Recap: Geezers Versus Students II

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February 4, 2011, 6:30 PM, Freeport Jr. High School Auditorium

Student Version by Brian Watko: A Score Settled—The Faculty (Gasp, Gasp) Wins a Stunner
      Last Friday, a frenzied crowd of basketball enthusiasts watched as a conflict of epic proportions unfolded before their very eyes. Two teams met on the court for the second time with some unfinished business. Only two years ago, a squad of intrepid geezers clashed with a horde of vicious high schoolers, only to depart the Freeport Junior High School Gymnasium crushed. A debt unpaid, both sides were ready to play once again, and this time it was personal.
      Eager to retain their glory, the students put together a commendable force of high school players: Cyrus Fenderson, Sophie Simmons, Tyler O’Brien, Devon-Murphy-Anderson, Connor Beckett, Emma Dolan, and Wyatt Mccurdy. If this

wasn’t enough, an equally powerful lineup of middle schoolers joined the team, to ensure certain victory: Jacob Haldeman, Natalie Murphy, Joe Armstrong, Bekah Rhein, Lincoln Samuelson, Phoebe Dolan, Josh Dow, Anna Evans, Hugh Voorhees, Lily Kolle, and Gaby Gaspardi. Prior injuries kept Haley Johnson and Peter Watko from playing, but their teammates were trained to the peak of perfection by coaches David Sloan and Richard Evans.
      While the students practiced tirelessly for the impending game, the faculty secretly gathered a top-notch collection of “willing” players themselves: “Jumpin’ Johnny” Saccone, “Sneaky” Sarah Buck, Oliver “Kangaroo” Kinzer, Eva “The Bouncing Czech” McVicar, “Reboundin’” Robert Pennington, Nancy “Hot-Rod”-erick, Rose Mary “Bombs Away” Burwell, “Deadeye” David Whittlesey, “Show Me the Money” Shannon Combar, Jeff “Airball!” O’Brien, and Lisa “Never Misses” Mainella, Henry “Ball Hog” Heyburn, Johanna “Foul ‘em” Flath, Svenja “Don’t Dribble!” Dettmer, and “Breakaway” Bridget Jeffers; all kept in line by Michael Fenderson.
      Finally, on February 4th, the two teams met on the court for the first. . .and last time of the season. The faculty looked almost elegant in their Dolce and Gabbana-designed, Ohio State-inspired, gray-and red t-shirts, while the students wore majestic gold and blue uniforms. Tension was visible in the faces of the players, as well as in the breathless spectators. But when the ball was thrown into the air between them, it was chaos that ensued. The sound of dribbling—and hilarity—was everywhere, matched by the squeaking of sneakers and good-natured trash talking. Referees Bob Thurell and Steve Musica were able to keep the fierce competitors in check.
      From the start of the game, the students held a slight lead. It seemed that the natural quickness of the youths couldn’t quite be matched by the aging but spirited faculty. Yet the possibility of an upset arose as the geezers slowly caught up, leaving the crowds awestruck at the end of the first half. During the well-deserved break, those who wished to purchased student-made refreshments in the hallway, the proceeds of which will help fund the high school Model UN trips.
      The geezers rallied dramatically in the second half, and took the lead for good with a sensational basket from Nancy Roderick that warrants replays on ESPN (or at least on the Waldorf Weekly.) As the final buzzer sounded, the stunned students were confronted with the sad realization that the rich and well-rounded Waldorf curriculum, spiced with spatial dynamics and eurythmy, does not guarantee domination in basketball. . .at least not this year!
Brian Watko

Geezer Version by Michael Fenderson:

     Merriconeag's faculty basketball team, warmly dubbed "The Geezers", came back in the final minutes to pull out the winover the students in the second annual Student-Faculty Basketball Game. The non-stop action was, according to many an appreciativefan of both teams, great fun and a 'most amazing game'! The student team, made up of high schoolers and players from 7th and 8th grades, coached by David Sloan and Assistant Coach Richard Evans, led most of the way and kept the scrappy, well seasoned Geezers
guessing right down to the last baskets.

     Cheering the efforts of all players, the gym resounded with "Go Students" and "Go Geezers" throughout the contest. Both benches were filled with many new players this year but in the end, it was Nancy 'Downtown' Roderick, the Geezer backcourt specialist who sank final running jumpshot. Interviewed after the game, the faculty's coach Fenderson had plenty of praise for the student team, with its up and coming talent. "The students pushed the pace. I don't think we could have lasted through an overtime! Last year, we were a bit raggle-taggle. This year, with our new uniforms, our deep bench (16 teachers from Kindergarten to coaches to Adminstration) and Mr. Thurrell refereeing, we knew we had a chance. Our players were breathing pretty hard, we substituted furiously, stayed away from the half-time bake sale, and just held on."

     Many grateful thank yous to Mr. Sloan who organized the event and to all who 'suited up', baked goodies (to benefit the travels of Merriconeag's Model U.N. team), kept the scoreboard, officiated, and filled the gym with warm winter cheer again this year!