Tuesday News - March 31, 2015

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Upcoming Events

Community Meeting Scheduled for April 1 has been canceled:

Dear Community,
Warmest spring wishes from the Board! I write to let you know that we have decided to cancel the Community meeting scheduled for April 1. We did this in order to allow everyone to focus right now on the Variety Show and Silent Auction on April 11th and "Bring a Friend Day" on April 17th. That said, we are eager for your feedback. Please email us with your questions, comments, or concerns at stratplan@merriconeag.org. We are also in the process of scheduling a few coffees in the coming weeks to allow the Board to hear from the community in a different way. Please stay tuned!
Best wishes,
Susan Stark for the Board of Trustees


Grades 5 - 12 Forum:

Bill Yeo Speaks about his Everest Ascent

Thursday, April 2, 1:50 - 2:50 p.m.

Community Hall

Bill is a father in the second grade, Parents are welcome to join grades 5 - 12 for this talk on Thursday.


The Mask you Live in

This Thursday, April 2, 2015, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.

Yarmouth High School Performing Arts Center, Yarmouth

Merriconeag Waldorf School is co-sponsoring this film, The Mask you Live in, with Maine Boys to Men and Yarmouth High School. The film explores American masculinity and it is from the team behind Miss Representation, a film we previously co-sponsored, . This event is recommended for audience members 17 and older.  Admission is free but space is limited so registration is required. Register today by clicking here. To view the film trailer, click here.


Variety Show & Silent Auction to Benefit Tiered Tuition
Saturday, April 11, 6:00 - 9:30 p.m. (Happy Hour 5-6 p.m.)
Community Hall, 57 Desert Road, Freeport

See more information under "From the Development Office" below.



Bring a Friend Day is Friday, April 17th!

Hello Families,

     Bring a Friend Day is rapidly approaching. We hope that your kids are excited to invite a friend to share in the wonder that can be found in day at Merriconeag.

     Keep an eye out for invitations and permission forms that will be coming home with your child this week. If your child seems to have misplaced is along the path on the way to the car, you can easily link to the permission form right here in the Tuesday News.

Best regards,
Sara Staples (parent of Adams in 7th grade and Piper in 4th grade)
To sign up, email visit@merriconeag.org or ask your class teacher for more information.


From the Development Office

Variety Show & Silent Auction to Benefit Tiered Tuition
Saturday, April 11, 6:00 - 9:30 p.m. (Happy Hour 5-6 p.m.)
Community Hall, 57 Desert Road, Freeport

The Variety Show and Tuition Support Auction is Saturday April 11th – just 11 days away!  Have you: 

Bought cash raffle tickets -  Five tickets were mailed to your home in the invitation, and extra tickets are available in all offices. They are $25 each of 5 for $100. To date, cash raffle tickets earning exceed $6,000 – we’re hoping to reach $8,000 so that the winner will take home $2,000. Encourage your extended family members to purchase these tickets – they don’t need to be present to win.  

Send in your RSVP - This helps us figure out how much food we’ll needDiscounted tickets are available if you cannot afford the $25 per person entry fee. Contact Lynne Espy if the price of the entry ticket is preventing you from coming.

Sign up to work a shift the night of the Auction - We need help the week of the Auction, and particularly at the Auction.  If every family pitches in by working one shift, the event will run smoothly.  Please sign up now. Click here.

Check out some of the 80 wonderful items and services that have already been donated click here to see photos and descriptions on our Auction FaceBook page. If you’re a Facebook user, please “Like” the page and share it with friends who are outside Merriconeag. We would love for them to come as your guests.

Bring a Friend - (anyone from outside Merriconeag – current, former, and alumni families, teachers, and board members excluded).  Your guests come for free, but please send us their name beforehand for easy check-in.  

Arrange for a sitter -  If having free baby-sitting is the only way you can come to the auction, please take advantage of the generosity of our middle school students who have volunteered to sit for free that night.  Click here for list.

Lynne Espy, developmentcoordinator@merriconeag.org, 865-3900 Ext..116

Mary Martin, events@merriconeag.org, 855-3900, Ext 113 

Class Baskets – a Live Auction Highlight
Parents, teachers, and students, have once again poured their hearts into the Auction Class Baskets. To honor their effort and help raise as much money as possible for Tiered Tuition at the April 11th Auction, all Class Baskets will be auctioned off as part of a Live Auction this year – not in the Silent Auction as in years past. These collaborative baskets represent the generous efforts of many. Remember to bid high, and bid often, to show our gratitude to everyone who contributed.
Check out this year’s Class Baskets:
EC: Jess and Kristina’s classes for SECRET SNACK STASH SECRET
Grade 1: Carol Will, Kari Guddeck, Caitlin Pow for THE WRITER’S CORNER
Grade 2: Catherine Bigley, Margaret Samuelson for GYPSY CANOPY
Grade 3: Ida Dyment, Justyna Benton for SHEEP TO SHAWL (OR RATHER, RUG)
Grade 4: Stacie Waldron for BIRTHDAY PARTY IN A BASKET
Grade 5: Michelle Jean, Catherine Weiland, Marta Rackmales for ANCIENT GREECE
Grade 6: Suzie Peirson, Dal Holtrop for BASKET FOR BABY & NEW MOTHER
Grade 7: Alicia Heyburn for WOODEN CHAIRS
Grade 8: Jane Armstrong, Mandy Andreson, Kemal Lowenthal for BRAIN DEVELOPMENT BASKET “A-TISKET, A-TASKET I THINK I WANT THIS BASKET”
HS: Lisa Mainella for A BOOK LOVER’S DREAM

Thank you to our wonderful Grandparents: they are the backbone of the Cash Raffle: There are many ways that grandparents support Merriconeag and their grandchildren who attend. Are you aware that Merriconeag grandparents purchase over half of the cash raffle tickets? To date, we have sold over $6000 worth of cash raffle tickets, and grandparents have purchased 55% of them! Thank you to this wonderful generation who understand the importance of making this unique Waldorf education accessible to all families.
      This is a 25/75 Cash Raffle – the winner takes 25% of the total profits. Last year a grandparent won nearly $2,000 with the purchase of just one ticket. Cash Raffle Tickets were mailed to everyone with your invitation, and are available at Lisa Mainella’s desk, or can be purchased the night of the Auction. You need not be present to win.


From the Business Office

New promotion with CLYNK: Now through April 20, 2015 - Hannaford will be matching every dollar raised by Merriconeag with an additional $.50. We now have CLYNK bags available in the main office and the EC office. Once you have filled your bag, simply take it to your local Hannaford, scan the bar code tag on the bag, and drop the bag in the designated location at your Hannaford. It's that easy! See flyer for more.
Example: If Merriconeag has 20 supporters, and each one returns a bag every two weeks, we'll make over $1,500 every year (based on an average bag worth $3.50).

We still have all of your everyday shopping programs too. Check out the flyer for all the details.
Contact Melissa Hoy in the Business Office (ext. 151) with any questions.


Summer Camps 2015

Sign up today! This year we are pleased to offer three summer camps - Circus Arts (ages 8 - 12), Nature Nurtures (ages 3-6) and Summer Adventure (ages 7-12). As you will see below, Nature Nurtures Camp offers the choice of 1 - 6 weeks and Summer Adventure Camp, 1 to 5 weeks. For details and registration information for each camp, please click on the name of the camp.

Circus Arts Camp 2015

For ages 8 - 12

June 22 - 26

9:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon, $225/wk.

With afternoon: 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. - $325/wk.

Includes a fun and relaxed afternoon after the

morning Circus Arts Camp.


Nature Nurtures Summer Camp

For ages 3 to 6

Week 1: June 22 - 26

Week 2: June 29 - July 3

Week 3: July 6 - 10

Week 4: July 13 - 17

Week 5: July 20 - 24

Week 6: July 27 - 31

Half day option: 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon, $175/wk or $955 if you pre-register for all 6 weeks.

Full day option: 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., $275/wk. or $1500 if you preregister for all 6 weeks.

Summer Adventure Camp

For ages 7 to 12

Week 1: June 29 - July 3

Week 2: July 6 - 10

Week 3: July 13 - 17

Week 4: July 20 - 24

Week 5: July 27 - 31

9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. - $275/wk. or $1250 if you preregister for all 5 weeks.



News from Early Childhood

Last Wednesday the Buttercup and Bluebell Nursery classes spent the morning outside next to a fire as we boiled our maple sap down to make syrup. The day was delightful for everyone as we enjoyed the spring weather. We are looking forward to enjoying our syrup on pancakes that we will make next week!


News from the High School

More Poetry Laurels for Merriconeag Students: Two more Merriconeag students have earned honors for their poetic efforts. Senior Jesse Saffeir won third place in the statewide Terry Plunkett Poetry Festival contest for her poem “What the Flames Saw.” Winning poets have been invited to read their work on Friday evening, April 17, to kick off the two-day event, which will be held at the University of Maine, Augusta, sponsor of the annual Festival.
      The other accolade went to sophomore Sabrina Small, the only Merriconeag student selected to join nineteen other finalists in the Eighth Annual Merriconeag Poetry Festival, for her poem “All I Knew Then.” Her work will be read at the Festival on Sunday, May 3, even though Sabrina will be attending the Edinburgh Waldorf School during that time. The public is invited to attend the event, during which Festival judge and nationally acclaimed poet Jeffrey Harrison, winner of the Dorset Prize for his collection Into Daylight, will speak about the power of poetry and read some of his own work.
      The twenty finalists will receive gift certificates from local bookstores (Longfellow in Portland, Sherman’s in Freeport, and Gulf of Maine in Brunswick), a booklet comprised of all their winning poems, and a poster displaying the top three poems.

10th graders spent last Wednesday morning sampling cuisine from Greece as part of their block on Greek History with Ms. Agudelo.







School Community Updates

The Merriconeag Community welcomed Jack Petrash back to campus on Friday evening for a well attended (100+) and well received talk on fathering. On Saturday morning, Jack used his extensive experience as a Waldorf educator and author to skillfully lead a workshop on fathering for 25 intrepid dads who willfully ventured to reflect upon, and share stories of, their own fathers and then, in turn, to think about and discuss what "good fathering" looks like and how to strive to become a better one. Issues related to technology, sex, discipline, positive role-modeling were all explored in a welcoming and thoughtful atmosphere - an opportunity not often afforded to dads who often don't have the same opportunity and inclination their spouses have to connect with other parents at drop-off, pick-up and other school events. Alas, the surface was barely scratched given the breadth and complexity of the topic. Perhaps there is a father among us to help keep the conversation going? Anyone? Bueller? Hans Gundersen

Half-Time Gardening Teacher Position: We are seeking a gardening teacher to develop and implement a Waldorf based gardening curriculum for our grade school and high school. We wish to incorporate the work of biodynamics and permaculture in this plan, eventually introducing beekeeping, chickens and other small farm animals in this work with our students.

Qualifications, Salary and Benefits: Ideal candidates are Waldorf-trained teachers with a Bachelor’s degree, and have experience with farming, sustainable agricultural practices and gardening work with children. This half time, salaried position may include housing. It could also be combined with other part-time positions that may be posted later this year.

To Apply: Please send a letter of introduction, your resume, a brief biography, and three letters of recommendation to the attention of the Administrator, Christine Sloan, atadministrator@merriconeag.org.

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By Michelle Rose Gilman, Huffington Post, 03/21/2015


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