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At Merriconeag, we take our frisbee seriously. Coached by Rich Young, president of Maine Ultimate, our co-ed team is on the cutting edge of this growing sport.

In Ultimate, team members make their own calls, relying on close cooperation between players on both sides rather than on referees. This cooperative element of the game, combined with its hard-playing style, makes it a good fit for our school, where sportsmanship and athleticism go hand-in-hand.

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Our Achievements


Merriconeag was undefeated in their regular season and placed 5th in the State Championships at the Cumberland Fairgrounds.

Alumni Become Captains of their College Ultimate Teams: Two of our alums who are now juniors in college will be captains of their Ultimate Frisbee teams next year:  Cyrus Fenderson will be captain of his Clark University team and Tyler O'Brien will be captain of his Macalester team. Congratulations, Cyrus and Tyler!

State Spirit Award for good sportsmanship

Rising Tide, a local ultimate Frisbee all-star team comprised of male and female athletes from Cape Elizabeth, Casco Bay, Falmouth, Freeport, Greely, Islesboro and Merriconaeg, finished third in the nation in the U-19 mixed (co-ed) division in Minnesota in August of 2012. Four recent Merriconeag graduates, Cyrus Fenderson, Haydee Jacobs, Sierra Jeffers, and Tyler O'Brien, as well as 8th grade graduate, Chloe Rowse, were on the team!

     After losing their opening game to a team from Seattle, Wash., they rallied back with wins over teams from San Francisco, Chicago, and Madison, Wisconsin before losing to Boston in the semifinals. The team was then able to beat San Francisco again for third place in the tournament.
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State semi-finalists
State Spirit Award for good sportsmanship

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