Tuesday News - November 30, 2010

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PLEASE NOTE: There are no Early Childhood Classes on Friday, December 3, because of the Spiral Garden!

Tom Ryan Named Coach of the Year

     Tom Ryan was named Coach of the Year for Maine High School Girls Cross Country by the Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram. The article states: Ryan guided Merriconeag to the school’s first state championship in its first season as a full squad. Merriconeag avenged a one-point regional loss to Waynflete with a six-point victory in the Class C state meet.
      Congratulations to Tom! We are grateful for another opportunity to thank him for all that he has done for Merriconeag and its cross country running program.
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Race to Nowhere is SOLD OUT!

December 2, 7:00 pm, Community Hall

Click on image below to view the movie trailer and learn more about the film.

     Merriconeag Waldorf School will proudly present the Maine premiere of the documentary, Race to Nowhere, this Thursday evening at 7:00 p.m. We hope you have your tickets because as of Monday the show was SOLD OUT.  Please note that because the show is sold out there will not be tickets available at the door.

     The film can raise powerful conversations and lead to action among interested groups. Following the showing on December 2nd, there will be a discussion of the film facilitated by David Sloan and David Barham.

Please note that the movie is PG13. We believe it is appropriate for high school and up.

See the reviews and praise for Race to Nowhere.



Other Upcoming Events

“Walk through Grades 2 – 8,” Wednesday, December 1, 8:15 – 10:30 a.m.

Observe classes in Grades 2 - 8 and then join us for a question/discussion period. Call 207.865.3900, Ext 103 or email, admissions@merriconeag.org to register.

A Spiral Garden of Light, Friday, December 3, for children in the Early Childhood and Grades 1 and 2: 

(Please note: There are no Early Childhood classes on this day!)

     The days are getting shorter and the darkness of night envelopes us. The harvest is in. It is cold. Yet, it is within the darkest hour that we find hope. It is in the depths of our soul that we find the light. It is the light of love, a light of peace, and a light of hope. This is the time of year when we anticipate this light, see it, acknowledge it with our gifts and deeds, cherish it with our families, and honor it during our festivals of faith.
      Walking the Spiral Garden is a magical experience for the children. Each child walks the spiral carrying his or her light into the darkened space. Their light is placed along the path guiding the way for others. Submitted by Sandy Pearson

Craving a handwork workshop? If so, mark your calendar for Wednesday, December 8 in the farmhouse kitchen after drop off until around 10....we'll make adorable doll vest and crown sets out of plan dyed wool felt with embellishment options. Cost for the workshop is only $7 to cover materials. If interested, please contact Aly Fullagar at 522-1293 to "register" so she knows how much material to plan for. Coming after the Christmas Break: King Winter Table Puppets!

Grade Eight Circus, Clowning, Magic, Mime & Mayhem, Wednesday, December 8, 11 a.m., Community Hall

“Walk through Grades 9 – 12,” Tuesday, December 14, 8:45 – 10:30 a.m.

Observe our high school students in a range of classes: science (nerve, skin & bone), humanities (Dante), and calculus. Time for questions. Adults only, please. Call 865-3900, ext.103 or email, admissions@merriconeag.org to register

All School Winter Assembly, Thursday, December 16, 5:30 p.m., Freeport Performing Arts Center

Details next week.

Shepherds Play, Friday, December 17, 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon, Community Hall: The play, usually performed by members of the faculty and adults in the community, will be presented with a unique twist this year. We warmly invite the entire community to join us to witness this simple, yet profound offering which speaks to what it means to be truly human.

Why you might want to come out to see the Shepherd's Play -

by David Barham

    It is quite ironic that I am the one writing this article, directing this year’s production of The Shepherds Play and urging all of the adults in the community to come to the Community Hall at 11:00 on Friday, December 17 to see the performance.
      Let me start at the beginning with a short, personal anecdote.
      Many years ago, when I was doing my Waldorf teacher training at Antioch New England Graduate School in Keene, New Hampshire, our teachers tried to get us to perform The Shepherds Play as part of our studies. My class was known as a rebellious class and we actually refused to take up the play because we felt our teacher’s could not fully explain how this Medieval drama was something more than a Christian tale for Christian families. Our pressing questions went unanswered. So instead, my fellow students and I pulled together a Revels style celebration with elements from pre-Christian winter solstices celebrations (including a spiral of greens with candles), the Jewish traditions of Chanukah, and aspects of Christmas as well. The celebration was meaningful and satisfying and I thought I imagined I would have little to do with the Shepherds Play as I moved into my Waldorf teaching.
      A few years later, I was involved in a study of the Christmas season and the Shepherds Play and what Rudolf Steiner had to say about both. . . Read more.


News From the High School

On the first of November, biodynamic gardener and longtime Merriconeag friend, Cordelia Lane, brought the 11th graders to Desert Road to mix and spray biodynamic preparations (an earth healing elixir) around the campus. The work, which was carried out with joy, purpose, humor, diligence, and enthusiasm, involved vigorous stirring for 60 minutes and was then broadcast across the gardens, play yards, compost piles, trees and woods. Thank you 11th grade

and thank you Cordelia! 

Submitted by Lucy Ahearne


School Community Updates

2011 Yearbook, Deadline: Dec. 3rd

In Grades 8-12 – Read This

If you’re in grades 8-12, you will automatically be billed for a yearbook, so you don’t need to sign up to receive a copy.  If you would rather NOT purchase a yearbook and you’re in grades 8-12, then you MUST fill out an order form and check the box that reads:  “I am in the 8-12 grade and I would NOT like to purchase a yearbook this year.”  A link to the order form is below.

In Grades ECC – 7, Faculty and Staff – Read This

If you’re in grades ECC – 7, you're faculty or staff and you’d like a copy of the 2011 yearbook, then you must fill out an order form requesting a copy.  You will be billed sometime after the deadline of Dec. 3rd.  A link to the order form is below.

How much will it cost this year?

That is a great question and one that we cannot answer until we know how many we will order.  We have set a maximum price of $55 per book.  We hope that the price will come down.  Once we have set the price, the Business Office will bill you for the actual price.  We expect it to be somewhere between $45 and $55.

When will I receive my yearbook?

We expect yearbooks to be delivered in late May or early June before school gets out in the spring.

How do I get an order form?

Click here to open up an order form or there are forms in both offices.  You can fill it out and bring it to either office, or you can mail it to:  Merriconeag Waldorf School, 57 Desert Road, Freeport, ME  04032.

Any Questions? If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Patty Bright, Yearbook Advisor at 865-1303 or bbfarm@gwi.net.


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