High School

Video by Karl Schurman and Cyrus Fenderson

Why Merriconeag Waldorf High School?

Because Merriconeag...
...prepares students to succeed both inside and outside the classroom.

  • We teach our students to think for themselves and approach problems creatively, so they do well in college and in a wide variety of careers.
  • We nurture our students' inner abilities to learn and to grow, so they are ready to confront any challenges life brings their way.
  • We encourage our students to wonder at and explore the world around them, so they develop an deep sense of connectedness to their communities and to the wider world.
  • We model a healthy moral life both as a community and as individuals, so students develop their own inner moral compass that will guide them throughout their professional and personal lives.

...brings learning to life.

  • We are passionate about discovering each student's unique talents and interests, and helping each one develop his or gifts.
  • We challenge each student to explore new capacities and skills.
  • We teach every subject in a lively, interactive way that encourages student engagement and questions.

...meets students' deepest needs.

  • We are a small, friendly community where lasting personal relationships between students, as well as students and faculty are treasured.
  • We celebrate the life of the mind so that students develop a true love of learning.
  • We support our students' inner life so that they grow into strong, empathetic, self-aware young men and women.
  • We teach a curriculum that is based on meeting the adolescent's developmental needs at each grade level, so our students become well-rounded, self-confident adults.


     Merriconeag Waldorf High School has provided our son with such amazing opportunities for academic growth, athletic excellence, and creative pursuits in the arts. His classes are challenging and rewarding with many opportunities for discussion. Many of the his teams have gone on to state championships. He is renewed by exciting projects, plays, artistic work, choral music and orchestra. The best thing for him though, has been the amazing relationships he has developed with his teachers. They know him inside and out - his strengths and his challenges.
      At Merriconeag our son can do it all - take rigorous coursework, act the lead role in the school play, win a state meet, play in the orchestra, sing in the chorus, write poetry, travel to Europe on exchange, compete in a robotics competition, draw, paint, sculpt, camp, paddle, and hike . . . and have a great group of lifelong friends.

High School Parent, Brunswick, ME


Merriconeag offers a truly holistic education the Maine way - where the life of the mind is supported by the natural beauty of our surroundings and the healthy life of the community. The best way to explore what we have to offer is to visit, but please explore our website as a first step.

If you are considering joining us as an international or domestic boarding student, please visit this page for more information.

For more information on what makes a Waldorf High School education different from other educational methods, click here.