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From the Development Office


- Grandparents & Friends Day

This Friday, October 21, 2011


This Friday is the day that we welcome an older generation to our school. We are delighted to have already heard from many grandparents and friends who plan to be with us on this special occasion.


Parents – are invited to Grandparents Day Rehearsal tomorrow, Wednesday, Oct. 19, 8:20 a.m. in the Community Hall: (It will start promptly at with the high school students going first.) This rehearsal, just 2 days before Grandparents Day, was designed to allow parents to see the Grandparent Program without crowding everyone into the hall like sardines. Parents will find excellent seating in the Community Hall for this rehearsal on Wednesday, and we encourage you to come support the students. On Friday, space is too tight to accommodate our large parent body in addition to all our guests, so please take advantage of this opportunity if you can!
Making our guests comfortable: Our overarching goal is to make our grandparents and friends feel well cared for on this day. If your child’s grandparent needs any special accommodations (including having you at their side) please just call so we can plan accordingly. We want to do whatever is needed to make all our guests comfortable.
The schedule: Coffee and pastries will be served from 10:00 to 10:30, followed by a program that includes presentations by the 2nd through 12th grades. At the end of the program at noon the grandparents are invited to visit the classrooms. This year we will also be offering a peek into the new Handcraft Building. Grandparents of high school students will be invited to drive over to Pineland to see the classrooms there.
Early Childhood and First Grade families please take note: We have heard from a number of grandparents whose grandchildren are in early childhood or first grade. We are very happy that they are coming, but so that they aren’t disappointed, please remind them that early childhood and first grade students are not a part of the assembly presentations. The grandparents will be invited to visit the first grade and early childhood classrooms at the end of the assembly.
Parent Volunteers: Thank you to all the parents who volunteered for Friday. We could use two parking lot helpers – to help with parking, to assist any guest who need san extra hand from their car into the hall, or provide umbrella escort service should it be raining.
Don’t worry: Each year there are many students who don’t have a guest in attendance so please don’t be concerned that your child will feel left out if they don’t have a guest.
Assembly Attire: Reminder: for this day students are asked to wear assembly attire, i.e., “best dress.”

Lynne Espy 865-3900 Ext. 116, developmentcoordinator@merriconeag.org


Fall Festival & Open House 2011


November 5, 2011, 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

     The Fall Festival is a terrific outreach event, attracting more than 500 people to our campus, as well as a very fun day for Merriconeag families. This year we have many new features (see last week’s Tuesday News) and we need everyone to help in whatever ways you can, in order to make it successful.

Here are the ways we hope you can help make this a wonderful day:
1) Help organize or staff an activity: Link to staffing sign ups
Pocket Person – Katie West
Squirrels Attic – Aly Fullagar
Children’s Craft Activities –   
      EC – 2nd grade: Victoria Stefanakos and Melisa Walker     
Children’s Outdoor games:_________________
Café and Country Store – Carina Wishman-Freedner and Melissa Hoy
Tried and True: Gently Used Goods:     
Books – Heather Aguiar      
      Outerwear – Greta Parsons, Rosita Moore, and Joanna Lavan     
      Crafts and Toys – Caroline Norden and ___________
Signage and Outdoor Decorations: Lisa Bossi
Food: it’s all outside this year, under a big tent!     
      German Sausage: Oliver Kinzer and some german students     
      French Crepes: Regine Whittlesey and Michael Fenderson     
      Hot Chili: High School parents, students and Faculty
2) Donate items needed for the Festival:
- Come to a Craft Blitz and donate your homemade item to the Festival.
- Search your cabinets and closets at home, and bring the following to any office:
      Gently Used Outerwear: sizes toddler through high school – coats, hats, boots, mittens, rain gear, snow suits, cross country running and skiing apparel.    
      Quality Used Books: paperback or hardback, in excellent condition, classics to current, that will appeal to our Waldorf community.   
      Handmade crafts and toys: handmade toys and crafts, either that were purchased at a previous fair, bought abroad or at home, or made in your own home. 
      Trinkets for the Pocket Person (see description in the News)
      Hay bales or corn stalks for outdoor decorations

3)   Bake, Bake, Bake! 
The Café and Country Store needs your homemade baked goods, both savory and sweet.

Please consider how you would like to bring your talents and whatever time you can spare to this fun, fall event. Christine Sloan, Lynne Espy, Lisa Mainella on behalf of the entire Fall Festival Committee

Fall Festival Updates:

Staffing for the Fall Festival: Please take a look at the Fall Festival volunteer staffing link below and sign up to work a shift or two of your choice. You may sign up to work anywhere that interests you! It would be so wonderful if this could fill up as quickly as the online conference sign-ups. Thank you for your help! Any questions, contact Lisa Mainella. Link to staffing sign ups

Fall Festival Outerwear Sale: We are seeking donations of gently used outerwear – coats, hats, boots, mittens, rain gear, snow suits, cross country running and skiing apparel. The sale is intended to fit toddlers through young adults (ages 2 – 18). The more high quality items donated, the better the selection at the sale. Everyone benefits! Recycling within our community makes sense and saves you money. This sale benefits everyone, and helps raise money for our wonderful cross-country ski programs. Donations can be dropped off at any of our school offices or look for the donation bins outside of the Community Hall. We still need a few volunteers to help with sorting the day before the sale, and selling during the sale. Outerwear Sale volunteers get first dibs, so email Greta Parsons, gwhumps@yahoo.com or call 798-0289.

Fall Festival Crafts & Toys: I love the idea of passing along our treasured handmade toys and crafts at the fall fair. I am bringing several lovely knitted animals, handmade antique doll clothes, an Indian rug, wooden toys, placemats woven by a friend, embroidered children’s dresses from Mexico, a batik print from Thailand, handmade pottery and much more. Please search through your attics and bring along those treasures that you would like to be used and loved. Good quality craft supplies such as wool and fabric are also welcome. Please drop things off neatly packed in boxes with suggested prices as needed. I am looking for someone to help with pricing and set up. Caroline Norden, cnorden@maine.rr.com or call 847-3347.

Books Wanted for Fall Festival Fundraiser: This year, in addition to gently used outerwear, we are looking for donations of gently used books to sell at the Fall Festival. Any books in good condition are welcome. Books of particular interest to the Waldorf community would be greatly appreciated. Book donations can be left at any school office - EC, Grades or High School.
Book Lovers Wanted: If you would like to help with sorting, pricing, or set-up for the book sale, please contact Heather Aguiar at 865-0330 or heatheraguiar@gmail.com


MWS Fall Festival Craft Blitz: Flower Fairies

Wednesday, October 19th, right after drop off until 10 in the farmhouse kitchen....AND Friday, October 28, from 7-9pm, location to be announced
Come make these very easy, adorable flower fairies --- to be sold at this year's Fall Festival. Open to adult members of the community....Questions?

Call Aly Fullagar at 522-1293 or send e-mails to jane_nomore@yahoo.com


Crafty Afternoons with Sandy Pearson (and others)    

  Please note:  The Wednesday afternoon craft class is cancelled this week due to the grades 1 through 8 parent evenings. We will continue next week making treasure boxes. I hope to see you there. Sandy Pearson


Pocket Person: The Pocket Person returns to the Fall Festival on Saturday, November 5th! Please help to ensure a variety of treasures are found in his/her pockets. The Pocket Person is such a special part of the fair and we so appreciate your help in looking around your house for any items that would be perfect for this! Any small treasures and interesting items you may be able to donate may be left in any school office (please label your donation “Pocket Person”). Desirable examples include: foreign coins, candles, buttons, crystals/stones, keys, locks, feathers, old jewelry, marbles and molding wax. Thank you everyone for helping! Katie West

Coming soon to a field near you, it's the grand opening of The High School's Rudolf's Diner: The High School invites you to come to the upcoming Fall Festival ready for some belly warming, nutritionally satisfying, and entirely homemade chili. In prior years, The Fifth and Sixth Grades have provided lunch options in the basement of the Upper School but this year the Fall Festival is undergoing some modifications. Proceeds from the sale of our chili will support the High School trip budget. We look forward to seeing you on November 5th at Rudolf's Diner!

Attention bakers, chefs and home canning aficionados: The Falling Leaves Cafe and Country Store need your finest creations for the newly minted Fall Festival!!! As in previous years we are looking for your yummiest baked goods: cookies, cupcakes, fruit breads, cakes, tarts,muffins and other sweet wonders. We would also love to see your delectable savories: tea sandwiches and wraps. And this year we'd also like to feature your canned goods in our Country Store! Did your garden do well? Can some dilly beans, pickles, relishes, sauces, salsas, jams or jellies? Share them the community! Canned donations can be left with Lisa in the office (only non perishables please!). If you are interested in donating baked goods please email Carina Wishman Freedner at epicurious.crow@gmail.com for drop off instructions. Thank you!


From the Admissions Office

     Thanks to all of the Merriconeag families and friends who continue to talk up Waldorf education with interested others. Nearly every new family who calls me says they heard about our school from one of you – so you can see how vital your efforts are to our enrollment growth!

     The events on the fall calendar are great introductions to Merriconeag so please encourage your co-workers, neighbors and friends to attend them. (They are also listed on the website under News & Events.)


Tuesday, October 25, 10:45 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Observe High School Classes – at our Pineland Campus
9th grade French with Regine Whittlesey
9th grade German with Ingrid Merrill
10th grade humanities (Bill of Rights) with David Barham
11th grade math (graphing functions) with Jeff O’Brien
12th grade art with Rose Mary Burwell
Time for Q & A
For adults. . . please register by calling 207-865-3900, ext.103.

Saturday, November 5, 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Fall Festival and Admissions Open House
Join us for a day of crafts, music, games, and delicious food. Teachers will be on hand to answer questions about Waldorf education (Early Childhood through Grade 12) and to give campus tours throughout the day.
For the entire family. . . free admission.

Wednesday, November 9, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.
High School Information Night – held in the Community Hall at our Freeport Campus

An overview for prospective parents and students. What makes the Waldorf high school experience so rich and rewarding? Our faculty and students will share insights and practical information. Learn why families are moving to Maine to attend Merriconeag!

Wednesday, November 30, 8:15 – 10:30 a.m.
Tour Grades 1 – 8 – begins in the Community Hall, at the Freeport Campus

In the elementary and middle grades, the two-hour period that begins each day focuses on a particular topic such as history, science, math or literature. Observe our teachers and students as they move the morning. . . see if you could imagine your child in one of these classes!
Time for Q & A.
For adults. . . please register by calling 207-865-3900, ext. 103.

Wednesday, November 30, 2:00 – 3:00 p.m.
Early Childhood Information Session – at our Early Childhood Center, Freeport Campus

Learn about our unique approach to meeting the needs of today’s young children. See our beautiful indoor and outdoor environments, designed for play and exploration.
For adults. . . please register by calling 207-865-3900, ext. 103.

Thursday, December 1, 8:30 – 11:00 a.m.
Observe High School Classes – at our Pineland Campus

Morning Circle (all grades)
9th grade – Story of Drama with David Sloan
10th grade – Embryology with Sarah Buck
11th grade – Projective Geometry with Jeff O’Brien
12th Grade – American Literature with David Barham
Time for Q & A
For adults. . . please register by calling 207-865-3900, ext. 103.

Wednesday, December 7, 5:30 p.m.
Winter Concert – held at Freeport Performing Arts Center

An evening celebrating the work of elementary through high school students, including choral and orchestral music and student presentations. For the entire family.

Always feel free to contact me for more information or to register yourself or someone else for any of the events that request pre-registration. Lyn Baird, admissionsdirector@merriconeag.org or 207-865-3900, ext. 103


Grade School News

Grade Six’s Trip to Boston – The Student View (threaded together from the children’s’ written accounts):
      Sixth Grade boarded the early the train to Boston on the 6th of October. From North Station we took the T to the Museum of Fine Arts, where we walked across the street to a huge building with mirror doors that show your reflection. We went into a small room for lunch. Then we had a treasure hunt for mummies, pillars and tons of other cool stuff. Most of the sculptures were broken or worn away. We looked at ancient civilizations: Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome, Egypt and Persia. We saw an Egyptian hedgehog, Greek heroes, Roman busts and Assyrian protective deities! And it was so fun.

    The Waldorf School of Lexington, where we spent the night, is not at all like Merriconeag. It is one big brick building with a cafeteria and a chef. It also has a very wonderful store that smells amazing. It was very nice. It has a gym, a soccer field and tennis courts. Our school should really get a chef. We ate dinner in their lunchroom, slept in their gym, and had a great breakfast before we caught the bus across the street to go to the Harvard Museum of Natural History.

     That Museum was both interesting and disgusting. There were pickled reptiles and fish in jars and a few whale skeletons, stuffed mammals and birds of all shapes. [In the Mineral Hall] there were crystals in all different colors and sizes. Some were hundreds of pounds and some were not even one. We were amazed by how realistic the glass flowers were, how they had captured every detail of the flowers; the roots and veins were all accurate. You should go!!

    Nick’s uncle gave us a private tour of his lab next door.  We also went to a small old museum called the Semitic museum.

     We took the T from Harvard Square to Pizzeria Regina [in the North End] where we met a funny guy. One time Ms. Hill was watching him shake bottles of coke and he said, “Yep, that’s who I am – I’m a scoundrel.” Even though the bathrooms were real small the pizza was really good.

    We walked to a gelato place and to Faneuil Hall. In Quincy Market there were lots of venders and a hall where people were selling cookies, popcorn, jewelry and toys. On the train home we shared candy, read, sand and did Mad Libs. We had a good time with Izariah’s inflatable tongue. Our train was 20 minutes late, not bad, and Barbara unloaded the van and we got our stuff and went home.

Athletic News - Sports Updates

High School Cross Country

Western Maine Conference Meet Recap
      The WMC championship meet, after being rained out on Friday, was hosted by Sacopee Valley at St. Joseph's College in Standish on Saturday afternoon. We were lucky to have a beautiful, cool fall day with steady breezes and even some sunshine. The St. Joe's course featured dry wide pathways, but also a narrow start that required a quick initial pace and a section of hilly switchbacks in the third mile called "Monk's Misery". Again, we are grateful to all our spectators and helpers (particularly the timers).
      The girls' team was led by Teagan Wu, who powered through the hill(s) in the last mile to finish an impressive 15th overall. Sam Pierce was close behind, running yet another well-paced race with a strong finish. Jesse Saffeir, coming off a sore quad, nonetheless ran a very courageous race, keeping up with Sam for much of the run and finishing soon after. Carlin Tindall ran the rolling course at a steady pace and again demonstrated a good kick at the finish. Emelie Chace-Donahue paced herself off of Carlin, improving her finish significantly from last week. Emma Dolan rounded out the girls' varsity finishers with a solid effort, catching the Lake Region runner who had outkicked her two weeks earlier. The girls' team finished sixth overall and second in the small school division to Yarmouth.

    In the girls' JV race, Zoe Oswald ran a very smart race, getting out to a good position and then passing a few runners to edge into the top ten with a 9th place finish! She was also the 3rd small school runner.

     On the boys' side, Jack Pierce was part of the three-way competition that made the boys' race a thrill to watch. He finished a very close 3rd overall. Zach Neveu and Tyler O'Brien ran the first half of the race together, with Zach breaking away in the last mile (and continuing to make huge strides with his freshman season). Tyler held steady through the last hilly section, while Ben Tindall, despite lingering congestion, was able to turn in another solid race this week. Lincoln Samuelson was able to maintain his pace in the last mile over "Monk's Misery" and finish strong. John Burgess returned to form this week, keeping pace with Lars Gundersen for most of the run and finishing close behind Lincoln. Lars rounded out the varsity runners for Merriconeag, keeping contact with his teammates for most of the run and showing his kick yet again. The boys finished ninth overall and fourth in the small school division, behind NYA, Fryeburg and Waynflete.

     In the boys' JV race, which experienced an even longer false-start delay than the varsity race, Graham Roeber paced himself well over the the hills and finished strong (and as the fifth overall small school runner).

     Hope to see everyone at Twin Brook next Saturday for the Western Maine Regional meet, which will determine who goes to the State meet this year. Coach Morgan Lake Adams

The next high school race is on Saturday, October 22,   WMC Regional Championships at Twinbrook in Cumberland. Girls at 11:10 - Boys at 11:45

You can keep up with cross country news, meet schedules and directions on the team blog: http://www.mwsxcrunningteam.blogspot.com/


The SMHS sailing team has been busy: On Saturday, Oct 8th on Lake Winnipesaukee in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, light and challenging wind conditions did not bother our sailors. Congratulations to Leah Bevins, Tim Morse, Sam Alexander, Nina Jarrels and (alternate) Dan Morse for a great first place finish, 12 points ahead of the second place team! On Sunday the 9th, in Boston, SailMaine's varsity Team met unusually warm temperatures and light and variable winds for the Gleekman Regatta on the Charles River. Two boats from each team sailed eight races each, with Sam and Tim each capturing several first and second places. SailMaine finished in second place out the 20 participants, most of which were good competition. Jeff O'Brien



School Community Updates


Parent Teacher Conferences: Parent Teacher conferences are scheduled for Monday October, 31st and Tuesday, November 1st. School is cancelled on these days. High school parents have already received conference sign-up information. EC parents will find sign-up schedules outside EC classroom doors. G1 through 8 parents, please follow the instructions below to sign-up for a conference this year. There are no paper conference sign-ups hanging in the grade school office this year. If you have any questions, please contact Lisa in the grade school office.
Instructions for Parent Teacher Conference Sign Up

Click here to schedule your conferences

Cross Country Ski Rentals: Yes, winter is coming. Grades 2 through 8 will be cross-country skiing as part of their movement classes from January until February break. Once again, the Maine Winter Sports Center out of Pineland Farms will be offering ski rental equipment. Packages cost $55 and include skis, poles and boots for the season. These are combi skis, both for skating and classic skiing and they need to be waxed.
On Wednesday, October 26 from 3 to 4PM, in the Community Hall, there will be a sizing and rental sign-up time. If you want to rent this equipment, you MUST come during that time. This year, High School students CANNOT rent this equipment. The rentals are only for elementary age students. Any questions, please email John Saccone at: jsaccone@maine.rr.com

New Community Member: Cristina (Post) and Jeff Cumming are very happy to announce the arrival of their baby girl, Isabel Marie Cumming. Isabel was born at 6:18 AM on Friday October 14th. She weighed 8 pounds and was 21.5 inches long. Baby, Mom, and Dad are all happy and doing well.



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