Tuesday News - October 5, 2010

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Fall Fair and Open House, Saturday, November 6, 10 am - 3 pm

(Craft Preview Sale for Adults: Friday, November 5, 6 - 9 pm)

Our sincere thanks to all of you who have volunteered to coordinate a part of the fair. Coordinators should have received their “green books” (instructional books) by now. We will deliver budgets, staffing information, and space need outlines to you this week.

Early Childhood               Children’s Crafts             Julia Dodge and Sarah Barmby

                                            Squirrels Attic                  Aly Fullagar, Sarah Currie, Maleah Parker

First Grade                        Waldorf Supplies            Mandy Andreson and Melisa Walker

Second Grade                  Café                                   Carina Wishman-Freedner and Melissa Hoy

Third Grade                       Outdoor Games              Drew Tieman

Fourth Grade                    Outdoor Decorations     Wendy Akerlind

                                             Pocket People                 ______________

Fifth Grade                        Lunch     Food                   Diane Campos                  

Sixth Grade                       Lunch     Set-up               Anna Deutsch     

Seventh Grade                 Preview Night                  Linda Kelly and Rosita Moore

Eighth Grade                    Take Home Meals           Richard Evans

High School                      French Crepes                 Madame Whittlesey and Sarah Buck        

                                            German Fare                    Herr Kinzer and Frau McVicar

Staffing                                                                          Pat Sanford

Independent Crafters                                                Tracy Libby


The Falling Leaves Cafe needs You: We are calling on your inner chef or baker to lend a hand in the creation of both savory and sweet delectables to be sold in individual servings at the Fall Fair.  Dig deep into your recipe index and share to the benefit and appreciation of us all!  Please contact Carina Wishman Freedner at 725-7507 or epicurious.crow@gmail.com.  Thank you so very much for your time!  

School Community Updates


Third Grade News: Class three spent Monday and Tuesday morning building and decorating a sukkah, a temporary shelter without a solid roof to be dwelt in during the week-long Hebrew holiday of Sukkot. Sukkot is a celebration of the harvest and also a remembrance of the 40 days wandering, and dwelling in temporary homes, of the ancient Hebrews on their way to Canaan.  While we did not sleep in the sukkah, we did eat in it at lunch on Tuesday. We planned to return to the sukkah that night for a festive meal, prepared by us that morning, of harvest soup (carrots, potatoes, and dried beans grown by us), bread (made from 8 grains ground by us), and pie (made by children and parents at home). Alas, the rains came, and although the ancient Hebrews would have had their meal in the sukkah no matter what the weather, we ate indoors with the windows and doors open to the elements. A fire outside our door, candles, song and dance, and one of Ms. Hill's large fichus trees created a wonderful atmosphere. Jen Chace

Fifth Grade News: In concert with their main lesson botany block, the fifth graders have been busy preparing their wool yarn for the socks they will learn to knit this year in Handwork classes. We have picked various plants from the new dye garden and found colors in flowers, leaves, roots, and barks. The most exciting and surprising colors came this week with the mysterious indigo. As beautiful blues and green over dyes came out of the pot, we watched them changed and intensified before our eyes. More will be learned in the future about the secrets of indigo in high school chemistry. Mrs. Pearson


Third and Eighth Grades to Have Art Show in Freeport: Edgecomb Potters Gallery at 8 School Street in Freeport invited us to partner with them on an art project to be displayed in their gallery during the October 15th Freeport Friday Art Walk. They requested an elementary class and our Third and Eighth Grades will be participating. The theme is printmaking and agriculture and the project is being led by Mary Jo Marquis of Edgecomb Potters Gallery who will also provide the supplies. The student artwork will stay on exhibit for the two weeks following the art walk. If you get a chance, we hope you will stop by and see the show. 


High School News:  On Monday, high school students began a new three week morning lesson block that will end on Grandparents Day, Friday, October 22nd. The 12th grade is exploring the Transcendentalists in American Literature with Mr. Barham.  The 11th grade is expanding their minds in Projectve Geometry with Mr. O'Brien. The 10th grade is seeking the balance of things in Acids, Bases, and Salts with Mr. Thurrell.  The 9th grade will be looking at the polarity of living things (as opposed to non-living things) in the 9th grade chemistry block with Ms. Buck. Jeff O'Brien, High School Faculty Chair

Read David Sloan's Award-Winning Poem:

As mentioned in last week's news, David Sloan's poem, Lines in Algonquin, won Honorable Mention in Carpe Articulum Literary Review’s 2010 Poetry Competition and is featured in a beautiful two page color spread in their current fall issue. Click here for a temporary link to the magazine. You will find his poem on pp. 16-17/148.



Gently Used Outerwear and Cross-Country Ski Sale (Community Recycling)

This is the final week to bring in your donations for the outerwear and Nordic ski sale which will be happening next Wednesday and Thursday, Oct. 13 and 14, under the white tents at the Community Hall and in front of the Farmhouse. Put your donations into the bins located at the Community Hall, ECC, and Grades buildings.  We are looking for gently used outerwear (sizes 2-adult) as well as Nordic ski equipment. Everyone benefits by recycling good quality outerwear within our community at extremely low prices. Any questions, contact Lynne Espy developmentcoordinator@merriconeag.org, 865-3900 Ext. 116


Athletic News - Sports Updates

Cross Country

Grades 6 – 8 Cross Country

We have an exciting week ahead of us. Today, Tuesday October 5, the middle school team will be at Twin Brook for the Greely Relays.  It is always a fun event. 

      Then on Thursday October 7, we will be hosting a Cumberland County Conference Cross Country Running meet.  This is our first ever on our campus. Many thanks to Will Hight for his hard work in getting our trails ready.  Buses will be arriving from Freeport, Yarmouth, Greely and many fans in their cars. The boys race starts at 4PM and the girls at 4:30.  Help us show off our wonderful campus. We warmly welcome any foods and beverages you might enjoy preparing for the children. If you can, please stay and cheer for our runners.  Thanks, Mr. Saccone & Oliver Kinzer. Link for a complete schedule.

High School Cross Country

Both the boys and girls XC teams raced very well last Friday in Freeport.  The girls won their race against Freeport and Poland.  The boys beat Poland and lost to Freeport. All of the Merriconeag high school runners showed huge improvement from the previous races. Almost every runner had their best time of the season so far.

     This Thursday, October 7th the teams participate in the Western Maine Championship hosted by Falmouth High School. The race is at Falmouth Community Park on Winn Road in Falmouth. The boys race at 3:30 and the girls at 4:00. Come on over and cheer with us!

Link for a complete race schedule.


High School Sailing News

The Sail Maine Varsity team featuring 10th grader, Tim Morse and 8th grade alumnae, Nina Jarrell finished first out of 9 other varsity teams at a regatta on Lake Champlain in Burlington, VT last Saturday. Link for a complete race schedule.



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