Tuesday News - November 15, 2011

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Upcoming Events:

Fiddle By Ear, A Free Weekly Fiddle Workshop with Jack Pierce

Begins today, November 15, 3:15 - 4:15

7th Grade Classroom, Desert Road Campus

Jack Pierce, a junior in the Merriconeag High School who loves to play fiddle tunes has

offered an opportunity to all sixth, seventh, and eighth grader fiddlers to join him on Tuesday afternoons, in the seventh grade classroom, from 3:15 to 4:15 beginning on November 15th and continuing up to Winter Break. He will be teaching Irish, Celtic, and Bluegrass fiddle tunes without music or "by ear." Each week they will learn a new tune and practice some tried and true favorites.

High School International Exchange Program Evening

Tonight, November 15, 6:30 p.m.

8th Grade Classroom, Desert Road Campus

Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about our International Exchange Program. We are looking forward to a conversation with all interested parents and students (grades 6-11) about this very unique program offered at Merriconeag Waldorf High School. Please bring your questions and concerns.
Regine Whittlesey, High School French teacher and International Exchange Program Coordinator.

Crafty Afternoons with Sandy Pearson


Mittens by Christmas

November 16, 30 and December 14

Last chance for knitted mittens! Join me on Wednesday afternoons, 3:30 – 5:00 p.m. in the Community Hall. Make a pair of mittens for yourself or as a holiday gift. Yarn and needles included. For grades four through adult. $20.00 Still room for 4 more! Please, sign up with Lisa in the grade school office so I can be sure to have enough supplies. See you there! Sandy Pearson
Watch for future Wednesday afternoon crafts in the NEW HANDWORK ROOM after the holidays!

Parent Enrichment Coffee


This Thursday, November 17, 9:00 a.m.

Farmhouse Conference Room

The topic for our first parent enrichment coffee of the year is Tutoring or Therapy: Student Support in a Healing Environment. David Beringer, Barbara Richardson, and other educational therapists will lead a conversation about how we work therapeutically with students to ensure life-long success.

From the Admissions Office

Coming up right after the Thanksgiving break – great opportunities for parents to learn more about Waldorf education:

Tour Grades 1 – 8
Wednesday, November 30, 8:15 – 10:30 a.m.

Early Childhood Information Session
Wednesday, November 30, 2:00 – 3:00 p.m.

Observe High School Classes
Thursday, December 1, 8:30 – 11:00 a.m.

To register, please call Lyn Baird , 207-865-3900 Ext 103. Tell your friends!


From the Development Office

Annual Appeal Mailing – incentives attached:
      This month you will receive a letter by mail explaining our Annual Appeal and how you can help with its success. If the concept “Annual Appeal” is foreign to you, then it is imperative that you carefully read the letter and call me if you still have questions. I will be posting regular updates in the Tuesday News and following up with each family in person, in the hopes that together we can meet our Annual Appeal goal of raising $65,000 by the end of June. If you remember nothing else about the annual appeal, remember this: Every Gift Counts, and we want to reach our goal of 100% participation by all board members, faculty and parents. Incentives (aka chocolate desserts) will be used.

     Remittance envelopes will be included in your letter, and are available in the offices. There are 3 ways to make a gift to the Annual Fund:
1. Submit a check in the remittance envelope, and mail or bring it to the main office
2. Easy online giving, using PayPal or credit card, through our website: www.merriconeag.org
3. Make a gift of securities – call Shannon Combar, finance director for instructions

Read more.


School Community Updates


It's the Last Week to Purchase Wreaths and Candles from the 8th Grade!

Mrs. Rackmales's 8th Grade is selling beautiful balsam wreaths and 100% beeswax taper candles. Candles will be available for pick up in the grade school office. Wreaths will be available for delivery early in December. To order:
- Complete an order form found in any of the three school offices.
- Complete the order form below and drop off at any of the three school offices.

Link to Wreath and Candle Order Form.
Be sure to include payment with your order. Orders will be taken until Friday, November 18th. All proceeds benefit the Eighth Grade class trip. We appreciate your support!

Calling all 6th,7th and 8th graders: Who wants to play some Friday afternoon basketball? We have the opportunity to share the court at Pineland with the high school once a week to play some basketball starting after Thanksgiving. Your response will help us determine how we use this time - instructional, open gym, scrimmages, and possible scrimmages with other middle schools. We also need someone to coach. We have some helpers to organize and assist the coach but we do need someone to be The Coach. If you are interested in your child playing or you would like to be the coach, please respond by 11/23, so we can determine if we have enough interest to pursue this. There will be a small fee to help defray the rental of the gym. I can be reached for questions at 754-5777 or boston97@roadrunner.com. Barbara Kappelmann


Snow Days and Unexpected School Closures: Despite today’s balmy temperatures, we are well into the season where snow is possible, and inching towards the season where is it likely, and for many, wanted in very large amounts! The inside cover of your school directory details our snow and unexpected closing policy. Click here to review it.

We have had a few cases of lice in the Early Childhood Center and the lower grades. The children have been treated and the classes and siblings have had head checks. Please check your children daily for any sign of lice. Information about lice can be found in the office. If you have questions, please feel free to call me, 207-754-5777. Barbara Kappelmann, RN

Have you LOST Anything? We’ve sure FOUND a lot! All Lost and Found items (lunch boxes, sweatshirts, hats, and more!) from grades 1-8 are on display outside the Community Hall. Please come and claim what is yours. Items not claimed by Thursday will be donated to the Freeport Clothing Tree. Thank you!

Community-made crafts and Waldorf supplies are on sale in the grade school office! Items include: Beeswax sheets, knitting needle kits, cotton crochet yarn and kits, tin boxes of both block and stick crayons, beeswax tapers and votives, decorating wax and beeswax pillars for decorating (These make beautiful holiday gifts!), wooden mushrooms (with or without wool tops), handmade “cupcake” pincushions, modeling beeswax in many colors, plant-dyed wool felt, fountain pens and cartridges, hand knit cotton baby hats, kite paper for star making, the Dragon Boy Trilogy and many other books, ski ties (to keep Nordic skis together), yarn, sewing notions and more!! If you missed out on Advent Calendars, there will be 7 more small (6” x 8”) calendars for sale at the end/before Thanksgiving. Lisa Mainella

Athletic News - Sports Updates

High School Cross Country

Congratulations to Jack Pierce and the Girls Team who traveled down to Rhode Island to run in the New England Championship Race. From all accounts, it was a great experience for our runners to race at a higher level of competition. For a more detailed account see the team's blog at mwsxcrunningteam.blogspot.com

The fall sports season is officially over. Congratulations to all of our runners and sailors for a great season!


Read (Listen to or Watch) This

All Work and No Play: Why Your Kids Are More Anxious, Depressed
By Esther Entin, M.D., The Atlantic, Oct 12 2011

Is This the Future of Punctuation!?
On the misuse of apostrophe's (did your eye just twitch?) and our increasingly rhetorical language.
By Henry Hitchings, The Wall Street Journal, October 22, 2011

‘Science and Maths, best practices in creative teaching – phenomenological and symptomological methodology for better results’. University of Vienna, September 2011: ...Professor Maximillian Moser, a leading expert in chronobiology and chronomedicine from Austria's medical university in Graz spoke at length about rhythm and education. A number of rhythms are active in maintaining the health of the human body. Annual, monthly, weekly, daily and even micro rhythms pulse throughout our organisms, they are present even in the artificial confines of the cave and in an environment where the measurement of months and years becomes impossible. The baby ‘understands’ rhythm from fifteen weeks onwards and it is a contributor to health and longevity, there are no chaotic (arrhythmic) hundred-year-old! A compensation pay-out to former shift workers, amongst whom the incidence of cancer was 70% above the norm, recently demonstrated that we neglect rhythm at considerable risk. In the interests of reducing such risk, and mindful that different activities affect the quality of sleep and therefore the tendency to suffer industrial accidents or lose days to sickness, an Austrian insurance company had commissioned Professor Moser to research the impact of relaxation techniques on construction workers. Yoga, meditation, choral singing, and eurythmy were amongst the activities monitored. The full impact of six weeks of such occupational therapy, twice a week for forty minutes, was made abundantly clear. Most striking was the impact of eurythmy: sick leave decreased by 49%, accidents during the trial period were 25% down and 27% for six weeks afterwards. The group who trialled eurythmy were the most relaxed during sleep and the rate at which the brick- layers progressed their work was noticeably quicker! Based on these figures the insurance companies could save 100 million Euros annually by requiring policy holders to provide eurythmy for their employees! Submitted by Barbara Richardson



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