Tuesday News - February 15, 2011

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Merriconeag's 4th Annual Blood Drive is Today!

Tuesday, February 15th, 1pm - 6pm.

Last Call for donors for this years Red Cross Pay Forward Blood Drive. It's not too late to stop by and donate ,we will be avaliable until 5:45 pm for the last draw. We are so close to our GOAL! Please come on over before pick up this afternoon,we need YOU.



Merriconeag Presents the Maine Premiere of the film

Queen of the Sun: What Are the Bees Telling Us?


Co-sponsored by:


Thursday, March 3, 7:00 PM

57 Desert Road, Freeport

Tickets $7.00

Purchase your tickets online today!

Limited tickets are available at Royal River Natural Foods. For more information about this fascinating film, please click on the poster.



Growing Up Real in a Virtual World: A Public Talk by Lowell Monke

Wednesday, March 9, 7:00 PM
     How can parents and teachers both protect children and, at the same time, prepare them for the challenges of living in a technologically driven world? You won't want to miss this talk.

     In preparation for Lowell Monke's visit in March, we encourage you to read two significant articles by him that were published in Orion Magazine.

     Please use the following links:

Unplugged Schools   

Charlotte’s Webpage






From the Finance Office

Re-Enrollment: Thank you to all the families who have submitted their enrollment contracts. We have received a record number of contracts by the deadline date this year. If you haven’t returned your enrollment contract, please do so prior to mid-winter break. If you do not intend to re-enroll, please check that off on the enrollment contract or contact the Finance Office directly as this helps us with planning for the next school year. Please remember that both parents/legal guardians are required to sign the enrollment contract. If parents are in separate households, the enrollment packet includes an envelope for the paperwork to be forwarded to the other parent.

Tiered Tuition (formerly Tuition Assistance): Information regarding the changes in this program are now listed on the website under Admissions, Financial Aid. At the bottom, there is a link “Applying for consideration” which will take you to the web page containing the TADS links for the worksheet and the application website. Additional information regarding the application process is listed on this webpage under “What Every Family Should Know”.
      Please state the tier of tuition that your family is applying for in your letter to the Tiered Tuition Committee and send this document along with your financial documents to TADS. In evaluating an application for consideration, the committee considers the assets of both parents and/or legal guardians. Parents/legal guardians in separate households must submit an application and the supporting documentation to TADS individually.

If you have any questions regarding enrollment or applying for tiered tuition, please contact me at 865-3900 ext 101 or businessmanager@merriconeag.org. Thank you, Shannon Combar


From the Development Office

2010-11 Annual Appeal Update:  To date, we have raised $50,160 towards our Annual Appeal goal of $60,000. Imagine what we could do to support the programs, faculty and students if everyone contributed?!
Perhaps you have not yet contributed to the Annual Appeal for good reasons:
• You would like us to call you at home.
• You are sure you’ll win the lottery, and then give it all to the Annual Appeal.
• You think you already gave, but actually that was last year.
• You read the Tuesday News every week, but still aren’t sure what the Annual Appeal supports (call me, or go to the website, look at “Development”)
• You don’t need the tax break and don’t believe in charitable giving.
• You don’t think your small contribution will help us reach our goal 100% participation by every family (any size gift means what it says!)
• You don’t think “community” includes you (if your name is in the directory, then you are part of this community!)
• You don’t like decadent chocolate desserts (no problem, I’ll make another delicious dessert for the first class to reach 100% participation).
• You think another class has already reached 100%. (not true, keep striving!)

Matching Gifts: If your employer matches your charitable gifts, please let us know! Some of the businesses that have matching or incentive programs include Aetna, FairPoint Communications and Drummond & Drummond. Gifts to United Way can also be directed to Merriconeag. Please make a donation to the Annual Appeal today by submitting a check to the office (remittance envelopes available), going to our website and making an online donation, or calling us about a stock gift, or a matching gift from your employer.

     As a community, we are enormously indebted to every family who chooses to make a donation to the annual appeal. In gratitude, Lynne Espy (developmentcoordinator@merriconeag.org, 865-3900 Ext. 116)

Tuition Support Auction: Saturday April 2nd

     Mark your calendars for the evening of Saturday April 2nd! The Auction committee is planning a fabulous party that every parent, friend, grandparent, board member and faculty will want to attend.

     Our goal this year is two-fold: to raise $30,000 for Tuition support (formerly called tuition assistance), and to share a fun evening with Merriconeag community members. Lots of fun and surprises are in store, so mark your calendar and book your babysitter!

     “Hey!” you may ask. “I’m no high roller so what’s the point of me attending?” Part of every ticket price goes right to Tuition support; just by showing up, you are supporting the cause. The more people who attend, the greater the success of the event, the more tuition support we can offer, the greater the economic diversity within the classroom. One-third of our families receive tuition support, and without this help they could not otherwise afford to send their children at Merriconeag. Besides, it’s a lot of fun!

     Another way to help the cause is by donating goods or services to the silent auction which will be a part of the evening. We are a creative community with a wealth of talents to offer; from sticky buns to knight’s cloaks, landscaping services to massage therapy sessions. We also have connections - perhaps you have access to tickets to a Celtic’s or Bruin’s game, a free iPad or iPod Touch, a season’s pass for skiing, gift certificates to a restaurant, a week at a summer camp…. If you have something to offer, a donation form is attached. While we need forms back by March 14th, your item needn’t be ready until March 25th.

     We are also looking to make connections with local businesses. If you know of a local business that might like to support Merriconeag, please contact the committee member who is responsible for business solicitations in your town. Finally, if you’d like to help out but aren’t quite sure how, the Tuition Support Fundraising Committee is still looking for a couple volunteers to fill the jobs. We are a fun group to work with, we have treats and coffee at our meetings, and we would really value your help and input.

Click here for the 2011 Auction donation and sponsorship form.

     Mark your calendars, and start thinking about what you could contribute!
Lynne Espy (developmentcoordinator@merriconeag.org, 865-3900 Ext. 116)

Auction Team 2011:

• Catalogue: Graphic Design and Printing Coordinator – Susan Caron
• Invitations, RSVP Card, and Cash Raffle Tickets: Graphic Design– Lisa Bossi
• Visual Aid for Reverse Auction: Lisa and Adrian Bossi
• Food Coordinator – Julia Dodge
• Beverage Coordinator – Mandy Andreson
• Music – Lucy Ahearne
• Business Solicitations
  Brunswick / Topsham: Alicia Heyburn
  Falmouth: Stacie Hamilton Waldron and Rhonda Harrington
  Freeport: Melisa Walker and Victoria Stefanakos
  Bath: ______________
  Lewiston / Auburn: ______________
  Yarmouth: Diane Campos
  New Gloucester: ____________
• Parent Solicitations / Attendance
  ECC Coordinators: Julia Dodge and Victoria Stefanakos
  Grades Coordinator: Susan Stark
  High School Coordinators: Becca Herron Donisvitch
  Board Coordinator: Barbara Kappelmann
  Faculty Coordinator: Lynne Espy
• Mailings: Grandparents, Current Parents, Alumni, Friends – Lynne, with help
• Special Raffle -committee
• Decorations – Aly Fullagar and Melisa Walker
• Advertising – Lynne, Trace Salter and Alicia
• Computer Needs:
  Inputting data into Filemaker Pro – Melissa Hoy
  Compiling FaceBook Auction Page – Victoria Stefanakos and Carina Wishman Freedner

  Auction-day computer networking and set-up – Nate and Melissa Hoy, Shannon Combar
• Staffing – Stacie Hamilton Waldron
• Reverse Auction – Lynne Espy
• Alumni Involvement – Lynne Espy and Deeda Burgess


From the Admissions Office




We are receiving lots of new inquiries and applications for September. Thanks to all of the Merriconeag families and friends who continue to share your experiences here with interested others!

Several admission events are coming up the week we return from February break. Please contact Lyn Baird (865-3900, ext.103 or admissionsdirector@merriconeag.org) for more information or to sign up.

Tuesday, March 1, 8:15 – 10:30 a.m. Walk through Grades 1 – 8
Join us for a tour through the elementary school and observe our students and teachers during the morning main lesson period. Adults only.

Tuesday, March 1, 1:45 – 2:45 p.m. Early Childhood Information Session
Our early childhood teachers will discuss the Waldorf approach to early childhood education and describe a typical morning. Adults only.

Saturday, March 5, 9:30 – 11:30 a.m. Early Childhood Open House
Stop by to see our classrooms and converse with teachers. Children welcome.

Athletic News - Sports Updates

Middle School Nordic Skiing

     Last Thursday MWS hosted a 3K Skate Race at Pineland. It takes an immense amount of work to host a ski meet. You need to set the course, work with the groomer, obtain the starting orders from the other schools, mark the course, get race bibs to each team, course marshals, cones, stakes, flags, paint, stop watches, timing the event and overseeing the volunteers.

     Many thanks go out to our head coaches, Amy and Bjorn, who oversaw all of this. The race itself was fabulous, smooth running and friendly. Both our Boys and Girls ended the CCC League final by coming in first place.

Submitted by John Saccone

High School Nordic Skiing


Merriconeag High School's Nordic Ski Team at Starks Hill in Fryeburg on Saturday

The Western Maine Conference nordic skiing championships were held this past week. The skate race was last Wednesday in Gray and the classic race was Saturday in Fryeburg. All of our skiers skied very well. The boys finished 6th overall (3rd in class C). They finished ahead of Greely, Waynflete, Cape Elizabeth, and Gray/New Gloucester. The Girls finished 3rd overall (1st in class C). They finished ahead of every school except Yarmouth and Falmouth.

From Coach Tarling: We were very fortunate to have two great days of racing for the WMC Championships. Saturday at Starks Hill in Fryeburg was cold at the start. First up the boys race: The boys have been working hard all year and given the youth on the team they can look forward to a bright future in HS Skiing. Saturday the team was again led by Jack Pierce. He has led the team all year and finished again in 12th place, matching his finish in the skate race. Eli McCurdy and Ben Tindall continued their season-long battle and Eli ended up just edging Ben. John Burgess and Phineas Samuelson both skied with effort and helped the boys to a respectable 6 place. Considering the teams ranked behind the boys, this is a good sign for the future.
      For the girls: their 3rd was not really a surprise, they have showed good form all year competing with the top girls teams overall. Zoe Chace-Donahue showed she is rounding into form at the right time with a podium 3rd place finish, followed closely by Emelie Chace-Donahue in 6th and Teagan Wu in 16th. Teagan had trouble on one of the downhill sections yet she was able to get up and finish strong. Carlin Tindall has proven to be the dependable fourth skier for the girls team followed by Sierra Jeffers, Hadi Jacobs and Lily Tupper. The depth on the girls team is improving as the newer racers are gaining experience each race start.

     The food on Saturday was a real treat, thanks to all who pitched in with food and transportation. This week we will ski Tuesday, skate, and participate the the Yarmouth Fun Relay (skate again) at Pratts Brook on Wednesday.

    A special thanks to Adele Espy for all her waxing help and support on Friday and Saturday. Her help is greatly appreciated.

The team will be participating in the Class C State Championships in Rangeley the week of school vacation.
For race dates and maps, visit our website's Google Calendar. For high school race results, go to Maine High School Skiing.


Alumni News

Merriconeag Alum sweeps Nordic Races at 100th Dartmouth Winter Carnival

Sam Tarling (MWS 8th grade class of 2005), a sophomore at Dartmouth College, was on the podium celebrating back to back nordic ski victories last weekend at Dartmouth College’s 100th Winter Carnival. Although his father, John Tarling, was busy coaching Merriconeag’s high school team at the Western Maine Conference in Fryeburg, his mother and several other Merriconeag families watched as Sam won both the Men’s 10 km freestyle (skate) and 20 km classical races. Two of Sam’s former Merriconeag classmates and team members, Lucas Milliken (Bates College) and Kelsey Nichols (St. Lawrence University), also competed in the Dartmouth Carnival races. Submitted by Lynne Espy



School Community Updates

Movement Education: There is still a great deal of snow. Some of the best skiing of the year is ahead of us. We will continue to ski during Movement classes after the February break. Thank you for hauling the equipment back and forth. Thanks, Mr. Saccone

Tom Braden, March 31, 1940 - February 11, 2011
      Our friend and former colleague, Tom Braden, passed away on Friday, February 11. Tom was for many years a class teacher at the Waldorf School of Garden City in New York. He and his family moved to Maine in 1996 and he taught at the Ashwood Waldorf School in Rockport, Maine. In retirement,Tom taught main lesson courses at numerous Waldorf schools throughout New England: the Mountain Laurel Waldorf School, Merriconeag Waldorf School, White Mountain Waldorf School; and Monadnock Waldorf School . He also later taught at the Cape Ann Waldorf School in Beverly Farms, Massachusetts
      Many of us fondly remember Tom from when he substituted for Jill Fox when she was ill during her 3rd grade year (1996-97) with her first class. His son, Trevor, was a participant in our recent Waldorf alumni panel in early January.  For more information.


The 7th Grade launches fundraising enterprise: SEVENTEEN SEEDS
      The 7th Grade, with the help of Fedco Seeds, has carefully chosen a variety of vegetable and flower seeds (seventeen varieties in all), which they are selling in a bundled pack. For $25, you will received 17 seed packets filled generously with highest quality seeds. Fedco has given us an incredible deal, allowing us to raise money and while also passing along on much of the savings to you. (We have estimated that these same seeds at a retail outlet would cost between $30 and $40).
     The varieties in the bundled pack are: Bush Bean, Sugar Snap Pea, Slicing Cucumber, Zucchini, Delicata Squash, Pumpkin, Carrot, Radish, Spinach, Lettuce Mix, Greens Mix, Chard, Kale, Cosmos, Nasturtium, Sunflower, and Zinnia. They were chosen based on flavor, popularity, and ease of growing. While some of these can be started indoors, the don't need to be, as they can all be direct seeded in the spring, summer, and even early fall.
      How to get them: The 7th grade will be busy labeling envelopes, weighing, dividing, and packing the seeds over the next couple of weeks. We plan to begin selling the bundles by the first week of March at pickup and in the office. Remember that this will make a wonderful gift as well.

Race to Nowhere

The Race continues to get lots of play in Greater Portland and Outskirts North. If you haven't seen it, do try to catch this Maine showing:


Greely High School, March 1, 7:00 PM

For tickets and more information.



Read (Listen to or Watch) This


Poetry, Painting to Earn an M.D.

Article by Laura Landro from the Informed Patient, February 1, 2011, The Wall Street Journal





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