Tuesday News - January 11, 2011

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Please note the following Calendar Change: The “Walk through the Grades” event, scheduled for Thursday, January 13, has been postponed until Friday, January 21. Please call Lyn Baird if you are interested in attending: 865-3900, ext.103.

Snow Days and Unexpected School Closures


     As the winter weather season begins, please remember: if school is closed, MWS evening events are cancelled. There are three ways to check on school closings (this information is printed on the inside cover of your school handbook/directory):

· Radio stations WGAN-AM (560), WMGX-FM (93.1), WYNZ-FM (100.9), and WPOR- FM (101.9)

· Local TV stations, Channels 6, 8 and 13

· School answering machines: Freeport Campus (EC- G8) 865-3900 and Pineland Campus

  (High School) 688-8989

     WCSH 6 TV is also offering an automatic text alert for you computer or wireless phone, at the following website: http://www.wcsh6.com/weather/resources/text_alert/default.aspx

     For more details on Merriconeag closures follow this link to the December 7 Tuesday News.


Merriconeag Art Show Opening

- Friday, January 21, 6:30 - 8:30 pm, 317 Main Street, Yarmouth. Show dates: January 17 - February 25.

Please join us!

Merriconeag Waldorf School:

Where Art and Academics Intersect





Division of a Circle: Sixth Grade Geometry  


 “Where Art and Academics  Intersect”

an exhibition of work from

Merriconeag Waldorf School

Opening reception:

Friday, January 21, 6:30-8:30 pm

Show dates: Jan. 17 – Feb. 25

317 Main Street, Yarmouth



From the Admissions Office



     I appreciate all of your efforts to help new families discover the beauty of Waldorf education. Below are some introductory events and classes, all excellent ways for families with young children to get to know us.

Open House for Early Childhood and First Grade – Thursday, January 20,
2:00 – 4:00 p.m., Early Childhood Center

This is a great opportunity to introduce new families to Merriconeag. Children are welcome and parents can have informal conversations with teachers about our early childhood offerings as well as first grade.

Life in a Waldorf First Grade – Monday, January 31, 7:00 p.m., First Grade Classroom
This evening is designed to give prospective parents an experience of a typical school day for a Waldorf first grader. Learn how our unique approach to teaching reading and math appeals to the young child’s imagination and love of active learning.

Winter Parent-Infant Class
Merriconeag’s first parent-infant class began last week. The class meets on Thursdays from 1:30 – 3:00 p.m. in the Early Childhood Center. We still have a few openings, so if you know of anyone who might be interested in this, please have them call me.

Winter Parent-Toddler Class
Our popular parent-toddler classes are overflowing this season. We are considering adding another class on Thursday mornings if three more families would want to join. Please let me know of any interest in this.

Lyn Baird, 865-3900, ext.103, admissionsdirector@merriconeag.org.


From the Finance Office

Tuition Assistance Applications:

     Searching for missing paper tuition assistance packets? We are in the process of making changes to tuition assistance this year. One of those changes is what financial aid company we will use. We are finalizing the switch to a new company with online applications and tax documents submitted directly to the company. This will reduce processing time for the Finance Office and eliminate all the paper copies for committee members. Look for an announcement in next week’s news that will provide further information and a link to the financial aid company. Thanks, Shannon Combar, Finance Director, businessmanager@merriconeag.org or ext 101.


From the Development Office

2010-11 Annual Appeal Update:
     It’s time for the Chocolate Incentive! The first class to have every family donate a gift of any size to the Annual Appeal will receive one of Lynne Espy’s decadent chocolate desserts. Last year’s 8th grade class achieved 100% participation before any of the other classes, and the 8th grade parents were thrilled to have a mocha torte delivered to their parent evening. Wouldn’t you like this?! (Accommodations can be made for non-chocoholics).

 We have raised $44,035 towards our Annual Appeal goal of $60,000. We’re doing well, but still need to raise $16,000 to meet our budget.
 52% of the gifts are larger than last year’s gifts (this is a good trend!)
 30% of the gifts are from first time donors (this is wonderful!)

     Please make a donation to the Annual Appeal today by submitting a check to the office (remittance envelopes available), going to our website and making an online donation, or calling us about a stock gift. If your employer matches your charitable gifts, please let us know!
      As a community, we are enormously indebted to every family who chooses to make a donation to the annual appeal. In gratitude, Lynne Espy (developmentcoordinator@merriconeag.org, 865-3900 Ext. 116)





Athletic News - Sports Updates

High School Nordic Skiing

     Saturday's race at Starks Hill in Fryeburg went well for our first contest this year. Thanks to the parents and supporters at the race. I was pleased to see all participants put forth a hard effort - we are finally getting in race mode.

     As we progress we will be upping the level of race wax emphasis and race preparation. For now it is important to get used to race pace. In these beginning races, results are not a big deal. Effort is what I am looking for and everyone achieved that goal on Saturday.

     Learning to pace and finish strong can only be learned by doing so I'm hoping that those team members who did not race on Saturday realized that they will fit in fine. The range of experience in these races varies greatly so getting out and racing in these early races is important. John Tarling, Merriconeag High School Nordic Ski Coach

     The High School Team is scheduled to race again tomorrow in a 5k Skate Race at Pineland, 3:30 p.m, along with Freeport, Fryeburg, NYA, Lake Region, and Falmouth. We hope you will come out and support the team.

     For race dates and maps, visit our website's Google Calendar. For race results, go to Maine High School Skiing.


MWS sophomore Emelie Chace-Donahue competed in her first Biathlon race, the US Junior/Youth National Trials on December 27 and 28 at the Ethan Allen Training Facility in Jericho, VT.  For those of you not familiar with biathlon, this sport combines nordic skate skiing and rifle marksmanship in a 10k (or longer) race that is exciting and unpredictable to the very end.

     For this event, Emelie raced ‘up’ from her age group and competed with an experienced group of skiers, carrying a rifle on her back for the very first time. This race was a great learning experience and Eme encountered many of the challenges of biathlon; including heart rate control, a jammed rifle and skiing the dreaded penalty loop for missed shots. Eme handled the race with grace and beauty (thanks Mr. Saccone) and can now check first race jitters off of her training list.

     Emelie’s next race will be at La Patrie in Quebec on January 15 and 16. For biathlon events, Emelie skis with the Southern Maine Biathlon Club along with other high school athletes from Freeport, Yarmouth, Cumberland and Falmouth. The club is coached by James Upham, the US Biathlon Team Development and Paralympic coach, who brings the big picture of Biathlon to our small corner of Maine. Submitted by Jason Donahue


School Community Updates

Please join us for the first COMMUNITY MEETING of the year:

Thursday, January, 20, 7:00 PM, Community Hall

Come one, come all to share in an important, dynamic and creative discussion about the future of Merriconeag’s campus. The Facilities Planning Committee, a Board mandated group of parents, Board members and teachers, has been meeting weekly to consider various options for the school's future growth. They will present the fruits of their work to date as well as gather valuable feedback from the community. Envision the possibilities with fellow parents, faculty, board members, students, alumni and friends; be a part of the excitement as we continue to provide an environment that inspires our educational mission and welcomes the greater community. Light refreshments provided. Free hammers to the first 10 attendees! FMI please contact Sarah Pierce or Jason Donahue.

Table Puppet Workshop:  Mark your calendar for Friday evening, January 21st at 7 pm in the Handwork Room on the Grade School Campus as the date for the next handwork workshop.  We'll be making King Winter table puppets this time!  No cost for the workshop, but you will need to bring your own supplies.  E-mail Aly Fullagar at jane_nomore@yahoo.com or call her at 522-1293 and she will fill you in on all the details.  Hope you see you there!


The January 20 Parent Coffee has been cancelled.

We hope you will attend one of the following next week instead: the Community Meeting, Early Childhood & First Grade Open House, Art Show Opening at 317 Main Street, and/or the Table Puppet Workshop.


Attention Wednesday Pizza Lovers: If you’d like Wednesday pizza, it’s time to sign up for Session II. Session II is a total of 15 weeks beginning February 2 and ending May 25. Sign up for pizza will be for the entire session only.
      Pizza choices will be cheese, pepperoni, and Kalamata (brown) olive and the cost will be $2.00 per slice. The total cost of one slice of pizza per week during session II will be $30.00.
      Students have the option to omit or skip a pizza day in the case of a known or anticipated absence (i.e. Dr.’s appt. or vacation). Please provide the date(s) of known absences. Adjustments or refunds cannot be made for unanticipated or last minute absences.
      To order pizza for Session II, please complete an order form and return it with cash or a check, made payable to MWS, to the basket outside the 8th grade classroom no later than Wednesday, January 26th. Questions? Contact Mary Martin 865-0689. Click here for a printable order form.

PIZZA ORDER FORM SESSION II: February 2 through May 25 (15 weeks)
Order forms and cash or check must be received by Wednesday, Jan. 26.
Please place in an envelope and leave outside the 8th grade classroom.
This is your only chance to order this session

Cost per slice: $2.00X 15 weeks = $30.00(unless more than 1 slice/wk. ordered)
or you have a conflict with one of the weeks. If so, please complete * below.

Number of Slices Amount Enclosed


Pepperoni_______ Cash $_______

Kalamata Olive___ Check $_______

Name ____________________________________Grade_______Faculty_____

* No pizza on Wed. (date)_____________. I will not be at school (deduct. $ amt.)


Irish Step is returning to Merriconeag: Join us for a free sample (all ages, all abilities) and details in the Community Hall on Sunday, January 23rd, from 1-2. Dance the winter blues away! Formal classes will begin on Tuesday, February 1st. Beginners at 6:30 (ages 9+ please), Intermediate at 7:30, and we'll plan an adult class if there is enough interest! For more information, contact Cristina Post at treocyn@gmail.com or 233-2564.



Race to Nowhere at Falmouth High School:

If you missed the showing at Merriconeag, Friends School of Portland and and Falmouth Baseball Boosters are presenting the film on Tuesday, January 25, 7:00 PM at Falmouth High School Auditorium, 78 Woodville Road, Falmouth.Tickets are available through http://rtnfalmouthhs.eventbrite.com/ and are $10 in advance, $15 at the door. Stonyfield Cafe is sponsoring a 5% donation night for Friends School's Parenting for Peace program on the 25th from 4-8pm, so you might want to consider dinner and a movie. For more information: http://friendsschoolofportland.org/



We are happy to announce our three upcoming Saturday Craft Mornings: Please join us for these delightful activities for children under 7 and their parents. Along with a craft, children will enjoy a story and a snack. The mornings will take place at  the Early Childhood Center, 9:30 – 11:00 a.m. and the cost is $5/child. Pre-registration is suggested, but drop-ins are welcome. Contact: admissions@merriconeag.org


January 29      Dancing Snowflakes
Come make snow fairies with fleece and listen to a story about Jack Frost.

February 5      Valentine Tea Party
Come make valentines, drink pink tea, and listen to a story of a snowman with a heart.

March 5          The Birds are Returning

Come welcome spring, make fleece birds and listen to a springtime story.


Parking Lot:  Please remember that the speed limit in all school parking lots is 5 miles per hour. If you will be getting out of your car, please pull into a parking space. Standing cars are not allowed as they impede the flow of traffic. A parked car needs to be in a parking space.

     At the grade school campus, u-turns are not allowed. Only parents of first graders may park alongside the driveway by the lower school building. Please ensure your car is parked facing the correct direction.
      Courtesy in the parking will be especially appreciated during the ski season when parents drop-off children with ski equipment along the curb. Thank you!



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