Tuesday News - June 7, 2011

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Upcoming Events

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Rose Ceremony

Friday, June 10, 9:30 AM, Community Hall

All Welcome. (11:00 AM dismissal )



Grade 12 Graduation

Saturday, June 11, 2:00 PM, Community Hall

The school community is invited to attend Merriconeag's second high school graduation. The Commencement Exercises will begin at 2 p.m. with Jonathan Moore serving as the keynote speaker. A reception will follow the ceremony.



Merriconeag Summer Camps
On June 10th we decide which camps have enough enrollment to go forward.

Once we have decided which camps will go forward, you can continue to register right up until they begin - as long as there continues to be room.

We are offering many wonderful programs during the weeks of:
July 11th to the 15th
July 18th to the 22nd
July 25th to the 29th
August 15th to the 19th

Summer fun and enrichment for kids aged 3 ½ to 15
Experienced teachers and expert instructors
Need flexible schedule? Morning and full-day options available...just ask!

Please click on the names of each of the seven camps for links to more information:

Community Around Music and Play with 317 Strings Camp

317 Main’s highly sought after music instructors, Melissa Bragdon and Andrew Martelle, team up with Merriconeag teacher, Oliver Kinzer, to share their passion for cooperative play, expressed through music and outdoor games

Outdoor fun for younger children with Summer Garden and Explorers Camp
A gentle, nature filled environment with magical play and discovery through nature study, crafts, water play, walking the woodland paths and playing games with Merriconeag teachers Kam Anderson and Oliver Kinzer.
Crafts and Nature play for Grade Schoolers with Beautiful Birds and Fiber and Fleece

Learning from nature and creating exquisite handwork in natural materials with handwork teachers Joanna Flath and Julie Pennington.

Sports action for Middle Schoolers with Basketball Camp

The fundamentals of the game with experienced coach Zach Sloan

Big Top Inspired Fun with Circus Arts Camp

Performing arts workshops with renowned entertainer and teacher John Saccone, guest artists and Midcoast Gymnastics. Camp includes a VIP ticket & backstage tour for Circus Smirkus show



Community Summer Camps

This week we have created an additional page for camps taking place in our community this summer.

Please click here to view.





From the Circus Coordinator

Calling All Clowns: Step right up and throw your fedora in the ring! Volunteering at the Circus is the funnest job in town. We need roustabouts to help before and during the Big Top Tour shows at Merriconeag on Thursday, August 11th & Friday, August 12th. Please sign up here as soon as you have a sense of your summer schedule. Our charming and persistent Volunteer Coordinator, Aly Fullagar, will begin making phone calls to recruit people for a shift under the big top. Don't be surprised if you hear from Aly very soon since we hardly have anyone signed up.

Many thanks and see you down the road,

Trace Salter, Circus Coordinator, circus@merriconeag.org



From the Admissions Office




Keep up the Good Work: I wish to thank all of you for continuing to “talk up” Merriconeag as you are out and about in the larger community over the summer months. I am available in June, July and August to talk to prospective families and show them around the campuses. So do tell interested parents that it is not too late to consider us for this fall, and let them know how to find to me: 865-3900, ext.103 or admissionsdirector@merriconeag.org.

     The new Parent-Infant and Parent-Toddler class schedules will be posted on the website shortly, and we still have places in both nursery and kindergarten as well as in the grades and high school classes.



From the Development Office

End of year report from the Development Office:
      The dollars we raised this year through our many fundraising events were impressive, but I still maintain that the real value is often discovered in the friendships and personal triumphs gained by our efforts. As many of you can attest, after the event is over, after the cleanup and the celebration ends, what remains are the self-satisfaction of a job well done, the pure joy of helping a cause that is near and dear to our hearts, and the lasting friendships.

     Successful fundraising is impossible without the committed passion and determination of a strong community, and I am grateful and impressed by this incredibly gifted and generous community. I am always eager to hear your fundraising ideas, and I deeply appreciate all the ways in which you help support the school through your gifts of time, talent, and money.

     Please be in touch if you are willing and able to help with any fundraising events next year. Whether you are free for only one afternoon, or several hours per week, I would love to work with you to find a project that suits your interest and skills. If these reasons to volunteer aren’t persuasive enough, remember that volunteering in the development office of Merriconeag has the added benefits of job skill building and access to yummy treats!

Fundraising Events currently scheduled for next year which need your help!
Please contact Lynne Espy about assisting with any of these events next year:

Circus Smirkus Big Top Tour: August 11 and 12, 2011
Our Circus presentation brings over 3,000 people to our campus every summer, including 800 kids-in-need through our Magic Matinee program. Last year, we raised $25,000 for the school's operating budget, tuition support and circus arts programs.
 Please sign up here to volunteer or contact Trace Salter, circus@merriconeag.org or at 756.9212.

Annual Appeal:
The annual appeal supports the operating costs of the school, including faculty salaries, upkeep of our campus, tuition support, and all student programs.
 We are having a very successful 2010-11 annual appeal drive, thanks to the generosity and positivity of this amazing and thoughtful community.
 The 3rd grade was the first class to reach 100% participation, and their reward was a homemade mocha torte.
 To date, this community has raised $60,301, exceeding our goal and our expectations.
 The annual fund drive closes June 30, 2011, so if you have not yet contributed to the 2010-11 annual fund, there is still time to do so. We are still hoping for 100% participation from current families, and several classes are only 1 or 2 families shy of this goal.
 Remember: EVERY gift, of ANY size, counts! Note “annual appeal” on your check, and mail it, or bring it, to school before June 30!
Raise the Roof Party for the new Handcraft Building: Saturday Sept. 17, 2011
All parents are encouraged to attend this party which will feature live music, delicious food, and fun ways to support the new Handcraft building.
 We can use volunteers to help with discrete parts of this event, and we hope everyone will mark their calendars now, get a sitter, and come to this very fun party!
Outerwear and Nordic Ski Sale:
The outerwear sale, in mid-October, provides gently used outerwear at very reasonable prices to our families. This is truly a community service –we require all students, from early childhood through high school, to have appropriate outdoor clothing for all types of weather, and this sale promotes reuse, cost-efficiency, and recycling of high quality outerwear within our community.
 Every family can help with this – if you’re sorting through closets this summer and fall, set aside your child’s nicest, gently used outerwear, including sports attire. Put them aside, and bring them to school in the fall.
The Nordic ski sale will be run a little differently next year, and Tom Henze will be spearheading this effort. Tom has developed a system whereby families who are interested in selling and buying Nordic skis for their students can do so throughout the ski season.

Grandparent and Friends Day: Oct. 21, 2011
This event celebrates and thanks our wonderful grandparents and friends of the school.
 Volunteers help with food and ushering during the event.

Fall Festival (formerly called Fall Folkcraft Faire): Nov. 5, 2011
We are refreshing this annual event for next year for several reasons, including 1) our desire to make its organization easier for parent volunteers, 2) our hope to highlight our handcraft programs and celebrate this community’s handcraft culture, and 3) our space constraints next fall (with the handwork portable gone and the basement unavailable). Our goal is to strengthen and reinvigorate what is best about the event, and change those aspects that are no longer serving the parents, children, and faculty.
 Every parent is involved in some aspect of the Fall Festival, and a planning committee is currently designing the new vision and organizational structure. If you are interested in being part of this committee, please contact Lynne Espy.

Tuition Support Auction: March 31, 2011
The annual auction provides tuition support to 40% of our families – families who otherwise would not be able to afford a Merriconeag education. It is the primary mechanism to build diversity and support families in need.
 This year we had a wildly successful silent and ‘reverse’ auction, where we raised over $52,000 for tuition support. Success is credited to the creative and hard-working auction committee, the entertaining emcees Nord Samuelson and Michael Stefanakos (and Jim Ahearne in absentia) , Katie West’s appreciation volleyball game, the faculty, board, grandparents, and especially to everyone who donated items or services, bought raffle tickets, and worked to make this such a fun and successful event.

With gratitude, and hopes for a relaxing summer, Lynne Espy, Development Coordinator

developmentcoordinator@merriconeag.org 865-3900 Ext. 116




From the Early Childhood Center


Summer Begins: Wednesday, June 1 was the last day of the school year for our students at the Early Childhood Center. Parents joined the celebration and everyone enjoyed strawberries and ice cream donated by Ben and Jerry's in Freeport.





News from the High School

Congratulations to the Senior Class:

A big thank you to the Senior Class for their gift of the The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail. It was a real treat to see so many characters played by only six students creating scenes that were humorous and but also involving deep transcendentalist dialogue. Each senior shone in one of their final experiences at Merriconeag. Thanks also to Mr. Barham and Ms. Dettmer for helping the senior share this gift with us.  Submitted by Jeff O'Brien



A “Mystic-al” Experience:
      To culminate their study of their final block of the year—The Novel—the ninth and tenth graders traveled to Mystic Seaport last week. Just as they were finishing Herman Melville’s epic novel Moby Dick, the students had the opportunity to go aboard the only remaining whale ship in the world: The Charles W. Morgan, in dry dock at the Seaport shipyard. They received a guided tour from one of the country’s foremost Melville scholars, Mary K. Bercaw Edwards; they were able to go below deck to the cramped cubicles of the mates’ quarters, the blubber room, the forecastle where the common sailors shared a dank and crowded existence. They also went on a “knowledge scavenger hunt,” and in the process had to discover, among other indispensable facts, what a cooper’s “shook” is, and what the “W.” of the Charles W. Morgan stands for.
      As a fitting complement to the Mystic portion of the trip, the classes then drove to Gloucester, Massachusetts where, the next day, they went whale watching and spotted a humpback whale, feeding unusually close to land. Many students agreed that one of the highlights of the trip was the surprising moment that the humpback surfaced literally next to the boat.
      Many thanks to chaperones Regine Whittlesey and Johanna Flath, to the Cape Ann Waldorf School for allowing us to sleep in two of their classrooms, and to Jessica McCurdy’s parents, Bob and Judy Benton. They not only hosted all 18 of us the first night of the trip; they prepared a delicious lasagna supper, as well as a pancake and sausage breakfast the next morning. We couldn’t have been better treated at a four-star B and B! If you’re ever in Connecticut with 15 teenagers and looking for superb accommodations, I know the address. . .   

Submitted by David Sloan




School Community Updates



Catch the Bus?

                                            Graphic indicates results of last year's survey

     Continuing our exploration of ways to build community while saving time, money and emissions we created a survey, http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/VB3DQR3, to assess interest in bus service to MWS.
If every family drove to and from school for both drop off and pick up it would total 3,884 daily miles, using 173 daily gallons fuel and producing 3,349 daily pounds CO2. Wow!

     Please fill out the short survey (link above) indicating your interest in this fee based service. Your response will determine whether we have enough support to contract with a transportation company for the 2011-12 school year.

Questions? Contact Alicia Heyburn aheyburn@hotmail.com


Lost and Found - Last Chance to Claim: Please be sure to check the tables that will be set out near the Community Hall on Thursday and Friday with all lost and found items from the second half of the year. All unclaimed items will be donated to the Clothes Tree in Freeport after the last day of school.




Read (Listen to or Watch) This


High School Ultimate Catching On

Saturday, June 4 2011, 04:02 PM EDT

Ultimate Frisbee - a team sport that combines rules from several other sports - is becoming more popular than ever, especially at the high school level. News 13's Evans Boston went to the Cumberland Fairgrounds to check out the "Maine High School Ultimate" State Finals. To watch the video (you may catch glimpses of Merriconeag Ultimate in green in the background), click on the link above.


Learning how to Unplug

Our devices should work for us, not the other way around. Time for a tech detox?

By DANIEL SIEBERG The Washington Post






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