Grades 1 – 8

Video of a 1st Grade Morning Lesson

by Karl Schurman and Cyrus Fenderson

During the grade school years, the child’s consciousness gradually shifts from a pictorial to a more conceptual focus. Our elementary curriculum is designed to accompany the child through this gradual process of unfolding capacities.

There is a rhythmic structure to individual lesson plans, and to the course of the school year. Students learn through “block teaching,” working intensively each morning with one subject for several weeks before another subject is introduced. This allows for greater concentration and retention of material. After the morning academic work come the artistic, practical and movement classes, as well as continuing skills work in English, mathematics and foreign languages.

To provide security and continuity in the passage from childhood to adolescence, one “class teacher” oversees the student’s development between ages 7 and 14. In this way, the teacher comes to know each student in depth and can attend carefully to his or her needs over time. The contact with one class teacher is supplemented by interaction with numerous other teachers who provide specific instruction in foreign languages, music, fine arts, handwork, woodwork, eurythmy and movement.