Athletics - Playing with Discipline and Joy

Athletics are an integral component of Merriconeag’s programs. Through participation in after-school team sports, students develop a true sense of teamwork, foster respect for self and others, and learn to play hard and fair. As in all our programs, Merriconeag sports teams value the relationships between people and the development of skills. We expect our students to play with discipline, focus, and joy.

We compete in cross-country running, Nordic skiing, ultimate frisbee, soccer, basketball, and tennis. Our cross-country running teams and Nordic skiing teams have won state champion titles for several years running. (For more information on individual sports teams, click on each of the sport names above.)

Our campus at Pineland, allows us access to a variety of sports facilities, including tennis courts, playing fields, cross-country running and nordic ski trails, and a gymnasium. (To learn more about outdoor recreation at Pineland Farms, click here.)