Tuesday News - January 25, 2011

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Our Town is Coming to This Town This Week

     Merriconeag’s freshman and sophomore classes will perform Thornton Wilder’s classic play on Thursday, January 27 and Friday, January 28 at 7:00 PM in the Community Hall.  Tickets $5 at the door. Please note that even if snow delays or closes school on Thursday, as long as roads are safe to drive on by the evening, we WILL perform the play that night, as well as Friday evening.
      In addition to the evening performances, the cast is offering an Open Dress Rehearsal tonight, January 25, 6:00 - 9:00 p.m., and a daytime school performance tomorrow, January 26 at 10:45 AM.


Merriconeag Art Show Opening Reception, 317 Main Street, Yarmouth

Rescheduled for Friday, February 11, 6:30 - 8:30 pm.

Show dates: January 17 - February 25


Merriconeag Waldorf School:

Where Art and Academics Intersect





Division of a Circle: Sixth Grade Geometry  


 “Where Art and Academics  Intersect”

an exhibition of work from

Merriconeag Waldorf School

Opening reception:

Friday, February 11, 6:30-8:30 pm

Show dates: Jan. 17 – Feb. 25

317 Main Street, Yarmouth





From the Admissions Office



Life in a Waldorf First Grade

Monday, January 31, 7:00 p.m., First Grade Classroom

     Please join our teachers for a lively introduction to the joy and wonders of Waldorf first grade. Learn how we use stories, songs, games and artistic activities to engage both the intellect and the feelings, and how this approach lays the foundation for imaginative thinking.

     This evening is intended for all interested parents, not just those whose children will be first graders next year. Please spread the word about this excellent opportunity to become more familiar with the essence of Waldorf education. Call Lyn

Baird, 865-3900, ext.103, admissionsdirector@merriconeag.org, for more information.



From the Finance Office

     We have switched our financial aid assessment and tuition management (monthly payment option) company to TADS for the 2011/2012 school year. To apply for consideration, please use the links listed below. We strongly recommended that the financial aid worksheet be printed prior to the application process and that all financial data be gathered prior to data entry. This will make the process faster for families and avoid the frustration of searching for information in the middle of the application.
      All financial documents should be sent directly to TADS. This includes tax returns with schedules for 2009 & 2010, W-2s, 1099-MISC and a letter to our committee providing information for consideration and any necessary clarification of financial data. Once a family has completed the online application, TADS will provide an instruction page that lists the application reference code, a list of all documents required and the TADS address to send documentation to. Please print this instruction page for your records. The application for consideration deadline is February 17th, 2011.
      TADS will contact families directly for any clarification needed concerning financial documents so that the data received by Merriconeag (MWS) is accurate. TADS will notify MWS immediately of received applications that are then viewed over a secure site (please refer to TADS privacy statement at the bottom of their home page www.tads.com) . This will allow the office to process applications more efficiently and avoid numerous paper copies.
      We will be updating our website this week to include further details regarding application for consideration which will include the TADS links. Keep your eyes open! If you have any questions, please contact me at businessmanager@merriconeag.org or 865-3900 ext. 101.  

Click here to apply at http://www.tads.com

Click here to apply at http://www.tads.com


From the Development Office

2010-11 Annual Appeal Update:

Many families wonder how much to contribute to the Annual Appeal. This is a personal decision, based on your disposable income and your priorities, but I wanted to share the range of gifts that 131 Merriconeag families have donated to the Annual Appeal this year:

# gifts Donation Amount
  3     $2,000-$10,000

10     $1,000-$1,999
10     $500 - $999

16     $250 - $499
43     $100 - $249
29     $50 - $99
20     $5- $49

     There are 225 students in the school this year, which translates to a gift of $267 per student to reach our goal of $60,000. As many families are not able to make a gift of this size, we are very grateful to those families who can make a larger gift. By making as generous a gift as possible, you are supporting this priceless educational experience for the whole group, and helping keep tuition levels as low as possible.

     Participation levels are also very important, to demonstrate to outside funders the breadth of support within our community. Gifts of all sizes count, and I encourage you to send your Annual Appeal gift today. Remember – the first class to get to 100% gets a decadent chocolate dessert of your choice delivered to the next parent evening.

    Tuition revenue covers 92% of our operating budget – the Annual Appeal is a critical fundraiser to cover the gap between tuition revenue and operating expenses. The Board is currently formulating next year’s budget; a strong response to the Annual Appeal demonstrates our hope for the future, as well as our willingness to support the faculty, the programs, and the entire school in the year ahead.

     As a community, we are enormously indebted to every family who chooses to make a donation to the annual appeal. In gratitude, Lynne Espy (developmentcoordinator@merriconeag.org, 865-3900 Ext. 116)





Athletic News - Sports Updates

Middle School Nordic Skiing

We have had an exciting beginning to the nordic ski season. We have over 40 skiers on our middle school team. In our first race, a 2.5K freestyle at Starks Hill in Fryeburg, both our boys and girls came in second place. In our next meet, a classic race at Twinbrook, both the boys and girls took first place. In our most recent race, a classic at Libby Hill in Gray, the boys and girls also came in first place. We have had great individual efforts from all of our racers. Our fans have been exuberant and our coaches outstanding. We have four races left; this Thursday at Twinbrook, the following Thursday at Twinbrook, on 2/10 we host the league final at Pineland and on 2/19 the State Championships are at Starks Hill in Fryeberg. Submitted by John Saccone

Excitement was in the air last Thursday at Libby Hill in Gray as Merriconeag 6th, 7th, and 8th graders competed in their third Nordic race of the season. With some new to racing (and some new to skiing!), the enthusiasm and support of every team member for their fellow skiers was exhibited as though “old hat”. When the results were in, Merriconeag, under the guidance of Coaches Bjorn Laukli and Amy Ireland, once again proved itself a formidable challenger in claiming victory among the eight competing schools, their second first place finish in three races. This Thursday's race at Twin Brook is bound to be equally exciting as Merriconeag faces five other teams vying for that first place slot. Submitted by Rosita Moore

For race dates and maps, visit our website's Google Calendar. For high school race results, go to Maine High School Skiing.


School Community Updates


We are happy to announce three upcoming Saturday Craft Mornings: The first one is this Saturday, January 29th! Please spread the word about these and bring your friends. The craft mornings are a wonderful way to introduce a family to Waldorf Early Childhood Education. Email admissions@merriconeag.org to register.


Super Bowl XLV? Bah! Come to Super-(basket)ball II: After a two-year hiatus, the Student-Faculty Basketball Game is back! Merriconeag’s student team, a coed squad consisting of nearly 20 seventh through eleventh graders, has issued a challenge to the aging but spirited faculty. The game will take place on Friday, February 4, at 6:30 p.m., in the Freeport Jr. High School gym. Come cheer on your favorite team, and support the high school’s fund-raising efforts as well.
      Among the faculty volunteers (to be entirely honest, some were “volunteered”) are “Jumpin Johnny” Saccone, “Sneaky” Sarah Buck, Oliver “Kangaroo” Kinzer, Eva “The Bouncing Czech” McVicar, “Reboundin’’ Robert Pennington, Nancy “Hot-Rod”-erick, Rose Mary “Bombs Away” Burwell, “Deadeye” David Whittlesey, “Show Me the Money” Shannon Combar, “ Jeff “Airball!” O’Brien, “Grabby Greta” Parsons, Richard “The Ripper” Evans, and Lisa “Never Misses” Mainella.

     Although there will be no admission fee, generous donations are welcome. Refreshments will also be on sale, the proceeds of which will go toward funding the high school Model UN trips and the Siddhartha School in Ladakh, India. Submitted by Coach Sloan


Neurological Development and Waldorf Education:
Panel Discussion February 9, 7:00 PM in the Community Hall

Join us for a discussion about recent neurological research and how Waldorf Education supports healthy brain development. It is becoming ever clearer that the movement and emotional aspects of education are as important for healthy brain development as the cognitive aspects. What does the research show, and how are we supporting this healthy growth at Merriconeag?

     Panelists will include David Beringer, who has completed a three-year training as a therapeutic educator, Cristina Post who recently completed the Mind, Brain, and Education Program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Sandy Pearson, Handwork Teacher who recently led workshops for teachers on the importance of craftwork and the hand for healthy development, and other teachers. This event will include brief presentations and time for dialog, so please come and bring your questions.


Merriconeag's 4th Annual Blood Drive is scheduled for Tuesday, February 15th, 1pm - 6pm. Volunteers are needed to help make this years' drive a success. A schedule will be posted in the office to sign up for donating, as well as assisting the Red Cross in caring for those who have donated. Volunteers are needed to check people in, assist people after they have donated by escorting them to the snack area and offering a drink and snack. Many hands make for less work. Last year some parents were kind enough to make some homemade snacks. 7th graders assisted with caring for those who had donated, 9th graders came after school to relieve the 7th graders. Although the amount of blood donated last year was low, our support, teamwork, and positive experience to those who visited our campus was so appreciated. Please choose some way to help make this years' Blood Drive a success.

     Any questions, please feel free to call me, or stop by the office to sign up for a shift to help or a time to donate. If anyone would be willing to organize the baked goods for this day, please call me. Thank you!

Barbara Kappelmann - 754-5777.


Craig Ela from The Theater Project in Brunswick will offering an after school theater class for grades 7 through 12. The class will meet on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays from 3:15-4:45. The class will start on Monday, Feb 28th and the last class will be Wednesday, March 30th. The class will meet in the community hall. The cost of the class is $75.
Craig offered a very successful class to the high school last year.
Please let me know by Monday, Jan 31, if you are interested in your student participating. You may contact me at jobrien6@maine.rr.com.
If you have any questions about the content of the class, please email Craig directly. His email is elacraig@yahoo.com.


Race to Nowhere - Two Showings

Falmouth High School tonight:

If you missed the showing at Merriconeag, Friends School of Portland and and Falmouth Baseball Boosters are presenting the film on Tuesday, January 25, 7:00 PM at Falmouth High School Auditorium, 78 Woodville Road, Falmouth.Tickets are available through http://rtnfalmouthhs.eventbrite.com/ and are $10 in advance, $15 at the door. For more information: http://friendsschoolofportland.org/

If you can't make it tonight and you would still like to see the movie, Cape Elizabeth High School is showing the film on February 7, 6:30 PM. For more information: cape-elizabeth-high-school.


Hup Hey! Attention all Circus-Goers: THE 2011 CIRCUS SMIRKUS BIG TOP TOUR RETURNS TO FREEPORT ON THURSDAY 8/11 & FRIDAY 8/12!  Watch this space for the full scoop on “Frontpage Follies: Big Top Big News!”

See you down the road,
Trace Salter, Circus Coordinator, circus@merriconeag.org




Last Call for 2011 Yearbooks: Currently we have sold 89 yearbooks and, in order to get a price break from the printer, we would like to sell 100. So, if you've forgotten to order yourself a copy, or if you were undecided, this is your final opportunity to sign up. Once we have the total number sold, we can determine the price. It is likely to be between $45 and $50, but we guarantee it will be no higher than $55. FINAL DEADLINE IS JANUARY 31st. E-mail Kathy Watko at bookkeeper@merriconeag.org to order your copy of the 2011 yearbook. Invoices for yearbooks will likely go out in early Feb. If you have any further questions, please contact Patty Bright at bbfarm@gwi.net or 865-1303. Thanks.

Next month, the MWS 7th Grade will be launching their new business, Seventeen Seeds. They will be offering a carefully chosen a variety of vegetable and flower seeds (seventeen varieties in all) in a bundled pack. The seeds come from Fedco, a locally owned company known for selling seeds of the highest quality. They are offering a generous deal for schools to use as a fundraiser, and we are passing on much of the savings to you!

     Stay tuned to the Tuesday News for more details of this blossoming business and the deal that they are offering. The next announcement will include the varieties offered, as well as give you a glimpse of some of the charming verses that are being composed for the envelopes. If you are not (yet) a gardener, keep in mind that this will make a wonderful gift to the gardeners in your life.


Attention Wednesday Pizza Lovers: If you’d like Wednesday pizza, it’s time to sign up for Session II. Session II is a total of 15 weeks beginning February 2 and ending May 25. Sign up for pizza will be for the entire session only.
      Pizza choices will be cheese, pepperoni, and Kalamata (brown) olive and the cost will be $2.00 per slice. The total cost of one slice of pizza per week during session II will be $30.00.
      Students have the option to omit or skip a pizza day in the case of a known or anticipated absence (i.e. Dr.’s appt. or vacation). Please provide the date(s) of known absences. Adjustments or refunds cannot be made for unanticipated or last minute absences.
      To order pizza for Session II, please complete an order form and return it with cash or a check, made payable to MWS, to the basket outside the 8th grade classroom no later than Wednesday, January 26th. Questions? Contact Mary Martin 865-0689. Click here for a printable order form.

PIZZA ORDER FORM SESSION II: February 2 through May 25 (15 weeks)
Order forms and cash or check must be received by Wednesday, Jan. 26.
Please place in an envelope and leave outside the 8th grade classroom.
This is your only chance to order this session

Cost per slice: $2.00X 15 weeks = $30.00(unless more than 1 slice/wk. ordered)
or you have a conflict with one of the weeks. If so, please complete * below.

Number of Slices Amount Enclosed


Pepperoni_______ Cash $_______

Kalamata Olive___ Check $_______

Name ____________________________________Grade_______Faculty_____

* No pizza on Wed. (date)_____________. I will not be at school (deduct. $ amt.)



Read (Listen to or Watch) This

Premier Putin Visits the Waldorf School in Moscow
Premier Putin visiting the Waldorf School in Moscow N1060 for an educational meeting and to present the Waldorf School Director and Mathematics teacher Michael Sluch with a 'best teacher in Russia' award. Premier Putin said "such schools are schools for the future". View video here European Council for Steiner Waldorf Education January 2011





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