Directions for Updating Emergency Contact and Family Directory Information Below

Log in as follows:

 1. Click the First Time Users tab if you have not logged into Renweb before.  If you have,

    skip to Step 5.

 2. Enter the email address that you provided to the school. You MUST have an email on

    file with MWS to access ParentsWeb.  Contact Lisa or Greta if this is an issue.

 3. Click the Remember My Email? box if you would like the login screen to automatically

    populate your email address on subsequent logins.

 4. Click the New User button.  You will receive an email containing your password within

    3 minutes (to the email address you entered, which must be the same email address that

    you provided to the school).

 5. Click the Parents tab.

 6. Enter the password assigned.

 7. Select Dial-Up not high speed.  This will not slow you down but simplifies the screen.

 8. Click the Parent Login button.

 9. Select Webforms

10. Select MWS Forms and your review Student Demographic, Student Medical, Student

     Transportation, Custodial Parent and Emergency Contact information for your family and

     grandparents.  Please convey severe allergies and medical conditions in writing to the school

     on the attached form.