Raise the Roof Celebration

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A few thumbnail images from the day...


Raise the Roof posters, designed by parent and MWS board member Sean Fitzpatrick, caught many people’s attention, resulting in a wonderful turnout at the Raise the Roof event.






Going Fast! Newly designed t-shirts by Lis Bossi, previewed at Raise the Roof party.

About 30 t-shirts are still available for sale, in the Grade School office.






The first shingles were put on by the 3rd graders, on Friday morning, during their main lesson block on building.





The volunteer command center, ably orchestrated by Sarah Pierce, Alicia Heyburn, Valerie Konstantino, and Christine Sloan, who found jobs for everyone as they arrived on Saturday morning, and directed the flow of volunteer workers so everyone had a chance to nail shingles onto the building, get a tour of the building, and get their hands dirty weeding.



Faculty, parents, alumni parents and students brought us amazing music to work by, (thankfully

with Dan Pierce’s sound system, so the music could be heard over the din of hammering and the chatter of gardeners). Set up under of the eaves of the middle grades building, they kept everyone entertained with non-stop, beautiful instrumental and vocal music throughout the day. These guys know every song in the book, including ones about building and fundraising: Dan Pierce, David Barham, David Beringer, Michael Fenderson, Jay Espy, Vito Courtney, Florence Lusk, Rosita Moore, Will Johnston, Jack Pierce, with guest appearance by David Sloan on harmonica and Dylan Wu on guitar.


Chris Gormley (right), our fabulous project manager, put in many long hours, including cleaning up and sweeping the building late Thursday night, so that we could set up the building for fundraising tours, and researching last minute prices so we could put a price tag on absolutely everything that is in the building.



Jason Donahue (right), our gifted and patient architect, happy that the community was shingling the front, and most visible, side of the building, so that everyone would know it was truly hand-built.



Steve Konstantino, green building design expert who has educated this community about the benefits of green design, demonstrating the many green features that are included in this Handcraft building.

Chris, Jason and Steve gave group tours of the building every half hour, proudly showing the building’s energy-efficient, cost-efficient, and sustainably-grown features.


Many, many people buying and wearing their new “handcrafted education” T-shirts.




The potluck lunch - delicious, plentiful, and beautifully displayed – appeared and disappeared quickly and efficiently, thanks to everyone who brought food, and the able leadership of Martha Eshoo and Lisa Mainella and their wonderful volunteers.



The transformation of the formerly overgrown garden in front of the office to a neat, rock-lined garden with walking paths.




Jacqui Koopman (center), new board member (and parent of a daughter who graduated from the San Francisco Waldorf School and Bowdoin), helped envision and implement the creative and clever design for the building tour.




The 150 price tags (one for each item in the building), the sold stickers affixed to items that were “bought” and donated, the room signs showing what each space was, and the entire layout reflected her attention to detail.





The beautiful and descriptive Handcraft Building brochure will be very useful in the months ahead as we raise the funds needed to complete the building. It was designed by Sean Fitzpatrick with help from the Raise the Roof committee (Sarah Pierce, Jacqui Koopman, Deeda Burgess, Lyn Baird, and Lynne Espy).





The last shingles were nailed in by a new MWS parent and an 8th grade alumni student, working shoulder to shoulder on the scaffolding, at 6pm Saturday evening.








Sarah Pierce and Lynne Espy thank everyone for all of their efforts!