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Waldorf Resources
Developed by AWSNA, this site provides “everything you need to know about Waldorf education.”

The web site of the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America, an association of independent Waldorf schools and Waldorf teacher education institutes. AWSNA’s mission is to strengthen and support the schools and to inform the public about the benefits of Waldorf education.

The Center supports schools worldwide by continually renewing Waldorf teachers and those who stand with them as administrators, trustees, parents, and friends. Courses are offered in:

  • Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy
  • High School Teacher Education
  • Eurythmy Teacher Training
  • Renewal Courses for Teachers and Others

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The Center offers Foundations Studies at Merriconeag Waldorf School in Freeport, Maine. For more information call, 865-3900 x 108.

Simplicity Parenting

Based on over twenty years’ experience successfully counseling busy families, Simplicity Parenting teaches parents how to worry and hover less-and how to enjoy more. For those who want to slow their children’s lives down but don’t know where to start, Simplicity Parenting offers both inspiration and a blueprint for change.

Nova Institute

The Nova Institute seeks to bring fresh insights into parent and teacher education through a deeper understanding of children. This understanding is based on a comprehensive view of human development, focusing on a child's need to engage in three distinct ways: actively, emotionally, and thoughtfully. When parents and teachers help children to develop good habits of hand, heart, and mind,young people become well-rounded individuals who can embrace life, love to learn, and have an abiding concern for their fellow human beings and for the Earth.
Bob & Nancy’s Services – A comprehensive web site for Waldorf education and anthroposophy. Includes a bookshop, general store, synopses of Steiner’s lectures, links to all Waldorf school web sites, and more.

The Waldorf Shop

Featuring Waldorf related vendors and services – is more than a one-stop Waldorf shopping experience. The Waldorf Shop is an opportunity for the world-wide Waldorf Education community to take stock of our true resources, move beyond competition – toward mutually supportive service, and welcome outstanding providers not directly connected with Waldorf education. We're a network of folks creating a more beautiful, purposeful and wonder-filled world.