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Fall Festival & Open House 2011


November 5, 2011, 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

New this Year! Demonstrations of traditional crafts!
This year at the Fall Festival, we are celebrating handcrafts and the artisans in our school community. Thanks to the kind artisans listed below, this year at the Fall Festival you will be able to watch (and take a turn!) as they demonstrate some of the traditional crafts. They will be set up in the Community Hall and outdoors.

Spinning – we are still looking for someone to help with this for a half-day.
Blacksmithing – Jeremy Colson
Foot-pedaled lathe – Bob Thurrell
Needle Felting – Lisa Edge
Plant dying and making knitting needles – Sandy Pearson
Weaving on simple looms – Julie Pennington
Print making – Rosemary Burwell

     In years past, the classes have each taken up a piece of the Fall Festival; this year we are still expecting that every parent will work a shift the day of the Festival, and that each family will also contribute to the food and craft items needed. The difference is, this year we are asking you to choose which area you want to help with, hoping to make it easier if you already have expertise or experience to build on.

     If you are able to get involved in the planning stages of the Festival, or would like to be a valuable helper in a particular area of the Festival, please contact the committee leaders listed below! All contact information is in the school directory. We are still looking for someone to direct “Children’s Games,” “Children’s Crafts Grades 1-4” and help join the team for our “gently used” resale market! Join the fun!

The best of the old and some new features of the Fall Festival: we are still looking for …
Pocket Person – Katie West
Squirrels Attic – Aly Fullagar
Children’s Craft Activities
      EC – 2nd grade: Victoria Stefanakos and Melisa Walker
      Grades 1-4: _________________
      Grades 5-12: Sandy Pearson and Julie Pennington
Children’s Outdoor games:_________________
Café and Country Store – Carina Wishman-Freedner and Melissa Hoy
Gently Used Goods:
      Books – Heather Aguiar
      Outerwear – Greta Parsons and ___________
      Crafts and Toys – Caroline Norden and ___________
Signage and Outdoor Decorations: Lisa Bossi
      German Sausage: Oliver Kinzer and some german students
      French Crepes: Regine Whittlesey and French teachers and students
      Food Tent : High School parents, students and Faculty
Traditional Craft Demonstrations: grades and high school faculty

What you can do now!
Search your cabinets and closets at home, and bring the following to any office:
      Gently Used Outerwear: sizes toddler through high school – coats, hats, boots, mittens, rain gear, snow suits, cross country running and skiing apparel.
      Quality Used Books: paperback or hardback, in excellent condition, classics to current, that will appeal to our Waldorf community.
      Handmade crafts and toys: handmade toys and crafts, either that were purchased at a previous fair, bought abroad or at home, or made in your own home. 

     Please consider how you would like to bring your talents and whatever time you can spare to this fun, fall event.
Christine Sloan, Lynne Espy, Lisa Mainella on behalf of the entire Fall Festival Committee!


Crafty Afternoons with Sandy Pearson (and others)    

     Come join me on Wednesday’s after school from 3:15 - 5:00 p.m. in the Gallery of the Community Hall for some fun and creative time together. Come once or come every week. No experience needed, just enthusiasm for using your hands. Anyone 4th grade and older are welcome- students, parents and friends.

   All classes in October are free as we will be making some traditional Maine crafts for our Fall Fair. Wow! Last week we made 30 pine pillows, lavender, mint and rose sachets!

October 12 - This week, hand sew a special little gnome from recycles sweaters and felted balls.

I will have materials for 14 of these cuties.

     Please, sign up with Lisa in the grade school office. See you in the Community Hall gallery! Sandy Pearson


MWS Fall Festival Craft Blitz. Folk Bird Garlands:
Thursday, October 13, 8:30-11:30am (or after drop-off for EC parents)
Come make Scandinavian-inspired felt garlands for mantles, doorways or holiday trees -- to be sold at the Fall Festival. No special skill necessary. Simple embroidery, easy machine stiching, cutting. Open to all members of the community. Cotton Weeds Quilt Shop, upstairs workspace. 541 US Route 1 in Freeport (across from Buck's Naked BBQ). Hosted by Lisa Bossi and Susan Pennoyer.


MWS Fall Festival Craft Blitz: Flower Fairies

Wednesday, October 19th, right after drop off until 10 in the farmhouse kitchen....AND Friday, October 28, from 7-9pm, location to be announced
Come make these very easy, adorable flower fairies --- to be sold at this year's Fall Festival. Open to adult members of the community....Questions?

Call Aly Fullagar at 522-1293 or send e-mails to jane_nomore@yahoo.com


Pocket Person: The Pocket Person returns to the Fall Festival on Saturday, November 5th! Please help to ensure a variety of treasures are found in his/her pockets. The Pocket Person is such a special part of the fair and we so appreciate your help in looking around your house for any items that would be perfect for this! Any small treasures and interesting items you may be able to donate may be left in any school office (please label your donation “Pocket Person”). Desirable examples include: foreign coins, candles, buttons, crystals/stones, keys, locks, feathers, old jewelry, marbles and molding wax. Thank you everyone for helping! Katie West



From the Development Office

Fundraising Opportunity at Hannaford in Yarmouth
Hannaford Supermarkets has developed a program to reach out to local communities and enhance their quality of life. Hannaford’s does this by supporting organizations dedicated to improving the communities in which Hannaford operates. The program, called “Hannaford Helps Schools,” gives schools an opportunity to raise money for whatever programs they wish to fund.

The way the program works is as follows: from September 4 to December 3, 2011, Hannaford in Yarmouth will give a $3 gift certificate to each person who buys 4 participating products during any one purchase. Participating products are identified in the store via a “Hannaford Helps Schools” logo and include brand names such as Bounty, General Mills, Horizon Organic, Kellogg’s, King Arthur, Ocean Spray, One a Day, Pantene, Prince, Purina, Ronzoni, and more as well as many Hannaford products. If you wish to participate, buy four participating products and then deposit the printout you will receive into the specially marked tower at the store. The total amount of these Merriconeag “school dollars” will be given to the school. For example, if 100 families from our school go to Hannaford in Yarmouth and buy 4 participating items each week, then the school would earn $3,900 (100 families x $3 x 13 weeks ).

     Please note that this program can only happen at ONE Hannaford store and we are registered at the Yarmouth store.


     If you would like more information, come to the grade school office and pick up the two brochures or go to the store’s website: hannaford.com and click on Hannaford Helps Schools.



Grade School News

Michaelmas! This Michaelmas was the first in which the high school took a major part in our celebration. Always willing to lend a strong arm, this year they loaned their artistic muscle as well. It was a “frabjous” success. The high school performed the traditional Michaelmas pageant, formerly performed by grades 1-4, adding their own twist. The author, Mr. Renwick, ably assisted by Messrs Sloan and Barham, updated the story with a new treasure for the townsfolk to protect. Just when it seemed that the loathsome, “manxome” dragon that had “burbled” its way into the ring of unsuspecting Merriconeag students, right up to those brave townsfolk to steal their treasure, Saint Michael appeared...on his horse. He circled the ring and then with his “vorpal blade” drawn and raised, he subdued the dragon in its tracks. The crowd cheered, the jewels, no the tools had been saved and voices were raised in song. It was a most thrilling and amazing show.

     With tools in hand, the various work groups gathered, cheered themselves on and went off to clear trails, garden, spread mulch, pick apples while picking up the drops, press cider, bake potatoes, spread bark below the swings at the Early Childhood

Center, and make delicious bread swords. Though the Kindergarten had its own observance of Michaelmas which did not include a horse and galloping Michael, they so generously made bread to augment the celebratory lunch for the rest of the school. A true Michaelmas deed, and a tasty one, too.

    After lunch Ms. Hill, the 6th grade teacher, and Mr. Pennington, the 2nd grade teacher, told stories to the students. Mr. Pennington told a story of the princess whose turn it was to be fed to the dragon and how she was saved from her dreadful fate. Ms. Hill, using the image of the Matruschka doll told a many layered story which was, in part, a reminder of the tragedy of September 11, while also being the biography of Father Mychal Judge, the first official casualty of that day. From what we overheard, both stories were exactly suited to their audiences and to the mood of Michaelmas. “Snicker-snack”.

    With the end of the Michaelmas imagination, we all went out to play. The lower grades were given blindfolded challenges. The 5th and 6th graders played German Dodge Ball, and grades 7-12 played a wild and raucous game of Everybody's It. You could hear us laughing and shouting from one end of the campus to the other, until the trumpet sounded its call that was our signal to gather together one last time to sing our Michaelmas song.

     “Oh frabjous day! Callou! Callay! “ We chortled in our joy. It was a super fun day for students and faculty alike.

Submitted by the Seventh Grade, currently studying Lewis Carroll's “Jabberwocky”

Athletic News - Sports Updates

High School Cross Country

NYA Meet Recap: The cold temperatures finally arrived right in time for our last regular season meet. NYA hosted at Royal River Park on a fast (but wet) course- the final stretch came complete with a steeplechase-esque puddle that many runners hurdled over on their way to the finish. The day was capped off by a birthday celebration for Coach Ryan and delicious cupcakes made by Zoe Oswald
      On the girls' side, the trio of Jesse Saffeir, Sam Pierce and Teagan Wu went out fast with the leaders. Sam and Jesse battled it out on the final stretch, ultimately crossing the line at exactly the same time. Teagan finished soon after, running the course 18 seconds faster than last season. Carlin Tindall had a break-out race, finishing close behind Teagan and shaking off her Freeport pursuers in the last quarter mile (and also beating last year's time). Emma Dolan locked up the win for Merriconeag, pacing herself right behind NYA's number two for the entire race. Emelie Chace-Donahue and Zoe Oswald finished soon after, bringing in all of Merriconeag's seven runners before NYA's third (!). Zoe O also improved on last year's time by over a minute. The girls' team won the meet, beating Freeport and NYA (Sacopee did not have a complete girls' team).

     For the boys, Jack Pierce racked up his third victory of the season by a comfortable margin (57 seconds). Tyler O'Brien and Zach Neveu paced one another throughout the race, holding off most of the NYA pack in the process. Tyler also posted an improvement over last year's time. Ben Tindall also had a great race, besting his time from last year and running down a Freeport competitor in the final stretch. Lars Gundersen and Lincoln Samuelson pushed each other in the last 200 yards in yet another dramatic Merriconeag sprint to the finish. Graham Roeber continued to make gains this week, and also demonstrated that he has an amazing kick (much to the surprise of one of the Freeport runners). John Burgess finished with a strong effort, bringing all seven Merriconeag runners in before Sacopee's fourth (!). The boys' team finished third, (behind Freeport and NYA) beating Sacopee Valley.

     Please join us at the Western Maine Conference meet next Friday at Community Park in Falmouth- it should be a very exciting race. Coach Morgan Lake Adams

The next high school race is on Friday, October 14,   WMC Championship.

NOTE TIME CHANGE - Girls race first at 3:30, boys at 4:00.

The race is at Falmouth Community Park on Winn Rd in Falmouth. This is 1/8 mile north of Falmouth Rd. Map.google finds this just across from "16 Winn Rd, Falmouth, ME".

You can keep up with cross country news, meet schedules and directions on the team blog: http://www.mwsxcrunningteam.blogspot.com/



Middle School Cross Country

Merriconeag Meet:  The weather couldn’t have been nicer for our second Mericoneag cross country race. Four teams competed on our two-mile track lined with a cheering audience of parents and faculty. Amidst this wonderful support we saw our excited runners giving their best, helping each other to make sure everyone succeeded.
      As a coach I couldn’t be more grateful for the help that was given by parents and teachers, as well as the high school cross country running team. Erin and John Olsen were instrumental in making this race possible. John Saccone and Will Hight created the track. thank you, all!
      Merriconeag did very well and came in second after Greely’s team. All the visitors enjoyed our beautiful school. Merriconeag has established a strong middle school running team and will be a much enjoyed host in years to come for this exciting running event. Coach Oliver Kinzer

Their next race of the year is Thursday, October 13 at Freeport

Upcoming races:
10/13 Thursday at Freeport - Pownal Rd. Field
10/20 Thursday - CCC Invitational at Twinbrook
All races start with a 3:00 course walk. Girls race at 4:00 and Boys at 4:30, with the exception of the
final race (10/20) where the course walk is at 1:30, Boys race at 3:00, Girls at 3:30 and a fun race at 4:00.




School Community Updates


Parent Teacher Conferences: Parent Teacher conferences are scheduled for Monday October, 31st and Tuesday, November 1st. School is cancelled on these days. High school parents have already received conference sign-up information. EC parents will find sign-up schedules outside EC classroom doors. G1 through 8 parents, please follow the instructions below to sign-up for a conference this year. There are no paper conference sign-ups hanging in the grade school office this year. If you have any questions, please contact Lisa in the grade school office.
Instructions for Parent Teacher Conference Sign Up

Click here to schedule your conferences


Carpooling: In last week’s Tuesday News, Mari Cooper wrote a great review of grade Eight’s trip to Boston. It is she said “ I think I’m speaking for all of us, when I say that one of the best parts of the trip were the train rides there and back.” This made me think of carpooling and busing right away. Mari’s statement reminds us of the fun to be had traveling with friends. And that’s what carpooling and busses can be. So with that, here is an update on the ideas for carpooling and busing at Merriconeag.

     First, the bus idea. Many parents signed up to say that they would be interested in bus service. This is a great start and we are in the process of reviewing where the interest is and what additional info and commitment we’ll need to be sure this is feasible for the long term. We’ll likely be looking for firm commitments from parents in order to contract for this service. We’ll keep folks posted as we iron out the details.

     Second, the carpool idea. While carpooling happens organically every day, there is also a tool online that can help, especially for events like the Common Ground Fair or Circus Smirkus. To that end GO MAINE (where I hang my hat during the workday) now has a page on their website to help parents figure out how this tool might help them. Click here for that link. The carpool matching program is a state funded program that is free for everyone.
Erik West, Parent



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