Tuesday News - November 23, 2010

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School is closed tomorrow, Wednesday, November 23, through Friday, November 26,

for Thanksgiving Break. We wish all of you a wonderful holiday!

From the Admissions Office


Coming up in December are two opportunities for parents to observe classes at Merriconeag. This is a first step for many prospective parents, and for families already at Merriconeag, it can be a helpful way to learn more about what lies ahead.

Wednesday, December 1, “Walk through Grades 2 – 8,” 8:15 – 10:30 a.m.

Tuesday, December 14, “Walk through Grades 9 – 12,”   8:45 – 10:30 a.m.

We ask parents to pre-register for these events so please refer potential new families to Lyn Baird or contact her yourself if you’re interested in joining one of these tours. admissionsdirector@merriconeag.org or 865-3900, Ext.103.



Race to Nowhere

December 2, 7:00 pm, Community Hall

Click on image below to view the movie trailer and learn more about the film.

     Merriconeag Waldorf School proudly presents the Maine premiere of the documentary, Race to Nowhere. Tickets are $10 and available only online at rtnmerriconeag.eventbrite.comThere has been a lot of interest in this film from outside of our school community and tickets are moving quickly, so be sure to buy your tickets soon. If we still have tickets the night of the show, they will be available at the door for $15.

     The film can raise powerful conversations and lead to action among interested groups. Following the showing on December 2nd, there will be a discussion of the film facilitated by David Sloan and David Barham.

Please note that the movie is PG13. We believe it is appropriate for high school and up.

See the reviews and praise for Race to Nowhere.



Other Upcoming Events

Life is Movement, and Movement is Life: Eurythmy and the Neurological Basis for

Learning through Movement

November 29th in the Community Hall at 7:00 PM and
November 30th at 9:00 AM in the Farmhouse.

A talk and activities by Barbara Richardson and David Beringer to help understand Therapeutic Eurythmy at Merriconeag Waldorf School.

Barbara Richardson is a former Waldorf Class Teacher and Eurythmy teacher. After completing the additional training for Therapeutic Eurythmy, she has worked with doctors in clinical settings and brought this healing artform to infants, children, and adults in schools, teacher-training institutes, and in the workplace, masterfully using the power of speech and music to help individuals find wholeness and healing.

David Beringer has his Masters degree in Education and an additional three-year training in Transdisciplinary Therapeutic Education that combines movement and learning strategies from several areas of neuro-developmental research. He has been a teacher for 28 years.

Shepherds Play: The play, usually performed by members of the faculty and adults in the community, will be presented with a unique twist this year. We warmly invite the entire community to join us at 11:00- 12:00 on December 17, 2010 in the Community Hall to witness this simple, yet profound offering which speaks to what it means to be truly human.  Read more.   Submitted by David Barham





News From the High School


Au Revoir Jehan et Constance: Friday night, ninth and tenth graders and their families gathered at the Murphy-Anderson’s Community House in order to say Au Revoir to our French exchange students Constance Fayol and Jehan Foulke, returning to their home in Lyon, France, after 3 months at Merriconeag Waldorf High School. A delicious,s generous potluck was shared, followed by piano duets with Devon and Constance, (who had just completed her first 3 months of piano lessons with M. Seavey!), and Augustine Hoffmann our French Student recently arrived from Avignon. Augustine delighted us with her self- composed French song and guitar solo.
      Judging from the number of hugs and kisses exchanged, I gather these students were well-integrated and well-loved by their American peers. Both Jehan and Constance had tears in their eyes as they bid farewell, hearts full of gratitude for the wonderful care and love they received both in their family and at school. Jehan is Emelie Chace-Donahue’s French brother and Constance is Devon Murphy-Anderson’s French sister. Devon will go to the Lyon Waldorf School in March, 2011, and Emelie will leave in April to go to the same school.
      It will be their turn to experience a home away from home, strange food, new school rules and the challenge to do homework in a language they haven’t yet mastered. But they will have the comfort of meeting again their foreign siblings who will understand well where they come from!
      As our High School students recently explained to Merriconeag Middle school students, our Foreign Exchange program, open to any tenth or eleventh grader desirous to try it, is an opportunity not to be missed. It opens new vistas; it helps students mature and learn independence, master a foreign language, understand a new culture from daily living and open hearts to others. Merriconeag education is spreading peace and tolerance, one exchange at a time!  Régine Whittlesey


Québec City, S’il Vous Plait: From the ninth to the thirteenth of November, 2010, our eleventh graders said more often “merci, excusez-moi, and s’il vous plait”, than “thank you, excuse me and please!” That’s because they were living in the Francophone world of nearby ancient Québec city.
      The whole junior class, French and German students together, went to discover the history, culture, gastronomy and way of life of this 400-year-old North American City, where most everyone speaks French. Accompanied by Madame Whittlesey, Frau Mc Vicar and Svenja Dettmer, our Amity intern, the students quickly learned their way through the cobblestone streets of the old city, as we stayed in the Auberge Internationale, conveniently situated within the ramparts, near the busy rue St. Jean in the old town. Daily activities ranged from historical museums and cultural teachings, to a visit of the imposing Château Frontenac, where a lively “200-year-old” chambermaid guided us through the secrets of this famous historic hotel (did you know there are three third floors in the Château?). Outdoor excursions took us once on a fiercely windy day to the Plains of Abraham and the ancient Citadel; on a lovely, sunny, (almost) warm day, we drove to the Montmorency Falls and pondered about the force of nature from a suspended bridge over the raging waterfall, which is 30 meters taller than the Niagara Falls!
      Another visit invited meditation and reverence as we strolled through the magnificent Neo-Romanesque Basilica of Ste Anne de Beaupré, a resplendent cathedral built on the site of a 1658 chapel. Magnificent mosaics and stained glass windows, carved stones and an exact replica of La Pieta by Michelangelo are some of the treasures our students respectfully admired.
Free time left students to go enjoy a variety of activities in small groups—ice skating on the public skating ring in front of the illuminated ramparts, dancing on ice to loud French Music, shopping in the numerous boutiques of the old town or just sitting at a warm café drinking sumptuous hot chocolate while eating flaky pains au chocolat or croissants. What choices! No wonder we did not hear any complaints!
      We spent one evening with a Quebécois musician-storyteller, Pierre Leclerc, who engaged us all in call and response French Québecois songs, foot tapping, spoon playing and spontaneous dancing. As he said himself: “C’est l’fun!”
      At our last elegant dinner in the Basse Ville restaurant “Chez Rabelais,” some students rose to give toasts of thanks for the wonderful time had by all. Now tenth graders look at the photos of our trip displayed in the high school and dream … Will we also go to Quebec with our class? I certainly hope so!  Régine Whittlesey


News from the Board

     It has been a busy fall here at Merriconeag; I hope everyone has had a chance to enjoy the various festivals, speakers, parent evenings and sporting events—both to reconnect with friends and meet many of the new members of our dynamic community.
      The Board of Directors has also been very active this fall. The Tuition Structure Committee is close to making recommendations to our tuition policy for the 2011 / 2012 school year based on careful research and financial projections. We are also in the initial planning stages of redefining the 2006 Campus Master Plan, which includes envisioning some of the exciting building projects that are down the road for the school. Stay tuned for more news on these important developments. And we recently kicked off the school’s Annual Appeal campaign for this year. I am truly pleased to report the Board has already achieved 100% participation in this year’s appeal. Please help us reach our goal of raising $60,000 by making your contribution or pledge today.
      I’d like to introduce Barbara Guffin as our newest Board member; Barbara has been with the school for many years and we are excited about her willingness to join the Board. In addition, I would like to congratulate Barbara Kappelman on her new role as Board Vice President. She replaces Valerie Konstantino, who recently stepped down from this role, who will remain on the board. Thanks Val for all your hard work and support for Merriconeag!
      As a reminder, all Board meetings are open to the public and we encourage visitors to join us and learn more about our efforts. And for the record, all of our prior Board meeting minutes can be found outside Christine Sloan’s office in the farmhouse. Please feel free to contact any Board member if you have questions, feedback or ideas. Thanks for your ongoing support. Happy Thanksgiving! Bob Neveu, Board Chair


School Community Updates

Attention all crafters: Craving a handwork workshop? If so, mark your calendar for Wednesday, December 8 in the farmhouse kitchen after drop off until around 10....we'll make adorable doll vest and crown sets out of plan dyed wool felt with embellishment options. Cost for the workshop is only $7 to cover materials. If interested, please contact Aly Fullagar at 522-1293 to "register" so she knows how much material to plan for. Coming after the Christmas Break: King Winter Table Puppets!

Last Call for Help Finding the Merriconeag Banner: Has anyone seen, or know anything about, the teal-colored vinyl school banner? It has been missing from the high school vans since September. PLEASE email jenchace@gmail.com or highschool@merriconeag.org, with any leads whatsoever. We very much need the banner and your help finding it..

Found: A set of 3 keys with a YMCA membership tag were found on the Kindergarten playground near the picnic table. See Deeda in the Early Childhood office if they belong to you.

Cross Country Ski Rental Today at 3:15 in the Community Hall: Once again we are happy to offer the opportunity to rent ski equipment for the upcoming season.  This will happen on Tuesday, November 23th from 3:15 to 4:30pm in the Community Hall.  Boots will be on hand to try on, as well as a couple of MWS Middle School Nordic  coaches to help size equipment.  Please do not guess about sizes.  Your child needs to try them on with a warm pair of socks.  We also need your child's height in inches.  The price is $55 for the season, payable to MWS.  These are waxable combi skis and need care and maintenance.  They are not recommended for students in Grades 2 or 3.


2011 Yearbook, Deadline: Dec. 3rd

In Grades 8-12 – Read This

If you’re in grades 8-12, you will automatically be billed for a yearbook, so you don’t need to sign up to receive a copy.  If you would rather NOT purchase a yearbook and you’re in grades 8-12, then you MUST fill out an order form and check the box that reads:  “I am in the 8-12 grade and I would NOT like to purchase a yearbook this year.”  A link to the order form is below.

In Grades ECC – 7, Faculty and Staff – Read This

If you’re in grades ECC – 7, you're faculty or staff and you’d like a copy of the 2011 yearbook, then you must fill out an order form requesting a copy.  You will be billed sometime after the deadline of Dec. 3rd.  A link to the order form is below.

How much will it cost this year?

That is a great question and one that we cannot answer until we know how many we will order.  We have set a maximum price of $55 per book.  We hope that the price will come down.  Once we have set the price, the Business Office will bill you for the actual price.  We expect it to be somewhere between $45 and $55.

When will I receive my yearbook?

We expect yearbooks to be delivered in late May or early June before school gets out in the spring.

How do I get an order form?

Click here to open up an order form or there are forms in both offices.  You can fill it out and bring it to either office, or you can mail it to:  Merriconeag Waldorf School, 57 Desert Road, Freeport, ME  04032.

Any Questions? If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Patty Bright, Yearbook Advisor at 865-1303 or bbfarm@gwi.net.

Pest Management Policy: Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a focus of the state to track the use of pesticides in schools and public buildings. MWS is required to disclose to any parent or faculty member when any pesticides are used. MWS does not use pesticides as a general rule. If pesticides are used it would happen when school is not in session and there is no threat of exposure to the students or the community. If you would like contacted when pesticides are used a form is provided in the Grades office (Lisa). After filling out the form you would be contacted in the event of pesticide usage. Contact Will Hight with any questions or concerns, 865-3900 x135 or caretaker@merriconeag.org


Read This

Your Brain on Computers: Growing up Digital, Wired for Distraction

November 21, 2010, New York Times article by Matt Richtel.

The constant stream of stimuli offered by new technology poses a profound new challenge to focusing and learning.

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