community is invited to attend Merriconeag's third high school graduation. The Commencement Exercises will begin at 2 p.m. A reception will follow the ceremony.




From the Development Office



2011-12 Annual Appeal Update:

Great News! With excellent participation rates among board, faculty and the parent body, we exceeded our annual appeal goal of $65,000. The total amount raised to date is $75,828. This is a terrific accomplishment, and it is a tribute to the generosity, positive attitude, and commitment of this wonderful school community.

     In addition, the 3rd grade class (Suzie Peirson’s class) should be congratulated for being the first class to achieve 100% participation. At last month’s parent evening, they received two homemade decadent chocolate desserts as a thank you. Most of the classes are extremely close to 100% participation (with just 1-3 families per class who haven’t contributed), and hopefully every class will achieve 100% by the June 15 deadline.

     If you haven’t yet participated, let me explain that high participation rates towards an annual appeal are one of the clearest demonstrations of our families’ commitment to Waldorf education and Merriconeag. We use this participation number when we seek outside funding. I want to also reinforce that every dollar we raise over the $65,000 goal helps us handle last minute budget needs. It allows the board and faculty to appropriate last-minute funding where it can best serve the children and our families.

     This is my last plea: If you haven’t done so, please consider making a tax-deductible gift of ANY size to Merriconeag’s Annual Appeal today. Gifts are payable by June 15, 2012 and can be paid in any of these ways: check, cash, gifts of securities or easiest of all, click on the icon above to pay online using PayPal.

     With much gratitude, and congratulations to all of you who helped us reach the annual appeal goals! Lynne Espy, Development Coordinator (developmentcoordinator@merriconeag.org), 865-3900 Ext. 116


News From the High School

Model UN Conference at High Mowing: On steamy Saturday, May 26, three intrepid delegates journeyed to Wilton NH to attend High Mowing School's annual Model United Nations conference. Devon Murphy-Anderson represented Turkey while Zach Neveu and Lily Tupper represented Jordan as the mock Security Council debated the path to peace in Syria and the weaponization of nuclear power. Our delegates were joined by about 40 others from High Mowing School, Monadnock Waldorf High School and the ever-strong Alvirne High School of Hudson NH. Debate was lively and at times tense, the food was delicious and all of the delegates had a great time. To learn more about Merriconeag's own Model UN program, please visit https://sites.google.com/site/mwsmun/ Ben Tupper





2012 National French Contest:
      This Spring, the students in Merriconeag Waldorf High School French classes in grades 10, 11 and 12, participated in the National French Contest of the American Association of Teachers of French (AATF).
MWHS is very happy to announce six official National Finalists among all 26 participants!
In grade 10: Lily Tupper ranked 7th in the Maine Chapter and 15th in national rankings.
Carlin Tindall and Joseph Newling both ranked 9th in the Maine chapter and 17th in national rankings.
In Grade 11: Skyler Samuelson and Nowell Stoddard respectively ranked 3rd and 10th in the Maine chapter and 11th and 17th in the national rankings.
In Grade 12: Cyrus Fenderson ranked number 1 in Maine and 7th in the national rankings!

A few other students distinguished themselves and ranked very well, both in Maine and nationally :
Grade 10 : Sophia Simmons, John Burgess and Andrew Hastings
Grade 11 : Phoebe Clewley, Devon Murphy-Anderson and Emelie Chace-Donahue
Grade 12 : Wyatt McCurdy, Liza Simmons and Haydee Jacobs.
      The French language is alive and well at MWHS! Thanks to M. Fenderson who gave these students an early love for the language.

Outstanding Senior in French Award
The American Association of Teachers of French (AATF) is pleased to announce that Cyrus Fenderson has received a 2012 AATF Outstanding Senior in French Award. This award is made annually to a graduating senior who has demonstrated excellence in the study of French as well as exceptional commitment to the French language and the many cultures where it is spoken.
      Last year as a junior, Cyrus received the FLAME Lauriana Boucher scholarship. All through his high school years, Cyrus has demonstrated a high level of proficiency in comprehension, speaking, reading and writing in French as well as a strong interest in the French culture, Literature and History.
      Cyrus has chosen Clark University in Worcester, Mass, over the Université de Paris in Paris, France, but I am sure he will continue to carry his love of the French language and culture in his higher education and his future life.


This MWHS French teacher is proud of her students achievements! Bravo et Merci à tous mes élèves!

Régine Whittlesey



A prize well appreciated!
      Three months ago, the 11th Grade French class of Merriconeag Waldorf High School participated to a FLAME contest (Foreign Language Association of Maine). They created a video from the poem “I will not speak French on the School Grounds” by Jean Arceneaux. Here is the link for the video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JP2vAkKXC:\Users\Lucie\Desktop\536263_3980759875296_1169655232_3693640_147813343_n.jpgQmE

     The 11th Grade class won the 1st price in the state of Maine and received a beautiful award document as well as small check. The students decided to share their prize money at the French Crêperie in Portland, the Merry Table. So that’s where we all went last Thursday.

      A French guest joined us at the table because my mom is visiting Maine for 10 days, from Bayonne, France. She was impressed to see the engagement from the students and their ability to speak French .
      We had a wonderful time all together; we even sang some French songs for the restaurant guests! But most of all, the crêpes were delicious!!! Miam!
Lucie James, French Intern at MWHS


Three Forums—Three Artists!
Rivera Sun Cook: The High School ended its Forum series for the school year with a Spring flurry of artistic Forums! On May 8th, our Sage room transformed into a theater thanks to Rivera Sun Cook, who brought to life a young African-American girl who grew up in the 1890’s in a town called Lovely, Kansas. Spunky and endearing, 14-year-old Lala danced, sang, and interacted with other "residents" of Lovely, (all played by Rivera), as her indomitable spirit and visionary heart dramatized the love that unites us all.
      Rivera Sun Cook, Artistic Director, playwright and performer of the Rising Sun Dance & Theater, captured our imagination in her one-woman show; her acting crossed age, color and gender lines. In seconds, and with barely a turn of the voice or change of posture, Rivera went from to feisty Lala to portraying a frail, wise 90-year-old woman, to an awkward 14-year-old boy strutting his stuff. The whole high school and our eighth grade were riveted by Rivera’s performance.
      Rivera, who grew up in Maine, came to us from Santa Cruz, California; she is presently touring Maine presenting the “Freedom Stories of Lala,” 3 plays, 1 actress for 30 characters, with her Rising Sun Dance & Theater production. If you can, go applaud this extraordinary young artist on Portland Lucid Stage May 30-June 3. You will fall in love with Lala! Hurry before Lala goes back to California! Régine Whittlesey


wethli Mark Wethli: On Thursday, May 17th the visual artist Mark Wethli came to Merriconeag to discuss his work with the high school. The A. LeRoy Greason Professor of Art at Bowdoin College in nearby Brunswick, Mark showed the students a forty-year span of his exciting and diverse work.
      A simple drawing of an engine drawn by him at age fifteen was one of the first images he showed, to illustrate to everyone that he was about as “talented” an artist as they are at an early age. What happened next was a combination of hard work, keen observation and a will of mastery. Wethli’s early oil paintings were made in stunning photorealistic style, inspired by master painters of light like Vermeer and Bonnard. They are serene images of empty interior spaces, well composed, inviting the viewer into them. He explained to the students how he came to these compositions and the number of times he would alter the painting. He said “You must be willing to change, “ when it comes to painting. In time, Wethli’s work progressed into more modernist images, large-scale blocky color grids echoing artist like Mondrian and Rothko. He pointed out that despite the visual difference between his early and later work, the common thread is a constant investigation into the interplay of color, light, and geometry. His most current works are zen-like abstractions, two brightly painted lines thoughtfully placed across old barn boards, honoring their beautiful patina of age.
      From public murals in hospitals, schools and museums, to sculptural 3D installations, (he made life-size model airplane out of wood!), Mark Wethli challenges the notion of artists being placed into a category of style or type. He said “our modern time freezes us,” therefore his life’s work continues to address the issue of transitions and thresholds. The students and faculty alike left inspired, ready for change and a little more sharpened in ways at looking at the visual world. Johanna Flath

Peter Behrens Peter Behrens: It's not every day that an internationally known, best-selling novelist visits Merriconeag Waldorf High School, but that's exactly what happened on last Thursday. Canadian-born, now splitting his year between Brooklin, Maine and Marfa, Texas, Peter Behrens achieved widespread fame in 2006 with his acclaimed debut novel The Law of Dreams, about a young boy's adventures during the Irish potato famine of the 1840's. Behrens explained to the students that while the book is fictional, much of his own family's history inspired the story. In his most recent book, The O'Briens, Behrens revealed that the central character is largely based on his grandfather. However, he was quick to add that the book is a novel, not a memoir, despite the "resemblance" characters might have to certain relatives.
      Behrens read excerpts from both of his books, then fielded numerous questions from spellbound students. One point students found fascinating was that Behrens' original manuscript for The Law of Dreams was rejected by over 20 publishers before it was accepted. Behrens said that in those three years, he never doubted that the book would find a home. He also stressed that choosing a point of view from which to write a story is perhaps the most important decision an author can make. For The Law of Dreams, Behrens chose to write exclusively from a teenage boys' perspective, while The O'Briens is related from multiple points of view.
      Behrens is a Waldorf parent at the Bay School in Blue Hill, Maine, and is also married to Rose Mary Burwell's stepdaughter Basha. David Sloan



School Community Updates


The 2012-2013 Merriconeag Waldorf School, School-Wide Event, Conferences and Vacation Calendar can be viewed and downloaded by clicking here: 2012/13 Vacation Calendar.


The Geraniums are in! If you ordered geraniums from the 7th grade class, they are available for pick up in front of the Grades 5 - 8 building.



Are you missing snow pants, water bottles, cashmere hats, fleeces, shoes, water boots, pants, shirts, jean jackets, gloves, etc? If so, please check behind the Community Hall and claim your items. Freeport Clothing Tree will receive whatever is not removed by the end of next week. Lisa

Position Openings:

Substitute office coverage: Responsibilities will include: answer phones, assist visitors, general office work. Summer substitution could lead to office substitution during the school year, to cover times of illness, meetings, etc. If you would like to add your name to the substitute pool, please contact either Lisa (officemanager@merriconeag.org) or Susan (highschool@merriconeag.org).

Merriconeag Bookkeeper Position: Merriconeag Waldorf School in Freeport, Maine, is looking for an experienced and self-motivated bookkeeper. The ideal candidate will be responsible for all Accounting functions including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, AR Collections, Reconciliations, and Financial Statement preparation. This position works closely with our Finance Director to prepare budgets and financial forecasts for the school. Our Bookkeeper position is a year-round part-time position with 20 – 25 hours per week. For more information, please click here.

Foundation Studies: Parental, Professional and Personal Development: About nine years ago, a group of Merriconeag parents decided we wanted to learn more about Waldorf education. We came together in 2003 to begin a Foundation Studies Course. While most of us took the class for one reason (personal, parental or professional development), we all found that the impact of our Foundation Studies rippled through every aspect of our lives. Our teachers inspired, provoked and nurtured us. Our fellow students witnessed, challenged and comforted us. Our two-year course with the masters of Waldorf education was a life-changing experience that fit in so easily to the rest of a busy schedule. We developed deeper connections to our children's education and to each other. I highly recommend this course for anyone looking for an enlightening, lively and restorative educational opportunity. Trace Salter

Foundation Studies Program at Merrriconeag September 2012:  We are planning to have another Foundation Studies Program at Merriconeag next fall. It is a lively community building course for interested parents, teachers and prospective Waldorf teachers. An information session will be held next Monday, June 4, 9:00 - 9:45 am in the Handwork Building on the grade school campus (the new red building.) Please let Barbara Richardson know if you are interested: brichardson@centerforanthroposophy.org or 865-6482.

Merriconeag Summer Camps for 2012 - Sign up now!

This summer we will be offering two summer camps during the week of June 25 - 29, 9:00 a.m. - noon. If there is enough interest, we will consider offering an afternoon program like we did last year.

For more information and to register, please click on the name of the camp:     Circus Arts Camp         Buttercup Summer Garden Camp



Athletic News

High School Ultimate Frisbee:

    Congratulations to the High School Ultimate Frisbee Team for their intense play at the State Championships in Fryeburg on Saturday, May 26th and for being awarded the league's SPIRIT AWARD for the third time in our short history. Thanks for a wonderful season, MU!



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